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Chapter 124: Crazy Advance! The beginning of the industrial age!!

With her outstanding appearance and sharp words, she became the guest of honor at the major mansions, in a short time!

Many people took pride in meeting Shi Xuan.

With the constant visits of Shi Xuan, Captain Dong, who was still immersed in the pain of losing his son, didn’t notice it.

Some people’s attitude towards him changed.

In addition to Shi Xuan, there was another thing that had also triggered the attention of the forces.

That was an unknown prince named “Xiu”.

Suddenly one day, on the grounds of building a tomb for Captain Dong’s ill son.

Prince Xiu led people modestly and took away 500 scholars from the prison of the Ministry of Punishment.

Between times, it had received a lot of attention.

Even there were many old ministers whose hearts were still thinking about the Xia Kingdom.

They took the initiative to come to the door!

With that, the people of the Ministry of Justice found out that a few scholars went missing from those scholars who were imprisoned.

Of course, not really missing in the sense of being missing.

Within a few days, someone would pay a lot of money to “redeem” one or several scholars.

Since Captain Dong did not care about this, plus the other party gave too much money, officials of the Ministry of Justice also turned a blind eye to it.

These redeemed scholars were coincidentally sent to the northwest, southwest and east of the Desolate River.

It was just that, halfway through, the escorting team was intercepted.

The leader of the Interceptors was a black-faced man called Chang Yu Chun.

Thus the scholars who were “redeemed” by various forces at great expense, were laughed at by the Great Desolate Army.

The angry Cao Meng and Xia De jumped straight on the spot.


In the east of the Desolate River area, Sun Quan had been restless in those days.

Because he was waiting for the best time to strike.

Flintlock rifles and cannons were ready to be fired!

Three thousand elite soldiers were also in place but there were many native people in Jiangdong.

Except for the clan of Sun Quan, the other three were relatively large.

The natives predominantly had a universal army.

These three ethnic groups, each one had over 3,000 people!

Even if Sun Quan had sharp firearms, he had no clue in his heart.

In addition, they were still very good to each other!

The union had been in place for several generations.

“My Lord, if there is nothing unexpected, tomorrow is a good time for us to act.”

Lu Sun said, who was next to him.

Sure enough.

The next day.

Because a few small clans killed people from the big clans.

Of the three large clans, there were two big clan leaders who angrily attacked with a large number of soldiers.

The rest of the big clans also sent some men to help.

These daring little natives were arranged by Lu Sun.

The purpose was to lure the snake out of the hole.

They were waiting for the two big clans to go away.

Sun Quan took a sharp breath and personally led a team of 3,000 people.

He pounced on that remaining big clan as fast as possible.

There were no surprises.

In front of sharp flintlocks and canons, no matter how brave the people of this great clan were, they were just cannon fodder!

Sun Quan was not merciful.

The people of this big family had been solved cleanly!

After that, he took the team and rushed to a dense forest.

The other two big clans who came back were ambushed there.

The battle was very intense!

Sun Quan prepared an ambush and had the advantage of weapons, but the two big clans were brave!

The numbers were more dominant.

Finally, after Sun Quanfang paid for nearly half of the casualties, all 6,000 people from these two great clans were wiped out!

So far, in Jiangdong, there was no longer a force to resist Sun Quan.

Sun Quan also started to develop at full strength.

At the same time when Sun Quan was busy dealing with the three major native clans.

At the mansion, a young man came.

It was said that there was a major invention that he wanted to present to Master Sun!

The young man was named “Wan Te”, and his appearance was unremarkable.

It was a two-word name but his family had fallen.

“What kind of invention”

The guard asked disdainfully.

Those days, because of the importance Sun Quan placed on scholars, many people ran to the door, impersonating a scholar or pretending to be a relative or friend of a scholar.

Some were even more excessive and directly said that they had invented some kind of powerful weapon and wanted to dedicate it to Sun Quan!

These people were no exception, all were checked to be scammers.

“An amazing invention.”

This young man opened his eyes wide and said with an exaggerated face, “One day, I saw the lid of the kettle on my coal stove pop up on its own after the water boiled.”

“I was instantly inspired!”

“I found out later that after the water boils, the water vapor can actually make the water cover move.”

“Haha, this is a remarkable discovery.”

“If you use this thing on other objects, then you can……”

The young man named Wan Te kept talking.

He was not the least bit conscious.

“All right, all right.”

The guard interrupted Wan Te and took out a few coins from his body and threw them on the ground saying, “Take these and do something practical, don’t daydream.”

Looking at the coins, Wan Te was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

He jumped up on the spot and said, “Hmph, you actually dare to look down on me.

If you don’t want me here, then I’ll take care of you!”

“We’ll see!”

“You will regret it in the future!”

Wan Te quickly picked up the coins.

Then he went away!

He left Jiangdong.

The next location was Southwest!

“I heard that Xia De in the southwest region is benevolent, righteous and virtuous, and he has always convinced people with virtue.

He should be able to appreciate my invention!”

Sitting on the boat, Wan Te thought secretly.

At that time, no one expected that the first technological frenzy on the Blue Star would start with this one little discovery!


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