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Chapter 143: Ten years of evolution! Epoch-making results!

No matter how proud Zhang Liang and Su Qin were, in front of the Ghost Buster, they didn’t want to be big.

Both of them had seen their teacher’s miracles with their own eyes several times!

“Do you two have a place you want to go”

Ghost Buster glanced at the two men and asked.

Zhang Liang was about to reply but something didn’t feel right.

His mouth was slightly open but in the end, he didn’t speak.

Together with Su Qin, he replied, “Not for now.”

“Then come with me.”

Ghost Buster said.

“Teacher, you want to come out of the mountain!”

Zhang Liang and Su Qin were stunned for a moment and their eyes opened wide.

They couldn’t believe their ears.

As the wisest man in the world, many people used to come to his door to ask for help!

They were all famous lords of various forces!

But the Ghost Buster shrugged them all off, insisting on staying hidden from the world.

Who would have thought……

He actually broke his oath today!

Ghost Buster didn’t say anything.

Instead, they headed outside.

Zhang Liang and Su Qin hurriedly followed behind him.

The Ghost Valley was almost packed with people at this point.

Almost every force had sent someone.

Prince Xiu and Li Er even came in person and although Cao Meng, Xia De, Zhu Chongba and others had their respective military advisors, they also sent important people.

No one would mind having more wise men under them.

When the crowd saw Zhang Liang and Su Qin following behind a man.

First, there was some confusion.

Followed, there was an uproar!

The one that could make Zhang Liang and Su Qin follow respectfully.

Who else could it be

“Ghost Buster”

“Its Ghost Buster”

“Is this a way for Ghost Buster to…… come out of the mountain”

Everyone was talking.

Prince Xiu and Li Er felt even hotter.

As compared to Zhang Liang or Su Qin, the Ghost Buster naturally carried more weight.

This was more than Zhuge Ming and Liu Tianji, the wisest man in the world!

Ghost Buster scanned the crowd.

He walked over with Zhang Liang and Su Qin.

Prince Xiu and Li Er wanted to come over and introduce themselves but the Ghost Buster ignored them.

He walked straight up to Yan.

He bowed slightly and said, “Greetings, my lord.”


Yan’s eyes widened.

She was very shocked!


How can the wisest man in the world in front of her see her and bow his head

After that, Yan suddenly thought of the words left by Jiang Fan a while ago.

It dawned on her!

Originally, Jiang Fan had already arranged everything!

Who could make Ghost Buster, who swore to stay out of the world, break his oath

Who else could it be but the Father

Seeing Yan’s suddenly enlightened expression, Ghost Buster smiled faintly.

Behind him, Zhang Liang and Su Qin were amazed!

Even if they were both extremely smart, they couldn’t figure it out even after thinking about it.

Since their own teacher was going to come out of the mountain.

Why would he choose this young girl!

Others were even more stunned.

Prince Xiu and Li Er were completely stunned!

After thousands of calculations, both thought that Su Qin and Zhang Liang would choose each of the masters but they never expected that the teacher of both, Ghost Buster, not only came out of the mountain but also chose a person who no one expected!

The ghost valley thing had come to an end!

The news was out and all parties were very shocked!

They all inquired who Yan was.

Yan’s reputation had initially spread around the world.

Yan assuredly handed over the management affairs to Ghost Buster with Jiang Fan’s mention.

Ghost Buster was the chief military commander and there were two wise men under his hand, Zhang Liang and Su Qin.

The management team of the Great Desolate Army was initially set up!

Yan could safely return to the research work she loved and excelled at.

“Do you two still have doubts”

After a few busy days, Ghost Buster asked his two disciples – Su Qin and Zhang Liang.

Su Qin and Zhang Liang were indeed extremely puzzled at first but there’s no way around it.

Their teacher had joined the Great Desolate Army.

As a disciple, they could only go along!

In the last few days, the two of them racked their brains but still couldn’t figure it out.

They were still somewhat confused.

Seeing two disciples shaking their heads, Ghost Buster smiled faintly and pointed to the front of the Royal Tombs Mountains!

Following the direction of the Ghost Buster’s finger, Su Qin and Zhang Liang looked over but only the air was visible!


Suddenly a light flashed in the minds of the two of them.

They thought of something immediately.

The shock was overwhelming.

They somewhat understood why did Ghost Buster break his oath

Why did he choose Yan as his lord without hesitation

“Surprisingly so!”

“Is the legend from the era of the Emperor Desolate actually true”

Zhang Liang and Su Qin looked at each other.

Both saw the shock in each other’s eyes and there was a hint of excitement!

Who didn’t know about the legends left by Emperor Qi……

Their heart was longing for it!

With the addition of Ghost Buster, the development of the Great Desolate Army became even more rapid and the reputation of Ghost buster also made many forces around to visit.


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