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Chapter 12: Jurassic! The Age of Dinosaurs

The Cambrian period ended.

At the beginning of the Jurassic period, the species on the planet had reached an unprecedented height.

Whether it was quantity or health level, it was far more than before.

The life force bonus was also very objective.

The most eye-catching thing was the rapid increase in the diameter of the planet.

On the planet panel, there was a corresponding change.

【Planet Name: Blue Star

Planet Level: Level 1

Planet diameter: 83.6 km

Planet species: 502

Deduction route: None】

And the arrival of the Jurassic era accelerated the growth.

Jiang Fan was also looking forward to it.

In Earth from his previous life, Jurassic was probably the most famous era.

The main reason was naturally because of a household name large animal—Dinosaur!

This kind of inconceivable creature was used by countless film and television animation works.

“I wonder if a dinosaur will be born on Blue Star” Jiang Fan could not help but have such an idea.

It was just that he also knew Blue Star’s condition was completely incomparable to Earth’s.

The area was still too small.

There was no room for dinosaurs to grow.

It was very difficult to produce large creatures like dinosaurs.

The truth was as Jiang Fan expected.

After the Jurassic period began, the entire planet became warm and dry.

A primitive mammal appeared.

The first vertebrates that could fly also appeared at this time.

The earliest turtle in the world, the original jaw turtle, was born.

The earliest snakes, moths, bees, and many new small mammals appeared.

Then, birds began to appear.

Mammals developed slowly.

The flowering plants also appeared for the first time.

It also represented the highest and largest group in the plant world—quilt plant!

They stepped onto the stage of evolution.

For example, Mulan, Liu, Feng, Poplar, Palm, and so on.

The quilt plants rapidly flourished, covering the surface.

The emergence and development of angiosperm provided a large amount of food for certain animals, such as insects, birds, and mammals.

In terms of animals, horses, antelopes, bison, and other common species were born.

In the structure of the planet, the land and sea gradually became distinct.

The grassland.

High mountain.




The desert.

One by one, the crustal movement was stabilizing.

The climate was more suitable for the survival of life.

It was probably called “Life Explosion”.

Then, Jurassic period.

It was the “Big Bang” of life.

The number and quality of the species that appeared were far from something that Cambrian could compare to.

What made Jiang Fan feel a little regretful was that the dinosaur that he had been thinking about for a long time never appeared.

There were a lot of species that were different from Earth in his previous life.

After all, they were two different planets.

Evolution direction naturally could not be the same.

Time approached the late Jurassic.

Although this period was not long, it was the most colorful.

All sorts of new species appeared, bringing the planet an extremely shocking life force!

But from visual observation, the diameter of the planet had already exceeded 100 kilometers, and it was growing even more.

“There are more than a thousand species on this planet.” Jiang Fan observed while estimating.

If he took it out, it would probably scare a large group of people to death.

One had to know, even a level 4 planet was almost impossible to have so many species.

Not to mention that this was a planet that had just awakened not long ago.

Having a dozen of them was already pretty good.

He only felt a little regret that he could not see the dinosaur, then Jiang Fan looked.

The next stage.

The third generation of the universe.

After the Cambrian and Jurassic Period, there’s another era.

It was also the most critical and important period until the birth of the planet—Humans!

The intelligent life began to appear!


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