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Chapter 129: The advent of the steam engine! Upgraded version of vibranium!

It was about making firearms and selling them to various forces!

In addition to the recognized heroes such as Captain Dong, Cao Meng and Xia De, there were still many local forces that were watching in the Xia Kingdom.

It was like the great clans of each place, officials from each city, the generals of each army, etc.

Some of them were ambitious and were watching but without exception, all realized the importance of firearms.

The demand for firearms was also growing more and more intense!

The origin of firearms on Xia De’s side was the most famous but Xia De was tightly guarded against this.

It was forbidden for any of the firearms to flow out.

Yan saw the timing and started using the contacts of the Great Desolate Army and scholars to sell firearms in a big way!

It was not just firearms, as long as you bid high, cannons were also negotiable.

So, under the urgent needs of one force after another, the price of the firearms of the Great Desolate Army was very high.

However, demand still exceeded supply.

A scholar also proposed the concept of “hunger sales”.

Only a little was sold every month that let the Great Desolate Army’s firearms be hard to find!

With adequate funding, Yan also started a plan to expand her staff.

In addition to the recruiting hall, the expansion of the Great Desolate Army was also on the agenda.

1,000 people were temporarily increased!

At the same time, the search for the token owner had also begun.

In today’s Royal Tombs Mountains, there were less than five thousand people who had black tokens.

While a total of 30,000 Great Desolate Army and thousands of scholars accepted the token given by Jiang Fan at the Qi’s time.

In other words, outside right now.

There were at least ten thousand more token owners!

Time passed slowly and various researches were slow, while some were going fast.

Five months after the steam team was established, with the joint efforts of the team, finally the first decent machine was born!

This speed was considered very fast.

After all, there was no prior foundation.

In addition to the wisdom of Yan and a group of scholars, one of the other reasons was, star meteorite iron!

This metal was as amazing as vibranium.

It was taking the place of iron ore.

It became the most critical raw material for all kinds of equipment and items!

It was extremely effective and the success rate was very high!

The first steam machine was made by using a large amount of star meteorite iron.

It quickly succeeded!

This machine was called –

Steam water lifter!

The principle was not too complicated.

When the steam machine was born, not only the research team, but other scholars also came to hear the news!

They wanted to witness it with their own eyes……

Such an epoch-making machine.

“This is the steam water-lifting machine!”

A young scholar glanced at everyone, with a hint of pride in his eyes and explained loudly: “Look, this is an egg-shaped container, firstly it is filled with steam and then closed the steam inlet valve, a vacuum is created by spraying cold water outside the vessel to condense the steam inside the vessel.”

“Open the inlet valve and the water outside is drawn into the container by atmospheric pressure through the inlet pipe.”

“Then close the water inlet valve, reopen the steam inlet valve and rely on steam pressure to press the water out of the vessel through the drain valve.”

“When the water in the container is emptied and filled with steam, close the steam inlet valve and the drain valve and re-spray water to condense the steam.”

“It repeats itself like this……”

“By working with two egg-shaped containers alternately, you can continuously drain the water!”

The onlookers nodded slightly as if they understood, unconsciously!

Jiang Fan also naturally saw this scene.

Frankly speaking, this water-lifting machine still had major flaws and shortcomings.

It relied on the suction of the vacuum to draw water, but it could not draw water to a depth of more than ten meters!

It was not too practical!

In addition, it was also very bulky!

But the first steam machine was born.

It was still a great encouragement to the research team!

The improvement of the water lifter was more powerful!

At the same time, it was not just a steam machine, it had also been more or less fruitful for research by other groups.

What Jiang Fan didn’t expect was the mineral map left by Han

The prospecting team sent by Yeon actually found a deposit of vibranium!

The storage capacity of this vibranium deposit was not a small one.

With a rough look, he just knew that it was not less than ten tons!

The prospecting team was very excited and sent someone to stay behind while picking up some vibranium, some rushed back.

Yan, who got the news, was also very excited.

She was able to work out various complex theories but there was no way to generate minerals.

Especially vibranium……

The legendary magical metal!

Immediately it was tested and by the results of this test, even Jiang Fan was a little surprised.

After a century of evolution, the vibranium produced by Blue Star seems to be upgraded.


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