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Chapter 123: Crazy Advance! The beginning of the industrial age!!

The water droplet people communicated through brain waves.

That made it very easy and convenient for them to communicate!

Basically, there was no misunderstanding!

A couple of droplet people hiding in the woods didn’t need to face each other.

They could communicate through the brain waves.

They exchanged information with each other, silently.

The huge tyrant bear didn’t even notice.

Only the owner of this planet – Jiang Fan knew what information these water droplet people were exchanging!

They were hiding there.

It was to hunt wild animals but they didn’t expect that they actually met a saber-toothed tiger as well as a gigantic tyrant bear!

A Water Droplet man wanted to make a move.

He wanted to attack the bear that seemed to be off guard but the other droplet man stopped him.

Such a large tyrant bear was not something they couldn’t handle right now.

After killing the saber-toothed tiger, the tyrant bear roared a few times and left.

Several droplet people continued to hide.

After waiting for about an hour, a big bamboo rat jumped in.

This giant bamboo rat was more than twice the size of an ordinary bamboo rat.

Due to the special environment of the second continent, the animals living there were also even bigger than that of the first continent!

Seeing this big bamboo rat, a few water droplet people couldn’t help but cheer up.

They hadn’t eaten meat for several days.

This forest was too dangerous.

There were many large predators.

Even if it was herbivorous, it was also very large.

It was simply not something they couldn’t handle anymore.

A water droplet man took out a thumb-sized water droplet man from his body!

That’s right.

It was the water droplet man.

A crystal clear water droplet!

Jiang Fan carefully viewed that.

As the owner of the planet, he had the highest authority.

On the planet, none of them could be hidden from his perception.

Look left and look right.

This was indeed just a real drop of water.

In the next moment, this Water Droplet man exerted force on this water drop…… He threw it out!

The target was none other than the large bamboo rat.

What made Jiang Fan a little surprised was that this water drop was thrown into the air.

It actually started to accelerate.

In a very short time, it became fast.

The sound of breaking wind could be heard.

The big bamboo rat glanced that way and ran away immediately but it could not run faster than the speed of this water drop.

The water drop at this time already exceeded the speed of two hundred meters per second.

Jiang Fan made a visual observation.

This was not something that could be thrown by human hands at all!

The head of a large bamboo rat was directly pierced by the water drop!

It was killed on the spot!

Seeing the dead bamboo rat, there were no excited expressions on the faces of water droplet people, instead, they seemed to be a little unhappy.

Jiang Fan couldn’t help but guess.

These water droplet people were dissatisfied with the power of the water drop.

This kind of water drop could accelerate on its own.

Jiang Fan felt a little curious.

He began to look at the details of the water drop.

He was surprised to find out that the raw material was indeed water.

But the internal structure was destroyed.

Or rather, reshaped.

So this drop of water could only be activated by an initial force and would continue to accelerate!

“This structure was destroyed, and reshaped, by these water-droplet people”

Jiang Fan was puzzled.

If it was true, that would be a bit outrageous, wouldn’t it

The water droplet people who were just recently born that powerful

Jiang Fan’s eyes moved to the residence of the water droplet people – on the largest pyramid of light!

This was the only kind of shelter that the Water droplet people currently had.

All Water droplet people lived within the Pyramid of Light.

Inside the valley, only three Pyramids of Light had been built.

Each of them housed several hundred water droplet people.

The population of water droplet people was not growing as fast as humans.

Among them, the largest one was the place where the chief of the Water Droplet People lived.

The water droplet people were in strict order!

The people below had no intention of resisting.

The structure of civilization was relatively solid.

In this Pyramid of Light, Jiang Fan saw that everyone was holding buckets of water.

It was placed in a corner of the pyramid with a specific structure.

After about a week or so, these buckets of water would start coalescing a drop of a thumb-sized water droplet!

The internal structure of these water droplets had been reshaped!

Jiang Fan only understood at this time.

It turned out that the water droplets were made by this pyramid of light.

This kind of pyramid and the pyramids of the Earth in his previous life were roughly similar.

In certain details it was different.

The Pyramid of Light hangs with a trace of magic!

But Jiang Fan also knew that making such pyramids was a talent of the water droplet people.

Just like humans were good at growing vegetables, the first generation of water droplet weapons was nothing too powerful.

Jiang Fan had a hint of expectation in his heart.

The special inheritance method of the water droplet people made their technological civilization not cut off easily.

In addition, as long as there was enough time, it could be passed down from generation to generation!

The level of technology would get higher and higher.

Unlike humans, the middle may be due to factors such as war.

Today the Xia Kingdom had such momentum.

However, with Jiang Fan’s interference, this possibility was almost non-existent.


Accompanying Yan to the Royal Tomb Mountains and after robbing four hundred scholars, another force with potential was quietly rising!

The situation in the whole world was also getting messy!

At the same time, a famous scholar appeared in the capital.

This scholar was a woman called Shi Xuan!

It was the same woman who was disguised as a man beside Li Er.


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