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Chapter 142: Ten years of evolution! Epoch-making results!

Seeing this beautiful and excessive young girl and the group of mighty soldiers behind her.

Many people talked about it.

Yan had been back when she was sixteen.

Every year it was only on New Year’s Eve that she would take a trip back to the palace and every time, she stayed for a few days and then left.

There was not much interaction with people outside at all.

Therefore, for a while no one actually recognized her.

“Who is this young girl”

The prince glanced at Yan, feeling a little familiar and frowned slightly.

Although they were half-siblings, Prince Xiu had only seen Yan when she was a child.

Naturally, he didn’t remember much.

“Subordinates don’t know.”

Deng Yu had never seen Yan.

He could only look around and then shook his head!

Li Er’s eyes lit up and asked Yuan Gang beside him, “Who is this woman”

Yuan Gang also frowned slightly.

He pinched his fingers but he couldn’t figure it out.

It seemed that the sky was blocked.

“She’s Princess Yan.”

Suddenly, someone next to him spoke up.

Li Er turned his head to look.

It was discovered that he was the son of a certain clan.

“Princess Yan”

“Princess Yan, who is said to be very beautiful in the palace”

“The princess who was almost married to the sick consumptive son of Captain Dong in the past”

The chatter rang out sparsely.

The memory of the world was still there.

He finally had some impression of Yan.

“But what is this Princess Yan doing here”

Both Li Er and Prince Xiu didn’t understand and didn’t take it seriously.

They were waiting for the opening of Ghost Valley.

Ghost Valley had a small wooden door.

There was no mechanism but no one dared to break in.

Everyone was waiting outside.

Inside the ghost valley, in front of a straw house, two middle-aged men were standing at that time.

Zhang Liang and Su Qin were these two, whom the crowd outside had been waiting so hard for!

“Senior brother, where do you decide to go”

Zhang Liang asked.

The two men were still a little confused in their minds.

Just a few days ago, they were ordered by their master to leave the mountain today!

There was no mental preparation at all.

Su Qin smiled faintly and said, “Nowadays, in this Xia Kingdom, the masters are rising and the situation is complicated, what does the senior brother think about it”

“It’s hard to say!”

Zhang Liang shook his head and said, “In every region, every hero has the potential to become a dragon and it is possible for anyone to conquer the world!”

“I would like to hear more about it.”

Su Qin laughed.

This was a frequent topic of conversation between the two Great Forces of the World!

“Xia De in the southwest is benevolent and very popular.

There are many people who seek refuge, plus the help of wise men like Zhuge Ming…… Now among the many heroes, the development is the fastest, but the southwest is mixed with the northwest.

In Jiangdong, it is inconvenient to expand externally.”

“Cao Meng in the northwest is good at listening to people and advancing steadily, but it is close to the capital, which is a weakness and an advantage, depending on how it grasps it.”

“Sun Quan in Jiangdong has a barren river and natural danger.

He lives in a corner and has a unique geographical location.

However, the local native people are still a big obstacle and it is difficult to completely solve it in a short time.”

“Zhu Chongba in the southeast has few people and land and it takes more time to catch up with other heroes.”

“Li Tang, who is located in Guanzhong, can advance and retreat and defend.

He is powerful and low-key, like a dormant tiger.”

“As for other forces, I won’t comment.”

Zhang Liang said a few words softly.

The analysis of the whole world situation was very clear.

“What about the Yuan family that occupies the capital now Senior brother doesn’t even care about it” Su Qin asked.

“The Yuan family seems to be the most powerful among the various forces, but it has a fatal weakness.

Yuan Shao is not a hero.

Even if there are wise men like Wang Meng to help, sooner or later problems will arise!”

Zhang Liang was quite sure.

“What about Prince Xiu”

Su Qin asked again.

“Prince Xiu is famous, but has no strength, so there is basically no possibility of success.”

Zhang Liang said decisively.

“In that case, senior brother wants to join Li Er’s command”

Su Qin looked at Zhang Liang and said that.

“What about Senior Brother What are your thoughts”

Zhang Liang asked rhetorically.

“I’m optimistic about Zhu Chongba from the southeast, but he has Liu Tianji’s help.”

Su Qin sighed.

“If it’s really the future lord of the world, it’s not a bad idea to join.” Zhang Liang smiled faintly.

The two men were still trying to say something but suddenly a soft click came and the door of the straw house opened.

An ordinary-looking man walked out.

At first glance, he looked mediocre but the more someone looks at him, the more one will feel.

This person had an extremely strange aura.



Zhang Liang and Su Qin quickly said respectfully.

This person was their teacher.

He was also recognized as the wisest man in the world –

Ghost Buster!


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