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Chapter 141: Secret Language! The first technological frenzy!

Finally one day, she fainted.

When she woke up, she found a line in the air–

“You are too burdened.”

This line was shown by Jiang Fan.


Yan was very excited.

Since the age of fifteen, she never communicated with Jiang Fan again.

“Find someone to help you.”

Jiang Fan left a sentence and then left.

Following the system’s deduction.

If Yan continued to work with such high intensity, she could not live more than 30 years!

“Find someone to help me”

Yan pondered about the words Jiang Fan left behind.

“Father is right, I am indeed overburdened.”

Yan secretly thought: “I have to take care of everything, I have to decide everything, in these few years, my own research has been put down instead!”

This was also a reason for Jiang Fan’s interference.

From the age of fifteen to eighteen, Yan’s own scientific achievements were not as good as when she was thirteen years old.

A lot of time was spent on all kinds of trivial things in daily life!

“It’s time to let go of some things……”

Yan recalled her experience in the past few days and muttered to herself: “I am good at physics and mathematics, sloppy in terms of management and strategy and even more so – I don’t know much about military affairs.”

“It’s time for me to hand over some of my authority and focus on what I do best, physics and math!”

Thinking about it, Yan had a plan in mind.

“But what kind of person do I need to find Who can help me”

Yan then thought again.

She looked through the window and looked at the vast land in the distance!

Gradually, Yan had a clear understanding in her heart.

“Xia De in the southwest has Zhuge Ming, Zhu Chongba in the southeast has Liu Tianji, Yuan Shao has Wang Meng and even Cao Meng and Sun Quan have the help of strategists like Guo Jia and Lu Sun.”

“What I am missing now is such a military advisor with a strategic vision!”


The next day, as Yan ordered, an elite squad was assembled.

It was looking for wise people everywhere!

In this era, there were not many wise men.

Each of them was more or less famous!

Soon, a message came through.

The most prestigious wise man in the world……

Even Zhuge Ming and Wang Meng thought that they were inferior to the one known as the world’s most wise man……

Gui Guzi!

His two disciples came out of the mountain!

These two disciples.

One was named “Zhang Liang”.

One was named “Su Qin”.

Both of them had traveled the world.

They had left a reputation in various places!

This time, he was about to leave the mountain!

As this news came out the attention of all forces was attracted!

The importance of a military commander.

There was no force that did not know.

Like Xia De in the southwest region and Zhu Chongba in the southeast.

Both were the best examples.

The two of them were average but with the help of Zhuge Ming and Liu Tianji, they were like riding a rocket.

Later on!

Even it overwhelmed Cao Meng and Sun Quan.

They were the personal disciple of the world’s first wise man, Gui Guzi!

They were not considered inferior to Zhuge Ming and Liu Tianji.



Ghost Valley was originally a small desolate valley.

It used to be a place like a mass grave.

But Gui Guzi did not dislike it.

It had been decades since he lived there and also made the place famous.

Now it was even more so ……

This place was even more lively than the street market!

Numerous forces sent their people, no matter how far or near, trying to take this chance.

They wanted to see if they could gain the recognition of Su Qin and Zhang Liang!

Maybe some of them would be seen by the two wise men and soar to great heights just like Xia De and Zhu Chongba!

“There are so many people here.”

Among the crowd, Prince Xiu shook his folding fan, glanced around and said.

Not to mention the crowd.

It was also dark and overwhelming.

“But not many of the leaders of the major forces came in person.”

A man next to him said.

This man’s name was Deng Yu.

It was because he was optimistic about Prince Xiu and voluntarily defected to a scholar who came over.

However, Deng Yu knew that his ability was limited.

It was an active proposal to let Prince Xiu come to Ghost Valley.

“Li Er is here as well.”

Prince Xiu’s gaze drifted not far away.

On a line of new arrivals, at the head of the group was a gallant young man.

If it wasn’t Li Er then who else.

It was followed by the inseparable Shi Xuan and Yuan Gang!

Compared to the more famous Li Er, the arrival of Li Er got more attention than others!

In recent years, the phrase “Li Er has the fate of a potential dragon” has already spread in the capital!

After seeing it firsthand, many forces and big clans turned to the side of Li Er, thinking that Li Er was the future, the one who will rule the world.


At this time, Prince Xiu and Li Er both turned their heads and saw another group coming in with a good number of people.

But the leader was a tall and beautiful girl!


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