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Chapter 140: Secret Language! The first technological frenzy!

Moreover, they defeated the mine guards in a short period of time, Yuan Shao and Wang Meng were a bit overwhelming for some time!

Now was a critical time.

They did not want to fight with the Great Desolate Army.

Thus, the star meteorite iron mine was firmly held by the Great Desolate Army.

With this mine, the Great Desolate Army relieved the urgent need.

Next, there was no further expansion.

The main focus was still the continuation of various researches but the recruitment process was still quietly going on.

Time passed, and another year quickly passed.

Yan became seventeen years old and a lot of big things happened this year.

What attracted the most attention from all parties was the complicated power struggle in the capital between — Yuan Shao and Lu Xianfeng!

Lu Xianfeng, who was obviously weaker, chose to be soft and allied with Yuan Shao and recognized Yuan Shao as his rightful father!

But after being ridiculed as a “three surname slave”, Lu Xianfeng went back on his word again.

He was looking for opportunities to sneak up on Yuan Shao.

As a result, the sneak attack failed and the two sides started a war.

Lu Xianfeng was no match and led his army to escape from the capital.

He headed straight to the southwest!

Xia De in the southwest had a reputation for benevolence.

He accepted Lu Xianfeng who had come to join them.

Not long after, Lu Xianfeng repeated the same old story.

Taking advantage of Xia De’s absence, he rebelled again, trying to replace Xia De’s position as the Lord of the Southwest but it had long been expected by Zhuge Ming.

Lu Xianfeng was defeated.

With only a thousand men, he hastily fled to the northwest.

Cao Meng did not talk about benevolence and justice.

He directly tricked Lu Xianfeng into the tent, and then one bullet cost him his life.

So far, among the many forces in the world, there was another one missing.

Inside the capital, it had become a three-legged race!

Yuan Shao had the most power.

Li Tang, led by Li Er……  joined the party with integrity.

The royalists of Prince Xiu and Cao Huatian also had a certain amount of weight!

The three of them restricted each other, balancing each other out!

At Wang Meng’s suggestion, Yuan Shao gave up the way to solve the problem by force and began to vigorously recruit scholars and started developing sharper firearms!

The capital had a rare period of calm.

As Yan became eighteen years old, this year was simple for most people.

Nothing major happened this year.

But it was an extremely important year in the history of the Xia Kingdom.

This year, a new type of steam engine was developed by the research team!

Later generations called it – the industrial steam engine.

The birth of this steam engine was the beginning of the “first technological frenzy”!

Some people also called it the “industrial age”!

The human beings of Blue Star had truly come to the age of machines!

In the past few years, the research team has made numerous improvements.

For example, a separate condenser, a thermal insulation layer outside the cylinder, oil-lubricated pistons, planetary gears, parallel motion linkages, centrifugal governors, throttle valves, pressure gauges, etc.

The efficiency of the steam engine was increased to more than ten times that of the original steam engine.

Eventually, the industrial steam engine was invented.

It was different from the first steam water-lifting machine.

In this new steam engine, a condenser was separated from the cylinder wall, making the original machinery that could only lift water.

It became a steam engine that could be universally used in various industrial production.

The thermal efficiency of the product had increased exponentially.

Coal consumption was greatly reduced!

Yan personally cut the ribbon for this steam machine!

It was promoted!

Up next, the industrial steam engine was not only widely used in the mining industry.

At the same time, it had also been rapidly promoted in smelting, textile, machine manufacturing and other industries!

In short, productivity was greatly increased!

At first, scholars did not realize what this station meant until later.

Decades later, looking back on the history, they just discovered what a great project to be involved in and in other areas.

As various forces attached importance to scholars, more and more new things were being invented.

In the southwest region, Zhuge Ming, who was recognized as a wise man, improved the textile machine and invented an entirely new type of the textile machine.

It was more than ten times more efficient than the old textile machine……!


On the side of the Great Desolate Army, the power of this textile machine was changed to a steam engine.

Again, the efficiency continued to increase dramatically!

“Blue Star’s technology is finally on the right track.”

Seeing this, Jiang Fan was quite relieved.

The birth of the industrial steam engine was the real break from the feudal era.

Coming to the industrial era, the Xia Kingdom’s social form slowly changed.

More and more self-employed people and craftsmen emerged.

The Power of Capital gradually rose up!

This year, the Great Desolate Award was given to the team that developed the industrial steam engine!

It’s been almost thirty years since the Great Desolate Award was presented again.

Back in the days of Tao, the previous emperor, the Great Desolate Award was canceled.

Today, seeing that the time was right, Yan resumed this award!

Of course, at this time, other forces did not recognize it but later generations recognized Yan’s Great Desolate Award!

With the increasing number of transactions, Yan was overworked.


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