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Chapter 144: Ten years of evolution! Epoch-making results!

Others defected directly!

At the same time, Yan also reached the peak of her research!

Later generations called these decades – the first technological frenzy!

It was not just steam engines and other industrial developments, these were just the application areas of technology.

Several extremely important theoretical results had been discovered by a group of scholars led by Yan.

It was something that Yan was very curious about since she was a child.

The first of Jiang Fan’s six questions left over from the era of Qi was solved at last when Yan was twenty years old.

This year was the year when many inventions were born.

A scholar under Zhu Chongba improved typography, making the cost of books much lower.

From here on out, books were truly meaningful.

Into the thousands of households, a team of scholars under Sun Quan in Jiangdong developed the first “steam-ship”.

Although very modest and with rough technology, it also opened the era of steamships!

As for the side of the Great Desolate Army, there were even more new products of all kinds.

In the same year, the flush toilet was invented by a research team.

The newspaper was also a proposal of a certain scholar.

The first newspaper in this world was – the Great Desolate News!

It was officially out.

All the major forces followed suit.

They created their own newspaper business.

Yan did not hide anything.

Many theories and inventions were published one by one in the Great Desolate Journal.

It also made “The Great Desolate News” the most famous and prestigious newspaper in the world!

In the end, this was a remarkable year.

One of the most important results was born!

Yan published the “Law of Gravity” in the “Great Desolate News”.

It shook the entire world of scholars.

This epoch-making theory was almost unthinkable at that time.

It seemed to be a bit beyond this era, but not very practical, every scholar saw that.

This theory laid the foundation for further technological development in the future!

This year, the word “technology” also gradually replaced “Kewu”.

It became mainstream usage!

The three major colleges in the capital reopened!

The Kewu College, the Tiangong College and the College of Medicine were each respectively controlled by Prince Xiu, Li Tang and the Yuan family.

The Great Desolate Army, on the other hand, had established a new academy – The Great Desolate Institute of Technology!

Yan herself was the dean!

Time was like water, Yan grew up.

There were many big clans ahead who entered the palace to propose marriage.

All of them were obstructed by the secret Great Desolate Guards.

Later on, no one dared anymore.

In the year when Yan was twenty-two years old, Yan’s mother, who had been worrying about her daughter’s marriage, died of depression!

Yan returned to the palace.

She was sitting alone all night.

But since then, Yan seemed to let go of some burden and became more decisive and resolute!

The promotion of the steam engine and the improvement of textile machines triggered the transformation of the entire Xia Kingdom.

The most obvious one was the economy, which had greatly improved.

The massive increase in population also made the area of Blue Star to further improve.

Jiang Fan looked at the planet panel, which he had not checked for a long time –

Name of the planet: Blue Star

Planet level: Level 1

Diameter of the planet: 656.7 km

Planet Species:1302

Deduction route: none


Thanks to the explosion of life on the second continent.

Regardless of the number of species or the planet’s diameter, all were greatly increased!

It almost doubled as compared to the time of the Big Competition.

At this time, Jiang Fan also turned his gaze to the second continent.

The battle for the lord of the land had reached a very intense point on the second continent at this time.

Giant eel, who had been overlooking this continent for decades, had finally reached the end of his life!

He was old and was no longer able to maintain the deterrent to the surrounding!

He was challenged by younger and stronger challengers in his final years!

The first to go to war was six atomic dinosaurs.

They were always looking for opportunities to take revenge for their father Dong!

On this day, the time had finally arrived.

Six atomic dinosaurs surrounded the giant eel by that largest lake!

A ground-shaking battle unfolded!

Although the Giant eel was old, its strength did not decrease much.

It was not willing to die like this.

It was rebounding crazily!

The six atomic dinosaurs obviously had no experience in such a life and death struggle.

For a time, they were even dominated by the Giant eel but they soon realized.

In tacit cooperation, over time, the Giant eel’s aged physique was finally fatigued.

It was dominated by six atomic dinosaurs.

Failure seemed to be only a matter of time!

“An era is ending, huh”

Jiang Fan commented.

Even though the actions of this giant eel who had taken the upper position had been disdained by other creatures!

It attacked Dong and the six-legged python but it did overlook the land for an era!

Under its deterrence, all other creatures survived on the low profile.

It could be described as a generation of heroes!

Today this hero seemed like it was going to fall down here.

However, it was not that simple.

Just when it looked like that the Giant eel was in great danger and couldn’t resist.

In the nearby jungle, there was a violent shaking.

A huge figure appeared!!!

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