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Chapter 14: Jiang Fan’s Intervention! The enlightenment of Desolate Heaven King!

Jiang Fan wanted to develop a technological civilization.

The most important thing was naturally talent.

Technological talent.

Talents that could help with scientific research.

He looked like the leader of the Barbarians.

Although his physique was strong and he was very attractive, for Jiang Fan, he was useless.

Chief Desolate, Jiang Fan saw the corresponding characteristics of this aspect.

The main problem now was that Desolate faced a threat from the Barbarian Tribe!

“System, help me deduce.

If I help leader Desolate, how much will it affect the development of the Blue Star ecosystem” Jiang Fan asked.

Soon, the deduction was completed.

The results of the deduction:

If you are to help Desolate, it would lead to irreversible consequences.

The probability of ecological disorder is 30%.If you helped secretly, the probability would be less than 1%.

These two routes, there was almost no need for Jiang Fan to think about it.

“Looks like I have to help secretly.” Jiang Fan immediately made his decision.

As the creator and controller of the planet, Jiang Fan’s secret help was also very easy.

He directly controlled the soil.

He wrote in front of the leader Desolate.

It was naturally written here.

To be precise was not even words.

It was just some symbols.

At this moment, the leader was staying under the tree he usually stayed under, worried about the future of the tribe.

“Do you know the biggest difference between humans and beasts”

A line of text appeared at the feet of Desolate.

“The biggest difference” Desolate was stunned.

He was just about to think, when he suddenly realized something.

He was shocked.

He jumped three meters away.

“You… What are you” Desolate was shocked.

“I’m from the sky,” Jiang Fan replied.

“Someone from the sky” Desolate looked at the words on the ground and gradually calmed down.

As a member of a primitive tribe, he had a blind faith in the world.

Looking at this miraculous method, he was soon convinced.

“Answer my question.” Jiang Fan continued to control the soil, writing.

Desolate immediately fell into deep thought.

He thought for a long time.

However, he did not have a clue.

His expression could not help but be a little depressed.

“It’s wisdom,” Jiang Fan answered for him.

“Wisdom” Seeing this, Desolate’s entire body shook.

It was as if he had comprehended something.

“In terms of individuals, humans are far inferior to beasts, but…” Jiang Fan typed, “With intelligence, you can use tools and work together.

“That’s why humans can defeat beasts.

“Become the master of this land.

“If you don’t use wisdom.

“How can a weak human fight those ferocious beasts”

He wrote.

With that, Jiang Fan ended this exchange.

He left behind Desolate in deep thought.

This was also a test.

If Desolate could not rely on his own wisdom and not let the tribe escape the crisis, then… Jiang Fan would give up.

Jiang Fan was not disappointed.

After pondering for a long time, Desolate had obviously come up with a solution.

He began to use his own wisdom.

He took the initiative to invite the leader Man to the junction of the two tribes for a friendly exchange.

A perfunctory flattery.

The leader was full of joy.

A few jars of bad wine fell to their stomachs.

Desolate took the initiative to propose to Barbarian as a sworn brother.

They worked together to deal with the ferocious beasts outside.

The atmosphere was brutal.

Naturally, he did not refuse.

After paying the price of friendship and resources, this alliance was successful.

The Desolate Tribe was temporarily freed from the crisis of war.

A few years later, Desolate continued to lower himself.

He recognized Barbarian as his big brother.

Every year, a large amount of food, livestock and… a woman.

The Barbarian Tribe no longer had the idea of attacking the Desolate Tribe.

At the same time, Jiang Fan’s secret instruction to Desolate also began.


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