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Chapter 136: Changes in the capital! The first battle of the New Great Desolate Army!

Artillery and cannons were actually the same things.

A cannon was an Artillery with a large caliber.

The history of Artillery was earlier than the guns!

In the era of Qi, after the birth of black powder, some scholars thought about it.

They threw the gunpowder in a manner similar to a bow and arrow and struck the enemy from a distance.

Afterward, in the era of Han, many scholars had started to develop this project and the first real artillery was also produced at this time – named flint cannon.

Many scholars also called it a thunderbolt but the power and quality of this artillery were too poor.

Subsequent improvements were ongoing at that time.

By the end of the era of Han, the research on artillery reached a peak.

At that time, Han couldn’t stop thinking about the planetary conquest!

Although he knew that there was little hope, he was still trying to do all kinds of preparations.

He wanted to be like his father Qi.

Following Jiang Fan in his twilight years, fighting for God, and creating the final glory, a lot of money was invested in artillery research!

Unfortunately, the biggest problem in developing artillery was fast ignition, uniform quality and power!

In addition, designing the right gun was no easy task.

If it was not designed properly, it could not be fired.

In addition, the level of danger faced by the person firing the artillery was not far from that of shelling the target.

While firing a cannon, there would be a number of people, could be killed because of the explosion of the artillery.

After the era of the Han, the research on artillery gradually decreased.

Back then, even the three colleges were trapped by the manufacturing technology of that time.

It could only focus on the development of guns.

After that, there were two of the most important changes in artillery.

The first was the emergence of smelting technology!

The original cannon was made of bronze.

It was bulky and had a short life span and with the emergence of steel, cannons became thinner and harder.

It became lighter in weight.

Its mobility was greatly improved!

But these were not enough.

Today, the artillery technology of Cao Meng and Xia De Fang was the most advanced but it was not that useful on the battlefield.

Generally, it was used to bombard city walls during sieges and fire large numbers of enemy troops on the battlefield.

Bulky artillery was difficult to move to a new location to fire during the battle.

The effect was very limited.

Secondly, the latest results from the Firearms Research Group helped withdraw the machine!

Initially, there was a rigid connection between the gun body and the gun mount.

It became an assisted withdrawal machine.

The recoil of the artillery was consumed by the withdrawal machine.

This improved the stability and accuracy of the artillery, reducing the damage to the person who was firing!

Artillery had also become lighter!

“With this thing, the tall walls don’t seem necessary.”

After seeing the experiment with the new artillery, Chang Yu Chun couldn’t help but sigh!

Since Yan came to the Royal Tomb Mountains, in just a few years, there was a tremendous change.

He had been a part of the army for decades but he couldn’t accept it!


The experiment of the artillery.

Inside the capital city, the situation had changed dramatically once again!

Yuan Shao from the north led ten thousand troops Into the capital and some big clans and ministers in the capital were cooperating with each other!

They controlled most of the capital!

Between times, the northern clans all responded!

The world was in shock!

No one expected that in the battle for the capital, the final beneficiary was actually the Yuan family that had been keeping a low profile!

“The Yuan family is one of the oldest and most deeply rooted of the many great clans of the Xia Kingdom and is rumored to have existed in the tribal era before the wilderness.”

“Back then, it was a member of the barbarian tribe.”

Inside the palace, Prince Xiu was talking to a somewhat showy-looking eunuch.

Although he was a eunuch, Emperor Xiu was polite and courteous because this eunuch was not someone else but the leader of the many current eunuchs in the palace –

Cao Huatian!

He was the personal eunuch of the previous emperor Tao.

This – generation.

He was also Emperor Puppet Fu’s personal eunuch!

The most important thing was that the Emperor’s three thousand personal guards were in the hands of this person!

Although the personal guards were not much, each of them was an elite and was equipped with the best equipment!

They were unquestionably loyal to the royal family.

He did not dare to go too far with the royal family when Captain Dong was in charge of the court.

Inside and outside the palace, numerous forces were all very interested in this personal guard team!

After the death of Captain Dong, the capital was divided into several forces.


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