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Chapter 134: Amazing Alloy! A new weapon of mass destruction!

In the end, the spirit tree people of Xiu Ling were blasted to the sky!

If the two alloys were present at the time, then, as long as the amount was sufficient.

It was completely capable of exhausting the five hundred Xiu Ling and two-spirit tree people!

With the astonishing defensive power of the defensive alloy alone, the other side could hardly do anything to them!


Next, other experiments were to be done as well.

It was not as Jiang Fan expected.

Offensive alloy inherited the advantages of vibranium.

It was able to absorb sound and energy and was used to make metal bullets.

It could make the power of the bullet rise dramatically!

The first thing that came to Jiang Fan’s mind was that it was a great tool for dealing with transcendents!

As the experiment was over, a big problem came.

What should be the name of this new alloy

A group of scholars began to quarrel fiercely again!

In the end, it was still Yan who made the decision.

The offensive alloy was named – star vibration alloy type one!

The defensive alloy was named – star vibration alloy type two!

It was not that good but in the end, it was barely satisfactory.

Yan immediately ordered the relevant information and equipment to be sealed up!

This confused many people but Chang Yu Chun and others understood.

This alloy would be taken out against other armies.

It was like killing a chicken with a knife.

Now in the entire Xia kingdom, only the side of the Great Desolate Army was equipped with metal bullets.

Most of the other regions couldn’t even research the shotgun, not to mention the amount of vibranium today was not that much.

That vibranium mine had become top secret.

Only a few people, such as Yan, knew about it.


Time was like water, the situation of the world was tending to be stable but with the illness and death of Captain Dong, it rippled up again!

In the capital, there was no leader!

Almost every day, each force was moving with each other.

Prince Xiu and Li Er appeared more and more frequently on various occasions!

Even Cao Meng, Xia De and others who were far away also sent people over.

Shortly after the funeral of Captain Dong, internal divisions began.

Lu Xianfeng had a firm grasp on the unit with the largest number of troops!

No one else could obey this man of commoner origin.

The team had been led away or joined another force or formed an alliance or became independent.

In short, Captain Dong, the most powerful force in the past, was already disintegrating!

In the entire central region of the Xia Kingdom, a weird situation with no leader appeared.

The one who benefited most from this situation was the royal family of the Xia Kingdom.

The palace was filled with the long-lost laughter once again.

It was also Yan’s coming-of-age ceremony.

The three-year period of guarding the tomb was up.

Yan also had to come back from a trip.

“My daughter has really grown up.”

Inside the palace, Yan’s mother looked at her own daughter, who had emerged as a clear and beautiful woman.

With a smile on her face, Yan didn’t say anything.

She was eating in silence.

Three years of life in the Royal Tombs Mountains made Yan feel that there was no common thing to talk about.

Her feelings were getting thinner and thinner, especially when she came into contact with Jiang Fan.

He let Yan open up to a whole new world!

“Fortunately, I didn’t immediately agree to Dong’s marriage, or else……”

Yan’s mother rambled on.

Again, this was the thing that she was most concerned about as a mother.


The palace maid next to her continued, “With Her Highness’ current appearance, the one who died, how could he be worthy”

“I wonder which kid will be cheap in the future”

Yan didn’t answer the question and kept eating.

The palace maid and her mother looked at each other.

The mother smiled, looked at Yan and said, “Yan, there is a poetry party in the evening, and many young heroes will come.

I heard that the second son of Li Tang from Guanzhong will also come.

You can go and take a look.”

“I just got back and I want to rest for a few days first.”

Yan coldly declined.

She naturally knew exactly what her mother meant.

She also figured out how to deal with it.

In the next few days, guests kept coming.

Most of them were concubines from other palaces.

At the same time, they also brought princes and princesses.

The attitude of these people towards Yan was quite polite!

Not as distant as it was a few years ago.

They also warmly invited Yan to some poetry meetings and parties!

To everyone’s great surprise, Yan refused all of them.

Her attitude was still very tough!

No one could persuade her!


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