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Chapter 138: Changes in the capital! The first battle of the New Great Desolate Army!

It had two floors.

There were several figures in fancy clothes sitting there.

Everyone here was very familiar with the three of them.

It was the magistrate of this county and the patriarchs of the two largest local clans and someone from the Yuan family was sitting across from them.

Their purpose was also very shady and obvious.

For this star meteorite iron mine, closest to the capital.

The Yuan family seemed to be in a position to win.

After the Yuan family came to settle down.

The three gathered at the county magistrate’s house and secret discussions took place.

“What should we do now”

“What else can I do Just like before, delay it.

The situation is so complicated now that the land of the capital may one day change its owner again.”

“But the Yuan family is very powerful, I’m afraid it’s not easy to delay……”

“What are you afraid of Wasn’t the former Captain Dong more powerful and still didn’t dare to lay a hand on us”

“Hmph, we have a thousand firearms or the most advanced firearms.

No matter how upset the Yuan family is, how dare they touch a single hair of ours”

“At this time, don’t look at the Yuan family’s strength, but they won’t take it lightly.”

“Humph, we are sitting on the Star Meteorite Iron Mine, as long as we have enough time, maybe in the future…… we can still interfere with the situation in the capital, how can we surrender to others”

After some discussion, the three of them were relieved.

Star Meteorite’s income in recent years was also used by these three to form a firearms unit of a thousand men to have the confidence to reject others!

What they didn’t know was their conversation.

But it was all overheard by an underlying outside, and it reached Chang Yu Chun who was nearby!

This subordinate was not the heir of the black token but a former soldier of the mausoleum.

As he couldn’t stand the life of the guards of the royal tombs, he ran here to make a living.

“Just as I expected, these old guys are quite bold.”

Chang Yu Chun sneered.

Followed by, he turned around to look behind……

One thousand soldiers of the Great Desolate Army!

Since the era of Qi, this was the first operation of the Great Desolate Army!

The target was exactly that Star Meteorite Iron Mine!

There was no doubt about the importance of star meteorite iron.

Currently, the most important expense of the Great Desolate Army was the purchase of the star meteorite iron!

Many forces were naturally not stupid.

The importance of star meteorite iron was realized very early.

As the situation in the world became more and more complicated, the selling price of star meteorite iron was getting higher and higher and the consumption of star meteorite iron by the Great Desolate Army was very large.

It was not possible to keep buying.

This nearest star meteorite iron mine was the immediate need of the Great Desolate Army!

Chang Yu Chun personally led the team to come here.

“It’s been over a hundred years.”

Chang Yu Chun was filled with emotion when he saw the tall and straight stature of the Great Desolate Army.

“In those days, the Great Desolate Army was the top army in Xia!”

“An existence that followed the gods to kill the alien races and now, we finally have a chance to regain our glory!”

A sharp light flashed in the eyes of Chang Yu Chun.

Over the years, since seeing Yan open the gate of the royal tomb, Chang Yu Chun was working hard to train the Great Desolate Army!

Today, the Great Desolate Army was totally different as compared to the army when Yan arrived there!

In this operation, a research group also followed for the field observation that how practical were the various firearms on the battlefield!


That night was the deepest night that had passed.

It was just dawn.

A soldier standing guard at the Star Meteor Iron Mine suddenly noticed that something seemed to be shaking slightly not far away.

He picked up the binoculars and took a careful look.

With a big surprise, he immediately sounded the alarm!

“Hey, it’s been discovered, so we’ll have to attack by force.”

Seeing this scene, Chang Yu Chun spread out his hands somewhat helplessly.

This star meteorite iron mine was too important.

Therefore, he didn’t know how many sentries had been set up in the open and in the dark.

It took a long time to travel within 500 meters and they were still discovered.

Hearing the piercing siren, the soldiers inside, immediately climbed out of the tent.

Each with a firearm in hand!

Within the county, the three magistrates were also shocked!

They got dressed quickly and came with the people and horses at the fastest speed!

“Good for you.”

Looking at these guards soldiers with a fairly neat formation, the corners of Chang Yu Chun’s mouth cracked into a smile and said, “Then let’s fight head-on and let the world know that the Great Desolate Army is not just the mausoleum guards who eat and wait for their death!”


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