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Chapter 120: First-generation technology of the new intelligent civilization! A miracle is born!

Yan turned her head to look at the black-faced man, and said, “Please help me call all the soldiers together.”

Only then did the black-faced man wake up from his shock and hurriedly responded, “Yes.”

Immediately after saying this, he turned around and walked quickly.

His heart was still in disbelief and there was still a trace of faint excitement!

Being able to serve as a general, the black-faced man was not a stupid man.

Those legends and stories once again circled in his mind when he saw this amazing scene.

He was waiting only to find out that Yan did not reveal the white token.

But with that previous scene, the black-faced man was no longer a fool.

Instead, he obediently accepted each order of Yan.

In his free time, he desperately read all kinds of books to figure out what exactly happened that year.

Seeing this, Jiang Fan couldn’t help but nod slightly.

Now, it was still not time to reveal the truth.

Even if it was the year of Qi, it was also before the conquest.

Only then did he inform the Great Desolate Army of the specific actions.

It was not a good thing for many people to know about that.

Not to mention before Jiang Fan restarted the passage, there was still some time left.

He had grasped the leader as the black-faced man.

Yan’s next job was much easier.

At Yan’s request, some of the equipment of the Great Desolate Army was turned over for use again!

In the past, this was a temporary base for planetary conquest.

With a large variety of instruments and equipment, the latter decreases from generation to generation.

By now they were in the warehouse to eat dust.

The black-faced man was not just surprised and bewildered by Yan anymore after reading several books overnight.

There was also a hint of respect in his eyes


Naturally, he did not dare to disobey Yan’s order in the slightest.

Soon, Yan simply set up a laboratory with the help of many soldiers.

This laboratory was not used for mathematical or physical research.

Instead, it was used to make firearms and gunpowder!

Before Yan came to the Royal Tomb Mountains.

By Jiang Fan’s mention, it was very clear in her mind that it was impossible for Captain Dong to fall within a few years.

If she really wanted to get rid of this marriage, it was necessary to control a certain amount of force!

“But I don’t know much about firearms.”

Looking at the rusted equipment, a trace of distress flashed in Yan’s eyes.

She was not the same as Qi.

Yan was not an all-rounder; she was just good in the field of chemistry.

Her biological field was completely ignorant.

“I should go and find a scholar who understands this.”

After thinking about it for a long time, Yan had an idea in mind.


No one paid attention to anything that happened in the Royal Tomb Mountains.

The current force’s main focus was on the newly rising masters, such as Cao Meng and Xia De.

Of course, at that time the largest force was still Captain Dong, who was controlling the capital!

The Great Desolate Capital beneath the calm surface, seemed that the undercurrent was surging too!

Naturally, it was impossible not to know the importance of scholars such as Cao Meng and Xia De by Captain Dong.

If we were to say that in the world now…… where were the most scholars

They were not in Xia De’s Southwest nor were they in Sun Quan’s east of the desolate river region.

Much less Zhu Chongba’s southeastern region.

Instead, in the prison of the capital’s punishment department, three colleges were judged to be plotting against each other at that time.

Almost all of the scholars were imprisoned.

Although some escaped from the back, most of them were still caught back.

In the heyday of the era of Qi, there were tens of thousands of scholars.

Even if they didn’t get much attention, later on, the number of scholars was also more than 10,000 until the three colleges were closed.

Inside the prison, thousands of scholars were locked up!

Of course, many of them died after several years of time.

On this day, a team of soldiers came to the prison.

They had the token of Captain Dong, saying that they came to pick people up.

How dare the guards stop them

Captain Dong was now covering the sky with one hand in the capital!

He was even recognized as the most powerful party in the whole world!

The jailer hurriedly invited the group of soldiers inside with a flattering smile.

“Take me to the place where the scholars of the three colleges are being held.”

The tall general at the head of the group shouted coldly.

“This way, this way.”

The jailer bowed and hurriedly led the way in front.

Inwardly, he couldn’t help but curse.

Was Captain Dong also interested in scholars

It was well known that despite the fact that Cao Meng, Xia De, Sun Quan and other forces were competing for scholar resources, Captain Dong did not take it seriously.

He also claimed that only bows and arrows were the right way to go.

All firearms and cannons were useless.

The only team of scholars assembled by Captain Dong was researching Sound-absorbing arrows!

That’s right.

Rumor had it that in the era of Qi and Han.

A very powerful bow and arrow!

Sound-absorbing arrows needed vibranium.

It was rumored outside that Vibranium was stored in the palace treasury but after Captain Dong took charge of the capital.

He immediately sent people to search the palace treasury.

There was no such thing as vibranium!

Between times, everyone doubted whether this magical metal exists

For sound-absorbing arrows.


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