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Chapter 128: The advent of the steam engine! Upgraded version of vibranium!

After being “humiliated” at Sun Quan’s residence in Jiangdong, he ran off to Xia De in the southwest.

But that time, Xia De was on his way to leading a team to help Cao Meng.

Only an old butler received him.

This time, only a coin was thrown to him!

Wan Te was furious.

“What Xia De What a benevolent gentleman It’s total bull**! A mere villain, how dare he look down on me.”

Wan Te cursed, “One day, you people will regret it!”

“When the time comes, even if you kneel down and beg me.

I won’t agree to give you mercy.”

After venting for a while, Wan Te thought of today’s world…

The most powerful was Captain Dong.

He went all the way north, by the roadside.

He saw the recruiting hall.

Thus he came over to see what was going on.

Hearing Wan Te’s exaggerated rhetoric, Yan’s eyes gradually became serious.

In her mind, she imagined the steam hitting the lid.

After a while, Yan murmured to herself, “Convert mechanical energy into kinetic energy”

“What can”

Wan Te listened in confusion.

During this time, he also taught himself a little something.

However, mechanical energy, kinetic energy, or something.

He hadn’t heard of it at all.

Yan glanced at Wan Te, then said to Chang Yu Chun at the door, “Give him 10,000 pieces of silver and arrange for him to stay.”

“Ten thousand pieces of silver”

Wan Te was slightly stunned.

A reaction followed.

Did she buy out this idea of mine

This ground-breaking idea is 10,000 silver and you want to buy out.

You play beggars.

Wan Te immediately shouted loudly and said, “No, how can 10,000 silver be enough I want shares! For this epoch-making invention, I must take half of the share……”

The words were not yet finished, Chang Yu Chun held him by the neck and pulled him out of the door!

Return shares, share

Yan was somewhat speechless.

This young man’s discovery was unusual but it was just a discovery.

It was like someone found iron balls of different weights falling on the ground at the same time.

Could it be that the law of free fall was owned by this man

Besides, discovering the phenomenon called steam.

This young man was certainly not the first person.

Later that evening, in the residence of the recruitment hall, Wan Te made up a random excuse.

He carried the 10,000 taels of silver that just arrived and ran away!

“Humph, 10,000 taels of silver to send beggars!”

Wan Te snorted, “Without 100,000 taels of silver, don’t even think about buying it!”

“If I am not appreciated here, there are bound to be people who appreciate me.”

Wan Te immediately thought of Captain Dong.

At this time, Captain Dong was seriously ill.

Such an epoch-making discovery was definitely needed!

He found a random place to sleep.

Early next morning, Wan Te ran into the capital.

He came to the residence of Captain Dong.

On the weekdays before dawn, there were a lot of people lining up outside the Dong Mansion.

But at that time, it was desolate.

There was not a single person!

Wan Te waited around.

Finally, a butler from Dong’s house arrived.

He immediately went up and told him the reason for his visit.

“F*ck off! What steam, water vapor! Hurry up and get lost!”

He hadn’t said a few words yet.

The butler impatiently shouted at him!

Wan Te was instantly enraged and shouted, “You know what I mean.

This is an epoch-making invention.

Are you blind The Recruitment Hall over there had offered me ten thousand taels of silver.”

“Ten thousand taels of silver”

The butler immediately took another look at Wan Te.

It was soon discovered that Wan Te was bulging with stuff.

Ten thousand taels of silver was not a small amount.

After blowing Wan Te away, there was a gleam in the butler’s eyes.

Several people were immediately called in and quietly ordered.

In the afternoon, someone noticed.

In a remote gutter, there was a young man who fell in and seemed to drown.

This kind of thing happened a lot in the capital.

No one cared at all.


Yan’s side.

A new research team was formed –

The steam research team.

Wan Te’s narration gave Yan a lot of inspiration.

Her first thought was that steam could be used to replace the current waterwheel to help irrigate water for farmland!

All the people in the research team that was established were very interested in this thing.

A word from the people presented more ideas.

Some people thought they could use steam to push the wheel.

Some people also thought that the steam could be used as a force for smelting metals, etc.!

In short, the discussion was very lively!

As a specialist in physics, Yan personally led this team and invested a lot of money!

After Captain Dong became seriously ill, the Great Desolate Army was starting to get bolder and bolder.

For example, selling firearms!

This was currently the main source of income for the Grand Desolate Army!


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