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Chapter 127: The advent of the steam engine! Upgraded version of vibranium!

“Sun Quan in Jiangdong is a little anxious.”

Next to the Southeastern Great Lake, Liu Tianji and Zhu Chongba were looking at the lake and were discussing matters!

The center of the conversation was naturally this world’s great power.

There were two major powers that had attracted the most attention in the Xia Kingdom recently.

One was Sun Quan from Jiangdong who had the thunderous force.

He destroyed the three most powerful native clans and cleared the biggest obstacle to the unification of Jiangdong but it also took a significant number of casualties.

“No way, who would have thought that Cao Meng and Xia De would join forces.”

Liu Tianji smiled slightly, looked into the distance and said, “This defeat has greatly damaged Captain Dong’s vitality and he has also lost his deterrence against many forces!”

Sun Quan was so anxious.

It was because, not long ago, another major event of even more significant concern took place.

Among the many forces in the world, Cao Meng’s territory in the northwest was closest to the capital.

Captain Dong was aware of the threat.

He dispatched Lu Xianfeng and mobilized 10,000 elite soldiers.

The intention was to eliminate the threat of Cao Meng in one fell swoop.

Cao Meng, who heard the news, assembled five thousand soldiers with firearms.

The two sides fought head-to-head on a plain!

Halfway through the battle, a team of 5,000 people came out from behind.

It was Xia De’s reinforcements.

Under the attack of the two teams of Cao Meng and Xia De.

Lu Xianfeng was defeated!

He hurriedly fled back to the capital with only 2000 men left!

This battle was shockingly rumored all over the world!

After this battle, the situation of the entire Xia Kingdom also changed!

After the loss of 8,000 elite soldiers, Captain Dong’s military power no longer had an absolute advantage.

Cao Meng and Xia De temporarily formed an alliance and became the biggest winner.

Near the southwest of Jiangdong, the threat was faintly felt.

So, Sun Quan accelerated the plan to unify Jiangdong to destroy the three major native clans!


In the capital city of the Xia Kingdom.

The loss of this battle made Captain Dong, who was already grief-stricken by the loss of his son, even worse.

He fell sick, right away.

People were panicking about the bottom line!

They started to have different thoughts.

Inside the capital city, the undercurrent was more obvious.

Everyone could see that even if Captain Dong recovered from this illness, he has lost his chance to be the best in the world.

Logically speaking, in the battle with Cao Meng, there was a surprise attack by Xia De but both sides had equal strength.

There was also Lu Xianfeng, known as the “First Warrior of Xia Kingdom”.

He shouldn’t have lost so badly.

In fact, Captain Dong’s team was still dominated by archers and cavalry.

While the teams of Cao Meng and Xia De had been replaced with firearms and cannons.

Even without Xia De’s help, this battle was estimated that Lu Xianfeng would still lose with a high probability in the end.

It was just a matter of how much to lose.

This battle also let the many forces who were originally watching make up their minds!

They were preparing to develop firearms vigorously!

Bow and arrow or something……

Outdated, huh

For the Great Desolate Army, Captain Dong was seriously ill.

The biggest benefit was that no one paid attention to the situation on the side of the Royal Tomb Mountains.

Yan simply put people outside the capital.

On the main road to the capital, she opened a “Recruitment Hall”!

There were recruiting talents from all over the world!

The trick worked pretty well.

It recruited a lot of strange people and some talented people.

The black-faced man, Chang Yu Chun, brought a man that day.

“Her Royal Highness, this person said that there is a major invention, and he must tell Her Highness in person.”

Chang Yu Chun reported.

“A major invention”

Yan raised her eyebrows.

Ever since the opening of the recruitment hall, this was the first time anyone had dared to say that.

“Let him in.”

Soon, a young man covered in filthy, torn clothes like a beggar, was brought in.

Seeing Yan, his eyes lit up.

“What great invention do you have, you can tell now.”

Yan looked at this beggar-like young man.

It was not too much to ask.

Some days ago, she received a lot of people with ordinary backgrounds but they were very gifted and talented people.

The young man cleared his throat and shouted, “My lord, I made a very crucial, and significant discovery!”

There was a pause.

In a sacred tone, this young man continued, “When I was boiling water, I was suddenly surprised to find out that after the water boiled, the water vapor was able to move the lid over the top!”

“Think about it, my lord, it’s just steam from a pot of water.”

“If there was a bigger container, and more water, wouldn’t the steam generated to be able to lift the roof up!”

That’s right, that young man was Wan Te!


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