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Chapter 118: The Great Scientific Breakthrough! Super-Age Weapons!

The princess and the man outside the palace had an affair and eloped.

The love-sick and overly beautiful Yan attracted even more attention.

Both the mother and the palace maid were worried about this.

She could marry directly to the Son of Captain Dong.

That’s what worried them!

“Yay, I’m finally leaving!”

On the way to the Royal Tombs Mountains, Yan, sitting in the carriage, clenched her fists excitedly!

Naturally, she did not come up with this idea herself, it was Jiang Fan who suggested it.

Captain Dong did not stop her either.

With the good reputation of the mausoleum, the value of Yan, his future daughter-in-law, would become even greater.

None of them thought that at that time, Yan’s trip to the mausoleum would bring huge changes to the world!

In Yan’s thirteenth year in the Xia Kingdom, it had gradually recovered from the turmoil of the past few years.

The major forces in each area emerged one by one.

Mostly small forces and teams had been annexed or subjugated by more powerful forces!

In the Northwest Region, Cao Meng relied on the advantage of firearms.

Basically, the surrounding area was brought under his own name.

The unification of the Great Northwest had been preliminarily completed!

In the Southwest Region, Xia De’s advance was even faster.

After taking in nearly a hundred scholars, Xia De’s name of benevolence and righteousness spread further.

More and more scholars were coming there, relying on these scholars.

The flintlock technique on the Xia De’s side was the most advanced.

The guns were also improving from generation to generation!

It had already reached the point where it could be used routinely!

In addition, there was the help of Zhuge Ming who was an expert.

In the Southwest Region, nothing could stop Xia De anymore!

In the south of the Great Desolate River, in the Jiangdong area, Sun Quan also built a Kewu College.

Since it was very close to the southwest of Xia De, Sun Quan was also aware of the growing threat of this neighbor!

So he worked even harder to recruit scholars and developed local talents.

Sun Quan had one major disadvantage as compared to Cao Meng or Xia De.

That would be, he was just a commonly elected chief of the local native tribe but not really the one in control.

Many natives were displeased that scholars were treated so favorably.

So they protested against them.

There were also people who insulted and ridiculed these seemingly weak scholars in public!

“My lord, please bear with it for a while.”

Next to Sun Quan, a white-faced scholar advised.

This white-faced scholar was not a scholar who was taken in, it was the son of Sun Quan’s father’s best friend……

Lu Sun was a rare scholar from the east of the river.

Now he was Sun Quan’s strategist.

“These sons and daughters are really abominable!”

Sun Quan was so angry that he uttered foul language.

“Bear with it, for how long do I have to bear with it”

“Don’t rush.”

Lu Sun smiled faintly and said, “The reason why these natives dare to contradict the Lord to his face is that they rely mainly on the fact that there are many of them!”

“But I heard that Xia De used to rely on a team of 500 men and he defeated the great clans of the southwest, why was that”

“He relied on……”


Hearing this, Sun Quan’s eyes slightly lit up.

He immediately asked, “How is the progress of our firearms development”

“My lord, just wait and see.”

A mysterious smile appeared on Lu Sun’s face.


The situation was basically set in the northwest, southwest and east of the river.

Each of the three forces was divided.

This also drew the attention of Captain Dong.

Lu Xianfeng was dispatched to lead an army of 10,000 soldiers.

The great army was overwhelming!

Every move of these three parties was closely monitored.

It was just that, Cao Meng and Xia De both wrote letters claiming to be ministers.

It also made Captain Dong’s division unrecognizable.

This time, no one noticed that in the southeast north of the Great Desolate River, a force was quietly rising.

With Liu Tianji as the military advisor, Zhu Chongba’s team grew bigger.

It gradually annexed other forces around it and became a hero in the southeast!

At that time, the biggest opponent he was facing was another more powerful hero–Chen Youliang!

Zhu Chongba’s troops were much smaller compared to the famous leader Chen.

But he had one big advantage, he had almost a hundred scholars!

These scholars also came to Zhu Chongbai in these years and were constantly taking the initiative to defect.

The bottom line was this, Liu Tianji himself was a scholar, an exceptionally gifted scholar!

Under the leadership of Liu Tianji, the research results of the scholars were very promising!

Even more advanced firearms were in an accidental situation, not to mention flintlocks and canons.

A shotgun was manufactured by a scholar, using a rear-mounted approach.

As compared to the flintlock rifle, it had even better performance!


Seeing the demonstration of firing the gun, Zhu Chongba couldn’t help but laugh in excitement.

“My Lord, this gun is the most advanced firearm currently available and is even more superior to the Xia De’s in the Southwest!”

Liu Tianji laughed.

This time, all the forces had heard about it.

Xia De had the largest number of scholars.

The firearms that had been researched by them were also the most powerful!


After hearing an affirmative answer, Zhu Chongba was even happier.

With this weapon in hand, why would he be afraid of Chen Youliang

At the same time, Yan arrived at the Royal Tombs Mountains.

She also started her plan to build a gun!!


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