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Chapter 145: The Principal Comes to the Door! The scariest one ever!

For decades, there were not just the two big guys on the second continent, the giant eel and the atomic dinosaur.

In that red flower incident, ultimately there were several kinds of creatures that got the red flower!

Earlier, the huge tyrant bear that was seen by the water droplets, was one of them.

However, this huge figure who suddenly appeared was not a creature that devoured the red flower!

When the six atomic dinosaurs attacked the giant eel with full force, just as they were about to kill their father’s enemy, this huge figure suddenly dashed out from the jungle and pounced on the nearest atomic dinosaur!

This atomic dinosaur was completely defenseless!

He was directly bitten in the neck by this huge creature that suddenly appeared.

It was a lizard-like creature but with an extremely ugly head.

Jiang Fan looked at the unknown creature with sharp teeth in its mouth, for a few moments and named this creature – Skeleton crawlers!

Skeleton crawlers were not surface creatures, instead, it was from a deep tunnel in the Second continent……

He was usually living deep underground!

After countless years of nurturing, it crawled out.

A horrible creature like the skeleton crawler was born.

The skeleton crawler bit this atomic dinosaur.

This atomic dinosaur took a serious hit and fell heavily to the ground.

It took a long time to get up but the atomic dinosaur’s powerful physical qualities kept it from dying outright!

After finishing this atomic dinosaur, the skeleton crawler continued to move.

It rushed towards the other atomic dinosaur.

At this time, the other five atomic dinosaurs had already reacted.

They abandoned the siege of the giant eel and stared warily at this ugly creature of unknown origin!

The skeleton crawler and the giant eel stood side by side.

Both of them had a tacit understanding of each other.

They faced off against the five atomic dinosaurs!

The atomic dinosaurs of this time were not fully evolved.

They were not a match for the skeleton crawler and giant eel.

After the two sides confronted each other for half a day, the five atomic dinosaurs gave up.

This giant eel had grown old.

It was not far from death.

It was not worth it for them to take revenge with their lives!

Not to mention, there was another brother lying there with serious injuries and in need of medical attention!

Five atomic dinosaurs roared and took the seriously injured brother and left.


Shortly after the five atomic dinosaurs left.

In the nearby jungle, another huge figure appeared.

It was just that, this figure did not show up.

It seemed to want to snipe and then sit back and reap the benefits of the fisherman.

Unfortunately, the two sides didn’t fight.

One could only go reluctantly.

The skeleton crawler revealed its true face at this point.

It charged at the giant eel who was already injured plus old age.

The giant eel was no match at all!

After fierce resistance, the Giant eel was killed by the skeleton crawler!

The skeleton crawler stepped on the corpse of the giant eel and looked up at the sky!

It seemed that it was announced to be a new king, to all the creatures on that land!

After this battle, on the second continent, the era of the Giant eel was over and the skeleton crawler became the new ruler and five atomic dinosaurs seemed to have inherited the inertia of Lan.

They were not interested in this kind of struggle.

They grew up.

Nor were they free from animal nature.

Over the next few years, they found partners, got married and had children.

More atomic dinosaur offspring were born.

Since then, the huge group of atomic dinosaurs began to take real shape on the second continent!

Other creatures on this land also developed individually.

They were hidden and dormant.

The Pyramid of Light built by the Droplets filled this place.

They started to walk out of the valley and were gradually expanding outwards!

The major giant creatures at this time were completely unaware of this translucent intelligent creature.


On the first continent, the first technological frenzy was still going on!

Among the many techniques and theories, the military industry was the most rapidly developing.

The best of them was still the Great Desolate Army.

One could say, far ahead of the other forces by an era, other forces were still working on outdated shotguns while the Great Desolate Army was working on improvements of the rifle!

When Yan was twenty-three years old.

A new type of rifle was invented!

It was created by a young scholar named “Mauser” alone!

He was called the Mauser at that time!

This kind of gun had spiral refiling, used metal-cased fixed-loading cartridges and used smokeless gunpowder.

The warhead was armored, which improves the strength of the warhead.

The process of unlocking, shelling, loading and locking could be achieved by manipulating the handle of the gun by the shooter.

A magazine capable of holding 8 rounds of bullets was installed, which achieved one-time loading and multiple firing and at the same time reduced the caliber of the firearm and improved the initial velocity of the warhead, shooting accuracy, range and lethal power.

Mauser had completed the evolution process from ancient muskets to modern rifles and had the basic structure to form modern rifles.

So, Mauser’s guns were also considered by later generations to be the origin of the modern rifle!

So far, firearms have become modern!

This was also something that Jiang Fan had seen in certain dramas in his previous life.

In that kind of rifle, a shot required a bolt to be pulled.

Compared with shotguns, it was completely overwhelming!

In his previous life, there was a difference of a complete era!


Just when Jiang Fan was observing the situation of Blue Star, someone walked over on a Talisman Car with an impressive design, outside the relief district.

It immediately aroused the curiosity of the residents of the neighborhood.

As the door of the Talisman car opened, a dignified old man and a young woman stepped out of the car.

“Student Jiang Fan live here”


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