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Chapter 139: Secret Language! The first technological frenzy!

The Star Meteorite Iron Mine was not on high ground.

There was nothing treacherous about it.

One could say that it was a flat horse!

“These are… ….

What kind of people The soldiers of the Yuan family”

“It doesn’t seem to be, look at their strength, it’s only about a thousand.”

“Only a thousand people How dare they come to attack our mine”

The three-county magistrates who rushed over were generally observing the Great Desolate Army while they were wiping their sweat!

After seeing that there were only a thousand people in the Great Desolate Army, there was a sigh of relief.

There were also only a thousand people on the team behind them but each one of them was an elite.

They were equipped with all the latest firearms and equipment!

Especially they had shotguns in their hands!

It cost a lot of money to buy it.

Even the Yuan family was a little out of sight!

It was just that, what they didn’t know was, that the shotgun was a product of the Great Desolate Army that was eliminated for several generations!

The current Grand Desolate Army was using the latest type of rifle

The biggest difference between firing a shotgun could be described as the application of tactics.

For the one thousand soldiers in the mines, the “queuing strategy” was adopted.

However, the tactics of the Great Desolate Army could be more flexible and free!

“Ready, fire!”

Yu Chun gave an order.

Two hundred meters away from the soldiers in the mine, the Great Desolate Army shot directly!





Numerous bullets were fired.

The three magistrates were shocked!

They were so far away from each other.

Why did the other side shoot

In the next moment, something even more shocking happened to them.

Soldiers at the mine actually kept getting hit by bullets and fell down!

The firing range of the shotgun was only 100 meters while the new rifle’s range was two hundred meters!

This was an almost crushing advantage!

In addition, the new rifles were more accurate!

As the Great Desolate Army advanced, they were 100 meters away.

More than 100 soldiers had fallen in the mines and they couldn’t even touch each other’s shadows.

A one-sided slaughter!

These mine soldiers were just an irregular army that had never been in battle and had never been honed.

Their morale immediately collapsed.

Many people fled backward in fear.

The Great Desolate Army quickened its pace and approached within 100 meters.

The accuracy of the rifle was much better.

After one shot down, another hundred or so people fell.

So far, the mine soldiers collapsed right away!

They were crying for their father and mother and were running away in a panic!

“Ignore these people and capture the magistrate and the other great clan patriarchs first.”

Chang Yu Chun faintly commanded.

There was no expression on his face.

This one-sided battle was all within his expectations.

With the Great Desolate Army’s military literacy and advanced firearms, if he couldn’t beat his opponent easily, that would be a dereliction of his duty!

Soon, the three magistrates who came from the small county town were brought before Chang Yu Chun.

They were frustrated and confused.

Again, it was a thousand people.

Why would their soldiers collapse so soon

Completely defenseless!

Chang Yu Chun coldly glanced at the three of them.

He didn’t say anything.

What came next was simple.

Letting these three people come forward.

The mine was quickly taken over.

Next, they went to the nearby small county town.

The small county town was also taken over!

Yuan Shao’s second son who had just gotten up from bed was directly arrested by the Great Desolate Army and later rushed back to the capital.

“What did you say The mine is occupied by the Great Desolate Army”

In Yuan Mansion, Yuan Shao, who heard the news, stood up abruptly.

He looked at his son in disbelief.

Wang Meng next to him was also shocked!

“It’s true, that army calls itself the Great Desolate Army.”

Yuan Shao’s second son said with a sad face.

“The Great Desolate Army”

Yuan Shao was still in disbelief, shook his head and said, “Weren’t they guarding the mausoleum in the Royal Tombs Mountains A bunch of old, weak, sick and disabled people can defeat the thousand elite soldiers in the mine”

In Yuan Shao’s eyes, a thousand soldiers guarding the mine made him quite apprehensive.

If he wanted to defeat them, he couldn’t do it without paying a price.

Therefore, he could only send someone to negotiate first!

“It should be the Great Desolate Army.”

Wang Meng spoke: “The Royal Tombs Mountains are very close to the mine, those who can hide from us and raid the mine silently are most likely the Great Desolate Army.”

“Is this Great Desolate Army so powerful that it can actually defeat a thousand soldiers guarding the mine”

Yuan Shao was still puzzled.

“You can send someone to investigate first, this matter is far beyond my expectations.”

Wang Meng let out a long sigh.

The army came from the north and then entered the capital.

The journey was smooth.

The three major colleges were about to be reopened.

The scholars from all over the world were gathering!

No one expected that something like this would happen!

The results of the investigation also came out soon.

When it was learned that it was indeed the Great Desolate Army that did the deed.


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