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Chapter 130: Magical Metal! Unbelievable performance!

Vibranium found in the era of Qi was kind of amazing but there was one weakness – it could only be used once.

While encountering huge external energy after absorbing a certain amount of energy, it would automatically burn up!

Turning into a pile of black charcoal, one could say that it was disposable!

Resulting in the battle against Tang Qingqing’s army of magicians.

The magic attack destroyed almost all of the vibranium shields!

The original five hundred pounds of Vibranium storage was almost used up.

There was only a tiny amount of vibranium left.

It was sealed and stored in the royal tomb, until today.

Yan immediately had someone perform the experiment.

The results of the experiments were quite surprising!

Its performance was actually better than what was described in the books.

At first, Yan thought it was not vibranium but another metal.

However, the latter was compared with the sealed vibranium and discovered that it was the same kind of metal!

This was very surprising!

No one knew why.

“Could it be that after Blue Star evolved for over a hundred years, Vibranium followed suit and upgraded”

Jiang Fan couldn’t help but have this guess in his heart!

It was not just the storage capacity that had increased.

In addition, its performance was also upgraded.

As for the current vibranium, it could absorb more energy per gram!

If made into a shield, the power of the energy that could be resisted was also greater!

The discovery of the new vibranium made all scholars very happy!

Originally, for this magical metal that was only recorded in books, people had a yearning for it!

That was while following the gods and in the battle against alien races, it was a god-given metal.

However, because the sealed vibranium was too little, Yan herself resisted the urge to experiment!

The time had come.

A new type of research team was quickly assembled, dedicated to the study of vibranium!

Soon, a young scholar came up with a bold idea.

Since both vibranium and star meteorite iron were so amazing, converge both of them together.

What would happen when it was made into alloy

Once this idea was proposed, all of the scholars lit up!

The thick fire of curiosity rose up!

Yan was also very interested.

Do what you say.

The research team brought in equipment and raw materials.

The journey of combined refining of vibranium and star meteorite iron started.

This project was not possible for it to produce results in a short period of time.

This time, another temporarily overlooked research group, Firearms Research Group produced a new test result.

A more advanced gun than a shotgun was produced!

The original shotgun was better than the flintlock gun but there were still the consistent weaknesses of traditional guns –

Ammo was a pain in the ass to load!

In addition, every time you finish, one has to reload the ammo.

It was tedious and troublesome!

The new gun completely changed this situation at that time.

It changed the structure of the original gun.

The location of the ammunition was changed from the front to the back!

This gun that loaded ammunition from the rear of the body barrel consisted of a body barrel, a gun mechanism, a firing mechanism and a stock.

It fired paper-cased bullets.

When in use, the shooter uses the bolt to push the bullet into the chamber from behind.

After pulling the trigger, the long rod-shaped firing pin on the bolt pierces the paper cartridge case, hitting the primer and igniting the propellant.

Followed by……

Shooting the projectile out.

When the gun was fired, the firing pin pierced the bottom of the paper cartridge to hit the primer.

Some scholars called it a pinpoint firing gun.

At the same time, as the bullets of this rear-loading gun needed to be loaded into the barrel one by one, most people called it a “rear-loading single shotgun”.

Both parties had the right to this naming.

There was a lot of bickering.

In the end, with a pat on the back from Yan, this new gun was named –


The birth of the rifle was a major change in the history of firearms development!

It completely changed the original tactics of queuing shooting!

It was known to future generations as the beginning of modern firearms!

At least, there was a basic prototype.

The initial rifle was still not quite perfect.

Loading bullets still seemed to be more troublesome.

After the research group was greatly performed by Yan.

More power work on improving the rifle began again.

This time, there was some disagreement in the group.

Some people thought that the structure of the rifle was now largely approaching maturity.

There was no need to continue improving.

The direction should be put on the bullet.

Some people remained the same!

Still continuing to improve the structure.

The two sides did not get along well and were divided into two groups.


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