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Chapter 114: Jiang Fan’s Re-Intervention! A once-in-a-millennium scientific research genius!

After saying these two words, the well-dressed old man was escorted by soldiers.

Yan was a bit baffled.

She glanced at the scholar-teacher beside her.

The scholar-teacher’s mouth twitched.

She wanted to say something.

However, in the end, she didn’t say it.

She returned to the palace where she lived.

Yan found out, that her mother, who had always looked so sorrowful, actually prepared a large table of dishes with her own hands this time with a smile on her face!

Tao had a very large harem and there were not a hundred concubines but still dozens of them!

Yan’s mother was just one of them……

A very insignificant one.

Tao only came over once in a while.

Yan only saw her mother’s smile when Tao came over.

Since Tao’s illness and death, it was as if her mother had lost her soul.

She used to sit in the room all day.

Today, it was the first time she smiled!

“My Yan has grown up.”

Yan’s mother looked lovingly at Yan’s face with a small smile.

Yan felt that there was something odd about this statement but she didn’t think much of it.

After eating dinner she just went ahead and kept reading.

“Princess, from today onwards, you have to read these books……”

The palace maid placed a thick pile of books on Yan’s desk.

Yan took a curious look.

However, it was something that she hated the most such as “Etiquette”, “Book of Poetry”, and “Book of Songs”!

“Can you not look at it”

Yan asked in a small voice.


The palace maid sternly refused, saying, “This is what Her Majesty has explained, you must read it within ten days.”


There was nothing Yan could do about it.

She could only temporarily abandon that “Introduction to Mathematics”.

Another year passed and Yan grew up another year old.

Inside and outside the palace, Yan’s name began to spread.

During this period, Captain Dong came to the classroom again to check the knowledge of the prince and the princess.

But Yan felt that Captain Dong seemed to have come to see her specifically.

Maybe, there was a trace of detachment towards her.

This year, Yan finished memorizing all the books of etiquette and poetry.

But, she lied that she had only read a small part of it.

In the remaining time, she read the idle books that the palace maids mentioned.

What made Yan a little upset was that it was not that convenient to go to the Stargazing Tower.

Palace maids always followed behind her.

On this day, a small poetry party was held in the palace.

The participants were a group of young and handsome people from the upper class.

Including princes and princesses, ministers outside the palace, and children of big clans.

Yan was not interested but she was forced to come here by her mother.

She could only hide in a corner where no one was looking.

She was quietly thinking of a math problem she saw in the morning.

“Your Highness.”

A voice came out.

Yan looked up, it was a teenager 15 or 16 years old.

He had been to the palace two or three times before.

Yan still had an impression of him.

He seemed to be the son of a certain minister.

Yan nodded as a greeting.

“Your Highness.”

The young man glanced around, then got close to Yan, lowered his voice, and said, “You…..

Come with me!”

“Go with you Where”

Yan was not sure what to do.

It was dark outside besides, there was nothing to do in the palace.

Could it be the Stargazing Tower

But the stargazing tower was also closed at night.

“Go wherever you want.”

This teenager had a look of determination in his eyes and said, “I have prepared a carriage outside and there are people outside to meet us, as long as we leave the capital, Captain Dong’s people will not be able to catch up with us!”


Yan was puzzled.

What the hell was this guy talking about.

It was so cold.

What is she going to do outside the capital

“I know we haven’t known each other long.”

The boy continued to say in a deep voice, “But I fell in love with the princess at first sight, and I couldn’t bear to see the princess fall into the clutches of the devil and I will definitely give my whole heart to you, the princess!”

Now Yan finally understood something.

The other side liked her

Did he want to run away with her

Yan didn’t know how to refuse it.

She was not familiar with this young man at all.

Although they met a few times, she didn’t even bother to pay attention to the other person’s name.


Seeing that Yan seemed to hesitate, the young man strengthened his tone and said, “Come with me, do you really want to marry that sick consumptive Dong Qiu!”

“Marry Dong Qiu”

Yan froze but she was so smart.

She reacted quickly and figured out that all of this happened over the past year!

Originally, the attitude of the people around her changed.

Was it because of this

For the first time, Yan lost the mood to think about math problems.

She ignored the self-assured young man.

She left the poetry meeting in a hurry and returned to the palace.

“Yan, why are you back so early Did something happen” Her mother asked softly.


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