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Chapter 133: Amazing Alloy! A new weapon of mass destruction!

This new alloy was created using vibranium and star meteorite iron.

The more Jiang Fan looked at it, the more it looked like the sci-fi works that he had seen in his previous life.

It was like a very special kind of metal – Edman alloy.

To be precise, Edman alloy was made by a scientist by accident.

It was made of foreign metals, iron, and vibranium.

It was mixed into carbon alloy with the composition of extraterrestrial meteorites and formed an indestructible, very hard metal.

According to the plot, once this Edman ore has been melted and cooled, it still wouldn’t show the slightest sign of melting, even in the heat of 50,000 degrees!

It was a man-made “indestructible” alloy, not a natural one.

Its chemical structure was top secret.

It was not an element because it had properties that none of the elements in the periodic table had.

It was very difficult to make.

The cost was also very high!

Wolverine’s bones and weapon materials were made of this Edman alloy!

Of course, the performance was very similar.

The nature of this new alloy was not as exaggerated as the Edman alloy because ordinary bullets left some traces!

To be precise, it should be the weakened version of Edman alloy!

Jiang Fan pondered for a moment.

On the test site, the testing of this new alloy was still going on!

It was not just about shooting with bullets, to test its defensive power, there were also bows and arrows, swords, axes and other powerful cold weapons.

Later, more powerful soldiers brought large hammers and smashed it hard!

Naturally, these tests were not much different.

After testing in more than a dozen ways, someone suggested another way.

For example: Fire attack, cold water, sulfuric acid corrosion, etc.

The result remained unchanged.

Even the flames and the strongest corrosive acids didn’t affect it!

After getting to this point the scholars on the research team could finally determine that this alloy is extremely hard!

It was much stronger as compared to vibranium.

There was just one thing that left many scholars feeling imperfect.

That was, the new alloy was missing the sound-absorbing property of vibranium.

That was to say, it could no longer be used as an arrow or other weapon.

As a shield, it was probably the best option.

This made a lot of people feel sorry!

No matter how good the defense was, it seemed to be almost meaningless.

“Why don’t we change the amount of vibranium and star meteorite iron, maybe it will produce an offensive alloy”

A young scholar came up with an idea.

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes lit up.

They couldn’t help but glance at the young scholar.

Kid, what a thoughtful idea.

Immediately, a few people rushed into the laboratory and researched.

This research didn’t last long because of the first successful alloy.

Half a month later, there was good news from the laboratory.

The research on offensive alloy was successful!

It attracted even more people.

Most people prefer to attack.

Who wants to be beaten passively

Although it was already the middle of the night when the results came out, everyone was in high spirits.

Even Yan also crawled out from the blanket and watched this experiment with great interest.

The first experiment was the suggestion of the young scholar from before – attacking the first alloy with the second alloy!

To see how the sharpest spear could break through the hardest shield

Chang Yu Chun personally came to test it.

The second alloy was made into arrows and bullets respectively!

First, he used sound-absorbing arrows.

He took this new type of arrow and shot at a shield made of the first alloy.

Chang Yu Chun’s arrows were still very accurate and hit right in the center of the shield.

Everyone stretched their necks to look.

The result was surprising, but not so surprising.

This arrow was caught up in the shield but it only penetrated a little!

Chang Yu Chun continued the experiment with bullets.

With a boom, the alloy bullet from the rifle hit the shield without any deviation!

This time, it was more powerful than the arrow.

The part that penetrated was deeper!

The result was quite obvious –

An offensive alloy made of vibranium and star meteorite iron was effective against defensive alloys but the effect was not that obvious!

“If the era of Qi had star meteorite iron, the competition would have been easier in the first place.”

Seeing this, Jiang Fan couldn’t help but think.

In the Grand Competition, only two matches were more intense.

One was against Tang Qingqing and the other match was against Bu Jing Yue.

The casualties were not low in these matches!

At that time, there was absolutely nothing they could do with two-spirit tree people.

They could only rely on a large amount of black powder to set a trap.


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