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Chapter 116: The Great Scientific Breakthrough! Super-Age Weapons!

Yan’s face regained its usual smile after the encounter with Jiang Fan.

The palace maid and her mother looked relieved for a while.

Both of them thought, “The girl has finally grown up.”

Yan was getting older and was also starting to get mature.

After accepting the mission as a princess, there was not much change in Yan’s daily routine.

She was still reading etiquette poetry and books, going to class and going to the stargazing tower after class!

It was just that, if the palace maid was careful, it would be discovered that Yan was spending more and more time in the Stargazing tower!

Time continued to pass and with the crackling of firecrackers, another year had arrived.

As the marriage of Yan and Captain Dong’s son was basically settled, the smiles of the people in the palace also increased.

People’s attitudes towards Yan were also subtle changes but Yan was completely indifferent to this.

The thing she looked forward to most every day was going to the Stargazing tower after class and waiting for Jiang Fan’s teaching.

Jiang Fan did not come every time.

The flow of time in Blue Star was naturally different from reality.

For example, when Jiang Fan went to eat one meal, Yan naturally could not see Jiang Fan that day.

Jiang Fan’s teaching was also based on mentioning points.

He also knew that this kind of scientific genius was not taught.

She often relied on that heaven-defying talent!

When Yan was 12 years old, she built a gift for herself.

That gift was an astronomical telescope!

It was also the world’s first astronomical telescope and it made the observation of the starry sky more convenient and clear.

Those days when Jiang Fan did not come over, her eyes couldn’t help but focus on the orb that had almost landed on her head.

“Why are these orbs falling downward Why is it not falling upwards”

This strange thought suddenly appeared in Yan’s little head.

In the past, she completely ignored it because she considered it to be natural.

Thinking about it, Yan came downstairs in a hurry and picked up a book of (Kewu research)

In the era of Qi, a masterpiece was produced, it was led by Qi and participated by many scholars.

Yan turned to the first few pages and saw that there were six questions that Jiang Fan once asked!

It was commonly known as Jiang Fan’s six questions!

To be exact, there were five questions because one last question about transcendents had been replaced by something else.

Those five questions were basically solved.

“Why does drinking cold water make you sick, while hot water does not”

This problem was solved shortly after the invention of the microscope.

“Why does sound travel faster than a bow and arrow”

“Why does coal burn and stone doesn’t”

“Why can lions and tigers give birth to offspring while cats and dogs can’t”

These three questions were solved one by one after the formal establishment of the disciplines of chemistry, physics and biology.

Only the last question that seemed easiest remained!

“Why does water flow down and not up”

In the opinion of many scholars, it was completely bizarre because it was the law of nature.

It seemed that there was not much research but there were still scholars who were doing research on it.

Its progress was extremely slow.

No one could come up with a convincing explanation.

These explanations did not satisfy Yan either, so she started using her own methods.

She started conducting an experimental study!

The result she found was that everything was not in free fall.

For example Magnets!

The magnet was also falling but if there was another magnet next to it, then it would be attracted to this other magnet!

It was not just magnets, light and fluffy feathers would also be blown by the wind in the air and it was not easy for it to fall either.

Looking at these experimental results and natural phenomena, Yan picked up her diary and wrote a preliminary guess–

Water doesn’t always go down, it can go up too!

A very common kind of water, Tap water, had been invented in this era.

It had the ability to climb from the low to the high.

Sometime after that, Jiang Fan stopped teaching and silently watched Yan when a variety of experiments and observations were conducted.

She kept flipping through books to find research by other scholars.

It had to be said that if Yan came from a common family, then even with a higher level of talent, it could also be buried.

Growing up and getting married would be her destination.

In the palace, books were the most abundant, especially the various books left by previous scholars.

At that time, no one paid attention to these things at all, all of those books were sitting on the shelf and were dusty and almost moldy.

Gradually, Yan discovered that all objects had the ability to interact with each other and the most obvious one was the magnet.

Yan called it “interaction force”!

The concept of force had long been proposed by scholars but it was not possible for them to define it precisely.

After Yan introduced the concept of “interaction forces”, that force entered the discipline area.

Yan also discovered that there were more than just interactions between objects, these interactions were vastly different!

As the magnets were the most obvious, she called it “magnetism”.

After that, Yan wrote down some concepts such as “centripetal force”, “centrifugal force”, “frictional force”, etc in her diary.

Finally, Yan realized the initial problem. It was not just the water. All things were without the influence of other objects.

Ultimately, all things were falling towards the ground!

She looked at an orb above her head, suddenly there was some clarity.

Could it be that this orb under the foot could also be considered an object


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