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Chapter 135: Amazing Alloy! A new weapon of mass destruction!

As a few more days passed, Yan received a message.

After leaving the Royal Tombs Mountains, Chang Yu Chun directly dispatched a large troop of 500 people to secretly protect and watch Yan.

There were only 20 to 30 guards on the surface.

Yet there were several hundred of them.

At the same time, they also planned to build a base in the capital!

Amongst some guards and eunuchs in the palace, descendants of the Black Tokens were discovered.

Naturally, they were also pulled in.

On this day, Yan received the news in advance.

A cabinet minister with a highly respected old eunuch prepared to come and discuss the marriage.

“This minister is the current real power faction, with deep connections and background and is the target of many forces.”

At Yan’s side, a female guard reported.

That’s right, for Yan, Chang Yu Chun specially recruited a group of female guards to come in.

In this world, the defense of the opposite sex was not so strict.

“His son is also very good.

Rumors say that the most favored one by the mother-in-law is the second son of Li Tang in Guanzhong, but if you have a good discussion with this minister, it may not be impossible……”

The lady guard didn’t say anything further.

In the upper class, children couldn’t make their own decisions about marriage, especially the children of the royal family.

It was still a parental order!

Once the two sides agreed, the marriage was set up and handed over the marriage certificate to each other!


Yan looked at the sky and let out a long breath.

This time she didn’t return only to visit her mother.

Most importantly, she returned to solve such things because in the Royal family, the marriage of every prince and princess was decided very early.

Yan went to guard the tomb for three years and her current age was considered late!

“Be as gentle as possible.”

Yan instructed.


The female guard accepted the order and left.

Soon after that, the people in the palace received a shocking message –

Cabinet ministers were on their way to the palace.

There was an attack!

The person was fine but the shock was not small.

The marriage was also naturally impossible to talk about.

“Mother, I would rather stay with you for the rest of my life than marry someone who is not capable of anything.”

Yan said this to her mother.

“Fine, fine, as you wish.”

Her mother still smiled and said, “My daughter is so good-looking, naturally she cannot marry someone who is not capable.”

Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

Jiang Fan, who was secretly watching, also smiled.

Being forced to marry by parents could be said to be an irreconcilable natural contradiction.

From ancient times to the present, there was no solution, either marry or don’t marry.

There was no third option.

Yan could only resort to this temporary delay not to disappoint her mother!

Hundreds of guards were mixed around.

Whenever they found someone to propose marriage, they would use all kinds of means to make the other side know what to do!

So it was New Year’s Eve.

The three families who came to discuss the marriage had various accidents between times and no one dared to try again.

There were even rumors that Yan spent three years guarding the mausoleum in the Royal Tomb Mountains.

There was an ominous breath on her!

This rumor made Yan slightly relieved.

“The maximum delay is two years, in two years this matter must be completely resolved.”

Yan thought somewhat helplessly.

Shortly after the year, Yan quickly returned to the Royal Tombs Mountains and continued to join the work of the research group!

For the scholars, there was not much of a New Year atmosphere.

Everything was still the same as usual, except the food was more plentiful than usual.

Most of them were immersed in the research lab.

The efforts of the crowd also brought a New Year gift to Yan –

The Firearms Research Laboratory produced an unbelievable product!

It was not a progression of guns or bullets, instead, it was a gun with more power!

With Star Meteorite Iron, this world’s development of firearms was even better!

Right now, with constant experimentation, a breakthrough was finally made.

It was not just Yan and Chang Yu Chun, Jiang Fan was also quite looking forward to it.

“If there was such a thing in the last big competition, then not to mention the five hundred Xiuling people, even if there are twice as many, they would be smashed directly!” Jiang Fan thought to himself.

The powerful guns were the ultimate weapons on the battlefield!

Rifles, at this time.

At this time the power of a single rifle was not even as powerful as a bow and arrow made of star meteorite iron!

“I wonder what kind of gun the research team has developed”

A hint of expectation flashed in Jiang Fan’s eyes.


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