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Chapter 13: Human… Birth! The beginning of civilization!

Cambrian, Jurassic, and Anthropocene.

Each of them was divided into representative creatures.


Low-level primitive animals and plants appeared.

Jurassic period.

Advanced modern plants and animals appeared.

The Human Era.

An intelligent life form appeared.

The current diameter of the planet reached over a hundred kilometers.

Plus the warm and humid climate and a unique environment gave more life and more advanced species a chance to be born.

As the ancestor of humans, the ancient ape appeared!

At the beginning of the Human Era, the first batch of ancient apes—the prairie ape—was born.

After that, he other apes appeared in chronological order.

Ancient apes were born one after another in a direction closer to humanity.

After the Ancient Ape, a humanoid ape appeared.

The biggest difference between Ancient Ape and Humanoid Ape was that Ancient Ape was unable to use tools and the humanoid ape could!

The development of the humanoid ape, according to the order, was divided into four stages: early apeman, late apeman, early homo sapiens, and late homo sapiens.

The ending stage of the late Homo sapiens, modern humans began to form.

In a forest, the first true human was born!

As time passed, more and more humans appeared.

For better survival, they fought against the surrounding beasts.

The humans formed small groups.

and the appearance of intelligent beings like humans brought a lot of life force.

It was also to increase the size of Blue Star once again.

“Sure enough, the life force of intelligent life is completely incomparable to other species.” Jiang Fan watched the planet grow bigger.

He smiled.

The planet had evolved to this point.

It could be considered as true voyage!

One had to know that other people’s Extraordinary planet, an intelligent life had been born from the start and it was Extraordinary.

“Currently, the entire planet… The number of humans is around a few hundred.” Jiang Fan was checking the human situation in every region.

Thanks to the excellent environment of the planet, the newly born humans were not without food.

The main threat was a powerful beast outside!

But by grouping together, the humans made stone tools and other tools.

They began to hunt huge beasts.

They gradually became the ruler of this planet!

As time passed, humans began to walk out of the lush forest.

They chased away the beasts and occupied the fertile plains.

Building a house, gathering plants that could be eaten, taming beasts, and building civilization step by step.

The original text and language also appeared.

The number of humans gradually increased.

Gradually, friction and conflict began to arise between the various small groups.

Someone died in battle.

The winning group absorbed the losing group.

They became stronger.

After a cruel battle, two large groups were formed from dozens of smaller ones.

The two most primitive tribes were born.

One was called “Desolate”.

One was called “Barbarian”.

Both the Desolate Tribe and the Barbarian Tribe had a population of over a hundred people.

No one could swallow the other in one go.

Small friction continued, but there was no major conflict.

After decades of development and in the tenth generation, the barbarian tribe welcomed a powerful leader.

The leader’s names in the two tribes during the next generations were consistent.

They were called “Man” and “Desolate”.

The leader of this generation, Man, was a tall and strong warrior.

The Barbarian Tribe had always advocated force.

They worshipped the powerful beasts in the wild.

The leader kept challenging the warriors in the tribe.

One by one, they increased the cohesion of the Barbarian Tribe to an unprecedented level!

The other fell behind.

The leader began to fight against the Desolate Tribe.

The Desolate Tribe could not resist.

There were more wins than losses for the Barbarian Tribe.

As for the leader of the Desolate tribe, “Desolate”, it was quite different from Man.

He had an average physique.

There was an aura of weakness in his body.

Compared to being brave and fierce, Desolate preferred to study the use of words and tools.

He often thought alone until late at night.

“Interesting guy.” For the first time, Jiang Fan focused on a person.


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