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Chapter 125: Advance by leaps and bounds! Modern weapons are here!

In front of the royal tomb gate, Yan took out the white token and opened this gate again.

This time, the preparations were made, so she could go right in.

Two hundred scholars were standing behind her.

Everyone looked excited!

Why two hundred

Because these scholars were the first to be screened out and they were more trustworthy!

The loyalty of the other two hundred was yet to be tested.

Yan took the lead and stepped in.

The group of scholars followed carefully.

As compared to the Great Desolate Army that guarded the tomb, these scholars knew much more!

According to the rumors left by the three colleges, people from the three colleges once followed the gods to fight, using their own wisdom and technology.

Under the guidance of the gods, they defeated one alien race after another!

But this rumor was becoming less and less believed with the passage of time.

As scholars, it was also easy to convince them of one thing, which was to get the evidence!

This rumor was nothing except for the few words and less obvious records in some books.

It only came by words from generation to generation!

There was no evidence.

The passageway was spacious.

There were so many people but none of them dared to make a sound.

Only the sound of footsteps resounded clearly in the passageway.

After walking for a while, their eyes opened up.

A wide hall appeared in front of them.

When Yan and two hundred scholars saw the scene in this hall.

There was a shocked look on their faces.

Each one of them was stunned!

They saw that there were transparent crystal coffins!

Inside the crystal coffins, there were the corpses of men.

These people were very tall and in addition to people, there were other unknown creatures.

Some of them had very strange shapes.

For example, very creepy-looking creatures.

A creature was looking like a large dwarf ball.

A tall beast was covered with thick fur all over its body, with a pair of sharp fangs in its mouth, like a lion!

This scene had completely overturned their understanding!

They couldn’t believe their own eyes.

“Is this…… the alien race that my ancestors followed the Father and killed back then”

Yan was prepared.

After a brief shock, she vaguely guessed the truth.


A voice sounded, Yan turned her head to look.

A very old white-haired scholar was excited……

He knelt down!

Tears continued to flow from the sockets of his eyes.

It dripped onto the ground along with the wrinkles!


This white-haired scholar looked at the creature in the crystal coffin in front of him and trembled, “Did you see it What you guessed is true!”

“That year, our faction……”

“Indeed, he followed the gods to heaven.”

“Beheaded many alien races!”

“It’s the best evidence!”

It was not just this old man with white hair, many older scholars were all very excited.

Their hands were trembling!

Young Scholars were also all shocked and excited!

Even if some of them didn’t believe the rumors, this scene in front of them was enough to dispel any doubts because none of these creatures existed in this world!

Seeing this, a flash of memory flashed in Jiang Fan’s eyes.

Since the age of Qi, hundreds of years have passed on the Blue Star but for Jiang Fan, it has just been less than a month.

When Han was on his deathbed, he knew that there should be no more planetary conquest.

He disbanded the Transcendent Research Institute.

All items and information were all moved to this side of the royal tomb.

After that, it was sealed!

In addition to the corpses of these transcendent creatures.

In the hall, there were other precious things.

“This is the legendary vibranium”

A scholar threw himself in front of a crystal box containing some kind of metallic mineral and a flash of excitement flashed in his eyes!

Others also noticed this.

“Vibranium Is that true”

“No wonder Captain Dong has not been able to find it, it is hidden here.”

One by one, the scholars were all surprised and curious.

For a magical metal like vibranium, there were more detailed records in the book but all the vibranium that was left from that year was also sealed here by Han.

There was not much vibranium left at that time!

There was only one small box.

However, in the age of Han, people had been sent to find vibranium.

Several vibranium mines had been discovered!

He sealed up the information of those mines and placed them here in the royal tomb.

Han was not as smart as Qi but he also vaguely guessed.


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