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Chapter 115: Jiang Fan’s Re-Intervention! A once-in-a-millennium scientific research genius!

“Mother, am I going to marry Dong Qiu, the son of Captain Dong” Yan summoned up the courage to ask.

Yan’s mother was slightly taken aback.

Then she laughed and said, “Who told you that”

“Isn’t that so”

Yan looked at her mother.

There was a hint of sadness in her eyes.


Mother didn’t notice the sadness in Yan’s eyes, smiled and said, “This is a good thing.”

Yan continued to ask, “But I heard that Dong Qiu is a sick man.”

Her mother reassured, “That’s all nonsense from outsiders, Captain Dong’s son is just weak, nowadays, the medical condition is so advanced, what disease can’t be cured, you don’t need to worry.”

But Yan’s heart had gradually sunk to the bottom of the sea!

The next day, Yan continued the class.

She began to ask her teachers and siblings.

The answers received were basically the same.

Everyone was congratulating her for marrying the son of the powerful Captain Dong.

That famous sick consumptive!

The smile gradually disappeared from Yan’s face.

Although, she kept reading books every day and still liked to go to the stargazing tower to look at the stars through the telescope, once in a while.

She would also be bewildered.

On this day, after finishing her class she came to the Stargazing Tower.

So the palace maids did not dare to come up now because Yan threw a few tantrums.

They had to stay downstairs and wait.

Not only were there very few people in the Stargazing Tower, but it was also out of repair.

There were orbs like stars hanging one by one!

This was the masterpiece of an astronomer in Han’s era but after all this time, these orbs were also old.

An orb fell off.

It fell off!

It fell right at Yan’s head.

If there was no accident, this orb would directly hit Yan’s little head.

This princess would die on the spot.

Observing this, Jiang Fan finally made a move.

He shook a trace of air.

The trajectory of the orb’s fall was deviated by a little.

Thus, it avoided Yan.

With a thud, the large round orb landed on the floor.

A dull sound rang out and it startled Yan.

Yan turned her head to look.

Only to find out that one of the orbs above her head fell off.

Fortunately, Yan patted herself.

She just wanted to breathe a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, she realized that something was wrong.

She lifted her head and looked at the place where the falling orb was hanging above her head.

It was right above her head.

When the orb fell down, shouldn’t it just hit her

But why didn’t it hit

Instead, it went to the side

The more she looked at it, the more strange Yan felt.

A strong curiosity arose in her heart.

She started carrying tools such as ladders, rulers and ropes and measured the position and height of the sphere.

Air resistance and wind were also added.

The more Yan calculated, the more puzzled she became.

How did that work……

The position where the orb fell couldn’t be next to her, right

Could it be that the theory in the book was wrong

Didn’t the falling object follow free-fall motion

There was deep confusion in Yan’s eyes.

She put that result aside and moved the ladder once again.

She was ready to test again.

“No need to measure it, I just made the orb’s trajectory deviate.”

In the air, a line suddenly appeared!

Yan was startled.

The ruler in her hand was thrown out.

As a materialist, she never believed in ghosts and gods.

This scene simply turned Yan’s worldview upside down but Yan was mentally strong.

After a while, she carefully asked: “You… who are you”

“Do you know the legend of your ancestors, Desolate and Qi”

Jiang Fan displayed the text to ask a question.

“The two ancestors”

Yan was slightly stunned.

She had certainly read about Desolate and Qi.

In addition, she also took Qi as a role model.

Inside the palace, she had read almost all of the books regarding Qi!

In an instant, she thought a lot.

Yan was so smart.

She immediately linked to some of the legends of Qi.

In the end, she said nervously: “You… are you a god of heaven”

In the legend left by Qi, the most famous was about the guidance of the gods in heaven and fighting alongside the gods!

There were many people who believed at first but with the passage of time, most people thought that this was just a legend created to glorify Qi.

In this world, how can there be any gods

“You can call me Father!” Jiang Fan displayed the text and said.


Yan pondered the word for a moment and then bowed down and said, “Thank you Father for your help just now!”

“I used to teach Desolate, Qi and Han.”

Jiang Fan continued to display the text and said, “Now, you are the fourth, are you willing”

Hearing this, Yan’s eyes widened.

It was a great secret!

It turned out that those legends were true.

Several of Xia’s ancestors were indeed once taught by the gods.


Yan was ice-cold smart.

She bowed down directly without any hesitation!!

At the same time, there was a surge of excitement in her heart.

It seemed that she wanted to be the same as her ancestors and was able to communicate with the gods!!!


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