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Chapter 122: First-generation technology of the new intelligent civilization! A miracle is born!

The first mission was to rescue a group of scholars from the prison.

For this purpose, Shi Xuan had made careful preparations!

Everything was going well but how could he not expect that in the middle of the way a mysterious army of unknown origin would attack them.

They robbed most of the scholars.

This army of 500 people was the Great Desolate Army sent by Yan!

Jiang Fan did not participate in this plan.

But Yan formulated it by the positioning function of the white token.

That white token could not only open the gate of the royal tomb but it could also locate the location of those black tokens!

Those black tokens were not just in the hands of the people of the Great Desolate Army.

The Transcendental Research team, which had received no small amount of credit, also got it.

In this group of 500 scholars, many were the descendants of those scholars back then.

They were wearing these tokens on their bodies.

“Come on, get off.”

After reaching the Royal Tomb Mountains, the black-faced man opened his mouth to speak and let the four hundred scholars on the carriage speak.

Out of a dozen carriages, the black-faced man led the hijacking of ten carriages.

A few others went too far, so he had to give up!

A group of scholars stepped out of the carriage.

As they saw the Royal Tombs Mountains in front of them, they were directly frozen!

They also guessed which force hijacked them.

Cao Meng Xia De Sun Quan from the east side of the Desolate river

Or maybe it’s the one in the southeast whose fame was growing, Zhu Chongba.

These heroic figures came to many scholars’ minds but no one expected that they would come to such a place!

“All of you, be good and go in.”

The black-faced man carried a whip in his hand and sneered, “If anyone will disobey and dare to sneak out, then don’t blame me for being rude.”

Threats with intimidation!

400 scholars were so frightened that they dared not complain anymore and walked in obediently.

They went in a temporary tent made especially for them!

After just one night’s rest, they were assigned various jobs the next day.

The scholars who were placed in the firearms research room were the most numerous.

These scholars walked into the research rooms one by one and were surprised to find out that the place was small, but it had everything.

They couldn’t believe that there were research labs for every discipline!

In addition, the associated equipment was basic but it was perfect!

It did not look like the crude defensive troops could do it.

Gradually, four hundred scholars discovered that the black-faced general there, was fierce but it seemed like he never whipped them.

Not only did he give them three meals a day.

Every meal was very good!

Equipment and materials for various experimental studies were also slowly being added!

There was no one else either because the research was slow or did not produce results.

No one scolded and beat them.

Many scholars began to think to themselves –

If it could be like this for a long time.

It didn’t seem like it was unacceptable to stay in this desolate place.

With a host of scholars on board, Yan’s research was more like a fish out of water!

She was not very proficient in the field of chemistry but her overwhelming talent allowed her to be acutely aware of problems that others hardly noticed.

For example, Flintlock rifles!

Yan found that this kind of gun’s drawbacks was not small.

It could also continue to improve under the guidance of Yan.

The results of the Firearms Research Laboratory continued to emerge.

Not long after, the shotgun that was first born on Zhu Chongba’s side was also developed there.

A shotgun was a firing device that could be fired in the position where the charge was fired.

Putting the fire cap on the anvil with the fire door.

The gunpowder in the chamber was ignited by striking the fire cap.

This was the firing mechanism.

A gun with such a firing mechanism was called a firing gun!


While Xia Kingdom’s new firearms development activities were in full swing.

On the opposite shore of the ocean, on the second continent.

The water droplet people also slowly established their own civilization and initially planted their own technology tree.

Unlike humans, there was no long primitive era for the droplet people.

Their unique way of communication and transmission made them the first technological civilization.

There was nothing metaphysical or superstitious.

This time, the Second Continent was in the midst of a new battle for domination!

After the giant eel ruled the land for decades, it still could not resist the laws of nature.

It was gradually getting old and other creatures that secretly coveted the status of the giant eel slowly started to show their head!

They were carefully and constantly challenging the majestic giant eel!


In the forest, there was a large bear species.

Their one bite could break the neck of a saber-toothed tiger.

This immense and unbelievable bear was also a beneficiary of the red flower incident that year!

Its current body shape became extremely scary!

The whole appearance was the same as the original brown bear.

There was a clear difference.

Jiang Fan gave this new giant bear a name – Tyrant Bear!

A very grumpy giant bear!

This tyrant bear was one of the Giant eel’s challengers.

In the woods near where the tyrant bear killed the saber-toothed tiger, there were a few water droplet people hiding.

Their whole body was translucent.

They hid quietly in the shadows and observed the scene without moving.

After a period of hiding inside the pyramid, water droplet people finally walked out.

They came to the great plain where all things compete!

In addition, with the products of their first generation of technology!!!


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