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Chapter 119: First generation technology of the new intelligent civilization! A miracle is born!

In the Royal Tombs Mountains, the Great Desolate Army was still a guard army stationed at the tomb!

From the era of Qi to the present, the legacy of the Great Desolate Army had been passed down from generation to generation.

But after all, a hundred years had passed and today’s Great Desolate Army was not what it used to be.

Quantitatively, there were only three thousand people!

One part was the descendants of the oldest soldiers of the desolate army.

The current Great Desolate Army was not the first army of the Xia Kingdom.

The Great Desolate Army was like a silent guardian.

Not many people in the world even knew about it.

In the eyes of the world, the so-called Guardian Army was a bunch of old and weak soldiers who were not capable and muddling through.

When Yan arrived there, she discovered that the facts were pretty much the same.

In the Great Desolate Army she saw, there was absolutely nothing refined about each of them.

Even for Yan, the princess, it was also perfunctory.

One by one, each looking for a different place.

They were drinking alcohol and were lying flat on their back!

For most of the people here, guarding the mausoleum was a job of waiting for death.

“Greetings, Your Highness.”

A black-faced man pointed at Yan and said a little respectfully.

But on the face, a hint of impatience appeared.

A princess like you wouldn’t stay out of a good place like the palace.

Why did you come to this place

Yan looked at the small token around the black-faced man’s neck and asked, “Are you a descendant of the soldiers of the Great Desolate Army”


The black-faced man pulled out the command token from his neck and sneered, “Back then, when my grandfather handed this thing to me, they even said that there was a battle between ancestors and gods……”

“According to them it’s a reward from the gods!”

“Ha ha!”

“If it’s really from the gods, will their descendants be so miserable now”

The black-faced man didn’t believe the legend about the token at all.

“Among the generals, how many of them have such tokens”

Yan asked.


The black-faced man thought for a moment and said, “There are probably nearly two thousand people, it’s ridiculous.”

“All are the victims of this token.”

“Princess, don’t blame me for being disrespectful.”

“This token……”

With a cold smile on his face, the black-faced man said, “It should have been something that Emperor Qi rewarded the Great Desolate Army with in the first place.”

“I don’t know who it was that made it like that, but what else to say”

“The reason why the royal mausoleum was here was because the gates to the divine heavens are here and the souls of the Great Desolate Army and the ancestors guarded this gate here.”

“I was stupid back then too.”

“I actually believed that, but it’s fine now.”

“After more than 30 years, I’m still in this damn place.

I’m too old, but it doesn’t matter.

I can’t even get transferred!”

After saying that, he was surprised to discover that there was also a token on Yan’s neck.

It was just that this token and his token seemed a little different.

The black-faced man’s token was all black while the one in Yan’s neak was white!

“Princess, how come you also have……”

The black-faced man was a little surprised and puzzled.

“That legend is not fake.”

Yan briefly said and then walked towards the direction of the royal tomb.

Leaving the black-faced man with a surprised face.

Yan’s white token was naturally given by Jiang Fan.

These tokens were the secret left by Jiang Fan back then.

At the end of the Grand Competition, Jiang Fan used the deduction system.

According to deduction, one hundred years later, Blue Star will give birth to a once-in-a-millennium scientific genius!

But due to Jiang Fan’s interference with Xia Kingdom’s development, this possibility decreased

Therefore Jiang Fan no longer intervened.

Instead, he left such a backhand.

Seeing Yan walking towards the left of the royal tomb, the black-faced man froze for a moment.

Immediately following, he said, “Princess, you want to……”

“I’d like to go in and take a look.”

Yan said.

The black-faced man didn’t stop it, but just said, “Princess, this gate can’t be opened.”

The royal tomb was divided into two parts: left and right.

On the left were the tombs of Desolate, Qi and Han.

There was a huge stone door outside!

On top of the stone door, there was actually a keyhole.

There was no way to open this stone door.

Yan did not speak, instead, she picked up the white token in her hand.


The black-faced man advised again, “We’ve tried all the tokens of everyone here, none of them opened it!”

“That’s your token, not the key.”

Yan walked up to the front of this huge stone door.

There was a trace of curiosity and eagerness in her eyes!

She placed the white token in the keyhole.

After that only a slight “click” could be heard.

The huge stone door suddenly moved slowly.

Naturally, Jiang Fan had Han set up this keyhole back then for this very day.

Seeing the huge stone gate that no one had been able to open for a hundred years, the black-faced man was stunned!

The whole person was completely dumbfounded.

When the huge stone door was completely opened, Yan glanced inside the black hole but she didn’t walk in.

She was smart.

It was naturally clear that the mausoleum was sealed for a hundred years.

Nobody could go in that easily.

“General Chang.”


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