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Chapter 132: Magical Metal! Unbelievable performance!

The Tang Sect was one of them!

“It is said that this Yuan Gang is not only proficient in mechanical studies, but also good at deducing Heavenly Secrets.

He was once a fellow student of Liu Tianji in the southeast”

Lu Xianfeng thought secretly.

On the surface, he said nothing about that, and said, “As a son of man, how can you have any dissent at this time These days, I will do my best to save my adopted father.

Brother Gang doesn’t need to say more.”

“If that’s the case, then I won’t bother.”

Yuan Gang excused himself and left.

Shortly after leaving the Dong House, he came to a tea house not far away.

On the second floor of the tea house, there was a gallant young man and a fairy-like woman sitting.

It was Li Er and Shi Xuan.

“How was it”

Li Er asked.

Yuan Gang shook his head and said, “This Lu Xianfeng is of mediocre intelligence, but too ambitious.”

“He turned me down!”

Hearing this, Li Er fell silent and Shi Xuan said: “It seems that Lu Xianfeng has the heart to replace Captain Dong.”

“The condition of Captain Dong is not optimistic at the moment, so it’s not easy to convince Lu Xianfeng.

Can we attack his men”

Li Er asked at this time.

A smile appeared on the corner of Yuan Gang’s mouth, and he said, “It is estimated that within two months, Captain Dong will surely return to heaven and this man, Lu Xianfeng is brave and reckless, there are many soldiers under his command who are loyal to him, so for now, we can only wait!”


Li Er was a little confused.

“Wait for Lu Xianfeng to make a mistake himself.”

Yuan Gang answered and said, “Lu Xianfeng does not have the prestige of Captain Dong.

He is only from the bottom and there must be a lot of people who don’t obey him.

With the nature of Lu Xianfeng, when the time comes, there is bound to be a clash with these people! Let’s just wait and see what happens.”

“That’s what you say.”

A look of concern flashed across Li Er’s eyes as he said, “But there should be quite a few people who think like us and that Emperor Xiu is probably thinking the same way.”

Hearing the words “Emperor Xiu”.

The expressions of the three of them became gloomy.

The other side was rising a little too fast during this year.

In addition, there was a natural advantage.

That was his status as a prince!

It could be said to be justifiable.

Let the many ministers and big clans who were swaying gradually tend to be on the side of Prince Xiu!

In comparison, Li Er had no advantage.

“Prince Xiu is not bad, but……”

Yuan Gang smiled and said, “He is famous and he has no power! In today’s world Cao Meng, and Xia De, out of these people, which one doesn’t have tens of thousands of troops! They would compete for the world in the end.”

“It depends on absolute strength!”


In the Royal Tombs Mountains, the 1,000 newly recruited soldiers of the Great Desolate Army were being led by Chang Yu Chun.

They were conducting crazy training.

It was stormy outside but even scholars who were concentrating on their research work could feel it!

Under this invisible pressure, everyone was more energetic.

Rifle and bullet improvements were done.

After a period of five months, another major breakthrough had been made.

Metal bullets were invented!

This was to take advantage of the material properties of star meteorite iron.

The ammunition could be loaded inside the metal.

Most of the previous problems were solved by this.

Almost at the same time, the combined refining project of vibranium and star meteorite iron was also a breakthrough.

A scholar accidentally added a little extra amount.

Subsequently, he was surprised to find out that vibranium and star meteorite iron were actually well combined together!

A whole new alloy was born!

After a short period of excitement, everyone started to experiment non-stop.

Yan put down her work and came to watch it in person.

Jiang Fan was also watching silently.

This alloy inherited most of the performance of vibranium.

At the test site, firstly, rifles were fired in unison.

The target of the alignment was none other than the new alloy 100 meters away!

After a few sounds, people saw that only tiny traces of bullet holes were left behind on the surface of the alloy.

When it was hit by the bullet, the color on that spot of alloy slightly darkened!

This got the crowd excited!

The latter experiments continued.

In the end, everyone found out that the most important feature of this new alloy was that it was hard!

Very hard!

Vibranium could still be cut with a knife in successive slashes but this alloy could not be affected by the knife.

Even the newly developed metal bullets only left a trail of traces only on the surface of it.

It wasn’t even obvious!

Seeing this, Jiang Fan’s mind couldn’t help but float up.

An alloy seen in science fiction works in his previous life was also known for its hardness and strength – Edman Alloy!!


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