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Chapter 126: Advance by leaps and bounds! Modern weapons are here!

He guessed that in the future, father would surely return to the Blue Star and would lead the people of Xia Kingdom to fight again!

What he didn’t anticipate was this.

The Xia Kingdom had gone from heyday to decline in just a hundred years!

If there was no birth of Yan, a demon-level genius, without Jiang Fan’s intervention the fall of the Xia Kingdom was only a matter of time!

The opening of the royal tomb, especially the discovery of all kinds of transcendent things inside, made the blood of two hundred scholars excited and trembling!

They all lost enthusiasm for their field.

Their whole idea was that they wanted to study these unknown creatures but Yan refused.

These transcendental creatures had been dissected very clearly by scholars as early as the era of Qi.

Related information was also sealed in the royal tomb.

Yan did not make that information public.

From that moment on, the team spirit of all scholars had undergone subtle and irreversible changes!

Each one had a bright light in its eyes!

There was a tacit understanding that people did not discuss with each other but it was clear.

They were all thinking about something.

The other two hundred scholars who didn’t get in.

What’s wrong with you guys

A trip to the royal tomb.

After coming back, they seemed to be different

The excitement passed and life had to go on.

As the funds were insufficient, Yan formed several tough teams to overcome the most important projects!

The advent of the shotgun.

The elimination of flintlock was only a matter of time.

But the shotgun wasn’t perfect either.

Since the invention of firearms, early firearms had always been front-loading muskets.

That was, the gunpowder and the projectile were loaded from the front end, and there was no rifling inside the gun.

The same was true for shotguns.

The internal structure was simple.

The projectile and the chamber were poorly sealed.

The projectile and gunpowder must be tightly squeezed with the gun bar before it could be fired.

Under the full force of the firearms team.


Some scholars invented the linear rifled gun.

That was, the rifling was added inside so that the projectile could be more realistic in the gun chamber.

It greatly enhanced the thrust of the gunpowder explosion.

This rifled gun was far more accurate than conventional guns.

But the rifle still had a major flaw.

That was……

The ammunition still had to be loaded from the front end.

Extremely time-consuming!

This time.

Someone came up with an idea.

Since it was time-consuming to load from the front end.


How about loading from the back end!

Once this idea was proposed.

It was immediately approved by Yan.

The rear-loading type thus went into high-speed development.

And at the same time.

Northwest, southwest and east of the river.

For the development of firearms.

Still stuck on the further improvement of the flintlock rifle!

The development of rear-loading guns was not so smooth.

Failure was a regular thing.

Yan presided over the overall situation.

While continuing to do her own research and learning!

Despite her intelligence.

She was just a teenage girl.

A lot of knowledge had not been learned.

There were four hundred scholars here.

Each one of them was someone that Yan could learn from.

Time passed quickly.

In the blink of an eye.

Another year passed.

Yan was 14 years old.

The rear-loading gun was still not manufactured.

However, ……

It had slowly taken shape.

Giving more hope.


This year.

A lot of things happened in the capital.

Captain Dong formally proposed marriage to the royal family.

But before the royal family agreed.

The bad news came.

The sickly consumptive son of Captain Dong…… died!

Died of a stroke on the collapse!

No matter how one looked at it, it was not normal.

Captain Dong was sad and angry.

He mobilized the power of the whole city.

Searching for the killer.

But he couldn’t find it.

The thing was that……

The leader of the Great Desolate Army, the black-faced man Chang Yu Chun, personally led his people to do it.

At this time, Yan was in Chang Yu Chun’s heart.

She was the walking of god in the world!

Representing the will of the gods.

How could she be blasphemed by mortals like him

After the death of the only first son.

Captain Dong paid more attention to his adopted son, Lu Xianfeng.

And Captain Dong’s temper also became more violent.


It was gradually becoming unbearable for the people under him.

Something subtle was going on!


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