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Chapter 137: Changes in the capital! The first battle of the New Great Desolate Army!

These forces competed with each other explicitly and implicitly to dominate this Great Desolate City!

Results for that were expected.

It was exposed to the outsiders!

“The Yuan family is located in the north and has not been very involved in the affairs of the Central Plains but in the North, the Yuan family can be called a country of its own.

I’m afraid they’ve been snooping around the capital for years secretly but this time, the crowd responded!”

Prince Xiu said this.

He couldn’t help but sigh.

“It’s said that the Yuan family has two outstanding people.

The one who came to the capital is Yuan Shao and the one who stayed behind is Yuan Shu.”

“It’s amazing what you can do.”

Cao Huatian smiled faintly.

“Yuan Shao has 10,000 troops with him at this time and with the forces that have defected to him in the capital, it is estimated that there are at least 20,000 troops.

Besides, the Yuan family in the north can still send a steady stream of reinforcements.

Even Lu Xianfeng was temporarily avoiding the frontline.”

“This capital…… this entire Central Plains is going to fall into the hands of the Yuan family.”

Prince Xiu looked into the distance and his tone became depressed!

“Your Highness does not have to be so discouraged.”

Cao Huatian smiled and said, “How is Yuan Shao better than the previous Captain Dong”

Emperor Xiu faintly froze.

Instantly, he knew what Cao Huatian meant.

Yuan Shao was powerful but compared to the prime of Captain Dong, he was not even close!

Captain Dong was still unable to subdue the entire capital completely, how would Yuan Shao……

Thinking about this, Prince Xiu gently patted Cao Huatian’s shoulder and said with a friendly smile, “Eunuch Cao is still considerate.

If you and I work together, we might be able to expel these wild-minded people and return our Xia Kingdom to a great land!”

Prince Xiu’s gaze was fixed on Cao Huatian.

Cao Huatian’s expression did not change much.

With a slight smile, he said, “My duty is to serve His Majesty.”

After that, he just said goodbye and left!

Looking at Cao Huatian’s distant back, Prince Xiu could not help but frown slightly.

This misogynistic guy!

What the hell was he thinking

He didn’t see him showing royalty.

Was he the true Son of Heaven

“Hmph, even you, Prince Xiu, dare to think that you are the Son of Heaven”

Turning around a corner, a hint of disdain appeared on Cao Huatian’s face.

He quickly walked back to his residence and hurriedly wrote a letter.

“What Second Young Master Li with a hidden dragon’s destiny and the imposing Cao Meng and Xia De…… These people are bull**!”

Cao Huatian wrote the letter while secretly thinking, “The real master has long been determined, you people…… can only be jumping clowns after all!”

After he finished writing the letter, he handed it to a guard.

This guard, at top speed, rushed to the Royal Tombs Mountains and handed it over to Yan.

That’s right.

This Cao Huatian was also the heir of the black token!

He was also a faithful believer in the rumors of the god!

After seeing Yan’s white token, he fell to his knees, worshiped without hesitation and became the most loyal insider.

“Yuan Shao actually released all the scholars within the Heavenly Prison and took them for his own use And plan to reopen the three major colleges”

Seeing the contents of this letter, Yan could not help but stand up.

Her face was a little gloomy!

“This Yuan Shao actually has such talent”

Chang Yu Chun, who was already very trusted by Yan, was also shocked!

“There is a high person behind him.”

Yan handed the letter to Chang Yu Chun.

Chang Yu Chun quickly took a few glances and he was shocked: “Wang Meng!”

“Wang Meng is the most famous wise man in the north, it is said that he can compete with the Zhuge Ming of the southwest!”

“Such a person……”

“Yuan Shao actually took him in”

“It seems that this Yuan family is not to be underestimated!”

“Your Highness……”

Chang Yu Chun hesitantly looked at Yan.

This matter was not really easy to deal with.

“No need to rush first, reopening the three major colleges is not something that can be done in a short time.”

Yan’s face was calm as she said, “Let’s deal with the current urgent matter!”

Hearing this, a sharp light flashed in the eyes of Chang Yu Chun.

Of course, he knew what was the top priority of the Great Desolate Army!


On the south of the Royal Tombs Mountains, there was a modest county town.

This was the place where people of the Royal Tomb Mountains must pass if they want to go south.

Originally, it was just a small village.

Later on,  as the star meteorite, iron ore was found nearby.

Since then…… it had developed.

It was now the size of a county.

On this day, in this small, modest county, the only teahouse that could be described as elegant.


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