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Chapter 117: The Great Scientific Breakthrough! Super-Age Weapons!

Everything fell down by the force generated by this object.

Yan couldn’t help but get excited while she was thinking about this.

“If this planet is regarded as an object, the force generated by such a huge object would be unimaginable!”

Yan’s mind turned quickly.

This was a bold guess but Yan thought that maybe it was close to the truth.

She started experimenting again and was preparing to prove her guesses.

Unfortunately, despite the discovery of this amazing fact, the proof could not be carried out inside.

Jiang Fan showed up at this time and mentioned, “Mathematics.”

Yan had a realization, so she put aside the experimental proof for now and started math again!

Mathematics of this period was also a discipline but it was not taken seriously.

Not only ordinary people, even some scholars treated mathematics as a calculation tool but mathematics was still being studied.

Xia De in the southwest was already a young scholar and he created analytical geometry but most mathematics scholars were still submerged in details.

Yan also discovered those minor inferences that didn’t work were exhausting for many people.

In addition, mathematics could not calculate many things at that time.

There were four main categories –

The first category arose directly from the study of motion, i.e., the problem of finding the instantaneous degree of return.

The second type of problem was the problem of finding the tangent line of a curve.

The third type of problem was the problem of finding the maximum and minimum value of a function.

The fourth type of problem was to find the length of the curve, the area enclosed by the curve, the volume enclosed by the curved surface, the center of gravity of an object and the force of an object with a relatively large volume acting on another object, and so on.

These four types of problems were a huge headache for many scholars!

Yan’s various experiments were also limited by this!

It was impossible to draw an accurate conclusion.

“Perhaps the answer needs to be answered from a different line of thought”

Yan was no longer limited to today’s mathematics.

She flipped books to find some inspiration.

At last, she saw a former scholar’s method for calculating the volume of a sphere in a book.

A method called “points” was used.

This method was not new to Yan either because this was also being studied by the latter scholars but not in-depth.

One could say that it lacked a clear and rigorous logical foundation.

Just saying so.

Without explaining why they did so

This discovery made Yan ecstatic.

She felt that a whole new door was opening for her!

After almost a year of continuous thinking and calculations, Calculus was officially born.

Of course, Calculus was just born, it couldn’t be compared to the later maturity period at all.

There was also a lack of many corresponding concepts but its birth was significant!

Soon after, Mathematics ushered in a period of unprecedented prosperity.

It had an important and far-reaching influence on the mathematics of later generations!

Seeing this, Jiang Fan couldn’t help but be stunned.

Is this…… the scary part of the once-in-a-millennium genius

Even if the conditions were humble.

There were not many previous theories but Yan was still able to forcibly create calculus!

“The only thing that raises the limit of humanity is genius!”

Jiang Fan thought silently.

The history of science in his previous life had been amply demonstrated, especially the basic theories.

A total field of genius.

For example, even if the theory of relativity was given to the average person a hundred years later in the future, many people couldn’t read it either!

A breakthrough in basic theory could bring about a great leap forward in human technology and the talent of Blue Star.

The genius that was born, was more terrifying than in his previous life!

When calculus was born, Yan had just celebrated her thirteenth birthday.

Of course, this could not be done without Jiang Fan’s guidance.

Jiang Fan’s teachings were not random either, it was all according to the deduction system and he gave proper pointers step by step.

Jiang Fan saw a higher talent than Qi and…… more possibilities in Yan!

Thirteen-year-old Yan had initially lost the innocence of a child.

There was a trace of agility and beauty that belonged to a young girl!

Her reputation was growing.

As long as she showed up at the poetry club, she would definitely attract a lot of peeping eyes because the marriage with the son of Captain Dong was almost an open secret.

Not many people dared to come forward.

The teenager who asked Yan to go with him last time was already married.

In the Xia Kingdom, the legal age for marriage was sixteen years.

“In three years, Yan will be able to get married.”

Seeing Yan’s slender appearance, her mother said with relief.

Yan’s face was calm and she had dinner.

Yan suddenly said: “Mother, I want to go to guard the mausoleum”


The mother looked at Yan in surprise.

“Three years in the mausoleum, then I’ll come back.”

Yan said.


Her mother didn’t expect this at all, so she surprisingly froze.

“The princess wants to go to the mausoleum for three years and she will be sixteen when she comes back, that’s fine.”

The palace maid next to her passed a look to her mother.

Her mother was a little hesitant and didn’t answer right away.

After Yan slept, she discussed this with the palace maid all night and finally agreed.

The reason was not just for filial piety.

The main point was that the Xia Kingdom was still in the feudal era but there was no such strict ethos as in the ancient times of the previous world.

It had happened before in the palace.


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