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Chapter 121: First-generation technology of the new intelligent civilization! A miracle is born!

People didn’t question much.

There were very detailed records in ancient books.

In the writings left by various scholars, they also mentioned this powerful and magical bow and arrow.

It was not just Captain Dong who was on board, even Sun Quan, Cao Meng, etc.

were very excited!

After the tall general wandered around the prison, he took away 500 people.

The jailers naturally did not dare to stop them.

The tall general led the five hundred scholars and swaggered out of the prison.

After the departure, a strange smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“I didn’t expect the plan to go so well this time.”

In a nearby tea house, on the third floor, a handsome and dashing young man looked this way.

He couldn’t help but smile and say.

“Captain Dong has never paid much attention to scholars.”

Besides, there was another fair-skinned young man sitting there.

Take a good look and yet it could be found.

There was no Adam’s apple in this young man’s throat but it was a woman dressed as a man!


The gallant young man sighed, “We can only transport back 500 people this time, and it will be difficult next time.”

“These five hundred people are all carefully selected scholars and these five hundred people are enough.”

The woman dressed as a man smiled faintly.

On the street, the tall general escorted five hundred scholars and walked for a while.

Suddenly, they turned into a small alley with no people.

A dozen spacious carriages had already been parked there in advance.

“Let’s put up with it and squeeze.”

The tall general spoke up and let five hundred scholars squeeze into these carriages.

Soon, the carriages drove out of the alley.

Stepping out onto the street, it went to the city gate.

The defense of the city gate was still relatively tight.

But that day, the general guarding the gate seemed to know the tall general.

What’s more, there was a token in the hands of the tall general.

So, the carriage was also not inspected.

They went all the way through without a hitch.

After leaving the city gates, the tall general just sighed in relief.

He did not dare to be careless and let the carriage move fast.

They were heading north in the direction of Guanzhong!

Suddenly, a group of soldiers appeared ahead!

There were about 500 soldiers in this group!

Each one had a weapon in his hand.

They seemed to have been waiting for them for a long time!

The tall general was shocked.

He only had less than a hundred soldiers with him.

The gallant young men and women disguised as men followed on horseback and hastily followed up.

“Where are the soldiers ahead”

The heroic young man asked.

“I don’t know, it doesn’t seem to be from Captain Dong, but in this region who can dispatch so many troops”

The tall general was puzzled.

Speaking of which, this team of 500 people was already coming at them.

“Run separately.”

The gallant young man gritted his teeth but still calmly made the best choice.

More than a dozen carriages scattered in all directions but still, ten of them were stopped and forcibly taken away by 500 soldiers!

The hands of the heroic young man clenched but didn’t dare to chase them.

“Brother Xuan, can you figure out who these people are”

The heroic young man turned to the woman dressed as a man next to him.

Naturally, he had already seen that the other party was disguised as a man but it wasn’t revealed either.

The woman’s surname was “Shi”.

A single word name.

She was a descendant of an ancient school.

She was good at inferring secrets!

Like this jail break.

It was Shi Xuan who planned it.

Everything was going well.

Who would have expected that on the way, a group of 500 soldiers would attack

It almost completely ruined the plan.

A woman named “Shi Xuan” who disguised herself as a man gently pinched her fingers.

After a few moments, his brows suddenly furrowed tightly!

A look of shock flashed in his eyes and he said, “I can’t predict the origins of these people at all!”

“How is this…… possible”

The heroic young man was also shocked.

Shi Xuan was a real genius.

Even if it was something more complicated than that, all of it could be easily deduced.

These were 500 soldiers and yet they were completely unpredictable

“This matter…… is quite bizarre, perhaps there is something I am not aware of.”

Shi Xuan said solemnly: “Young Master Li, don’t be in a hurry, first find a way to rescue other scholars.”

“That’s all that can be done.”

The gallant young man sighed.

“Strange, strange.”

After the heroic young man walked away, Shi Xuan muttered to himself with a puzzled look on his face.

“This matter is the key to helping Young Master Li compete for the world.

I calculated it for a year in advance, but it turned out that…… something unexpected happened”

Shi Xuan thought inwardly.

The more she thought about it, the worse it got.

The young man was from a large clan in Guanzhong –

The second direct descendant of the Li family.

His name was Li Er.

In this era, one or two of these words were very honorable.

It was not easy to be taken as a name.

Li dared to give this name to the descendants of his children.

It was also because of the guidance of a senior person!

As compared with the rising Cao Meng, Xia De and others, Li Er was now just an insignificant son of a large family.

However, the leader behind Shi Xuan believed that there was an aura of nobility in this man!

In the future, he would be most likely a latent dragon!

He would be able to compete for the world!

Then he sent Shi Xuan out of the mountain to help Li Er.


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