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Chapter 131: Magical Metal! Unbelievable performance!

Each of them led the research in their own direction.

Yan saw this but also did not step in to coordinate as long as there were no irreconcilable conflicts.

She just let these scholars play.

She expected that maybe there would be unexpected gains!

Time passed quickly.

The alloy construction plan of vibranium and star meteorite was unexpectedly difficult!

Even if it was a large investment of human and material resources, it was not possible to see results in the short term!

In one year, almost nothing was achieved.

This also made many scholars feel a little frustrated.

Many people dropped out of the group but there were many who still stayed!

Yan had grown another year.

Yan was initially grown up as she celebrated her fifteenth birthday.

The growth and development of humans on the Blue Star were a little faster than in the previous life on Earth!

According to the law, sixteen was the age of adulthood.

During this year, a lot happened in the Xia Kingdom as well as in the capital.

Captain Dong fell ill and his physical condition was getting worse day by day.

One by one, the people under the hand began to plot another way out.

Among the descendants of the royal family, Prince Xiu was starting to emerge!

At several poetry meetings and banquets, he did it all perfectly.

It left many people in awe.

In addition, Captain Dong was seriously ill.

Some ministers and wealthy families turned to Prince Xiu.

Inside the Imperial Palace, everyone’s smiles seemed to be back!

Every day, scholars went missing from the prison of the Ministry of Punishment.

It was still sneaky.

Along with Captain Dong’s illness, the Ministry of Punishment’s officials also did not bother to cover up.

Each scholar was explicitly priced!

Whoever gives more money, could claim it!

In addition, it was also very business-like.

An auction was held once a month for this.

The people involved in the competition were – Cao Meng, Xia De, Sun Quan and other parties recognized as lords.

There were also Zhu Chongba and Li Er, who were not well-known powerhouses.

Emperor Xiu also mixed in.

The Great Desolate Army naturally could not miss it.

But in the prison, there were thousands of other scholars, so no one could take all of them.

Yan drew up a list of names.

Following the list of the auction list, not every scholar was a genius, or valuable!

For now, Yan only needed scholars who were helpful for the current research!

With the money from the sale of firearms, Yan also bought a lot of scholars that she wanted.

Some were taken by others.

If it was someone very talented, she let Chang Yu Chun lead the Great Desolate Army to take action to directly rob them halfway!

Overall, in that year, in the Xia Kingdom, there were undercurrents but the surface was still relatively calm.

As the New Year passed, a big war suddenly broke out.

The two sides of this war were the two largest forces in the southeastern lakes.

Chen Youliang’s side as well as Zhu Chongba’s side were the largest forces.

Chen Youliang was the force with the most troops in the southeast region!

Many people also thought that they had the qualifications to compete in the world.

Zhu Chongba was much weaker.

The two sides spread out in the lake and an intense water battle was fought!

After three days and three nights of war, Zhu Chongba severely damaged Chen Youliang’s fleet by relying on more advanced ships, sharper firearms and Liu Tianji’s advice.

They destroyed most of the opponent’s main force.

Chen Youliang fled in a hurry!

After this war, no one could stop Zhu Chongba’s footsteps anymore in the entire southeastern region.

A new hero was rising!


“The captain is seriously ill, all of you, go back first!”

In front of Captain Dong’s mansion, a group of ministers came to visit.

They were all stopped by the cold-faced Lu Xianfeng in front of the mansion.

The original Dong Mansion was very cold, so no one came here.

However, in the last few days, as the news spreaded that Captain Dong’s condition was getting worse, every well-known minister came to visit.


Watching these ministers leave, Lu Xianfeng could not help but grunt coldly.

He was naturally clear about the intention of these people.

It was just to see, was his adoptive father dying yet

“Xianfeng, have you thought this through”

Back in the courtyard, a figure appeared in front of Lu Xianfeng.

This was a middle-aged man who looked very special.

The name was Yuan Gang!

It was Li Tang’s powerful figure in Guanzhong.

In Li Tang here, Li referred to the large clan Li and Tang means, one of the largest sects in Guanzhong, the Tang Sect!

According to the rumors, Tang Sect was founded by a retired scholar in the era of Qi.

It had been in existence for hundreds of years.

That year, it was famous for its mechanism.

Beyond the three colleges, there were very few other places where scholars could be produced.


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