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Chapter 146: The Principal Comes to the Door! The scariest one ever!

As the young woman surveyed the old neighborhood, a look of surprise flashed in her eyes.

“Yes, Jiang Fan is an orphan.”

The old man said.

If Jiang Fan was there, he would naturally recognize him.

This old man was the principal of the seventh high school – Tong Zhen Sheng and the young woman was the female teacher Tong Zhensheng who was just hired.

“Doesn’t it feel a little weird”

Tong Zhen Sheng laughed, “The record-breaker of Jiangcheng’s history, the champion of the Grand Competition, the demonic figure who defeated Bu Jing Yue, actually grew up in such a place”

“There is indeed some surprise.”

The young female teacher did not deny it.

According to common sense, the more talented the trainee, even if the origin was mediocre, there would be no shortage of investment from major forces.

There would be no shortage of various resources.

“As far as I know, student Jiang Fan has not dealt with any forces.”

Tong Zhensheng smiled and in the surprised eyes of the young female teacher, he took the lead and walked forward: “Let’s go, go in and have a look.”

The two of them arrived at the floor where Jiang Fan lived.

They climbed up to the 17th floor!

As for the elevator, there was not much of an elevator here.

There were other things like “fast ladders” that can be used instead.

It was just that the relief room was just a matter of having something to live in.

There was no need for a ladder.

After becoming a planet master, everyone’s physique would naturally arise.

Climbing a few buildings was not a problem in the slightest.

Standing in front of Jiang Fan’s house, Tong Zhen Sheng knocked on the door.

Jiang Fan, who was observing the evolution of the Blue Star within the Awakening Space, could hear it!


Jiang Fan blinked his eyes.

He was usually expecting the Landlord.

Basically, no one would come.

He walked over and opened the door to take a look but it was the principal, Tong Zhen-sheng and a young female teacher he didn’t know about!

“Student Jiang Fan, because your communicator didn’t get connected, we came here without notice.”

Tong Zhen Sheng laughed.

“Oh, my communicator wasn’t on.”

Jiang Fan explained.

As he was observing the evolution of the Blue Star plus no one would contact him, he avoided those harassing communications.

So Jiang Fan directly turned off the communicator.

“Please come in, both of you.”

Jiang Fan invited the two of them inside.

The house was very simple.

There was no couch.

Jiang Fan found two chairs to let the two of them sit down.

The young female teacher sat on a chair.

She curiously sized up this simple house that was too small!

“This is teacher Liu Yue.”

Tong Zhen Sheng gave Jiang Fan a solemn introduction: “Liu Yue teacher is a senior student from Shuguang University.

She just graduated this year!”

“Shuguang University”

Jiang Fan couldn’t help but glance at the young female teacher.

This university was one of the thirty-six super-first-class universities!

For a lot of students, it was a dream school!

“In addition……”

Tong Zhensheng paused and continued, “Miss Liu Yue is still a native of our Jiangcheng City and she was also the champion of the Jiangcheng Competition seven years ago!”

“You two can get to know each other.”

Tong Zhen Sheng smiled.

“I’m far worse than Jiang Fan.”

Liu Yue smiled and said, “Back in my session, only I had an awakening planet with a diameter of more than 30 kilometers.

There were so many super-geniuses in this session and you……”

Liu Yue glanced at Jiang Fan and said, “This demon-level existence!”

Jiang Fan smiled.

After pouring a glass of water for each of them, he asked, “I wonder what the principal came over to see me about”

“A month has passed since the last big competition.”

Tong Zhensheng’s face became serious and he said: “As the principal, I naturally want to touch on the situation of each student in our school, after all, there is less than a month before the entrance exam!”

Hearing this, Jiang Fan’s face also became solemn.

This world was different from his previous life.

To go to university, one must take the entrance exam!

There was no such thing as early special recruitment!

No matter how talented or demonic you are, there was no exception!

The competition for the entrance exam was very intense!

The acceptance rate was not high.

Especially in those thirty-six super-first-class universities, it was almost like thousands of troops crossing the one-way bridge.

A person could only take the test once.

No matter how good and talented you are, if the entrance examination failed, there was no do-over.

One could say, one exam sets a lifetime!

In previous years, there were some super-geniuses, who had poor performance in the entrance exam.

Thus losing the qualification to compete with other geniuses!

“There are especially a lot of talented people this year.”

Tong Zhensheng said with a solemn expression: “Not only in our Jiangcheng, but in the entire Dongyang Province, the geniuses who have emerged are more talented than any previous year……”

“There are rumors out there.”

“This should be the history of the scariest session!”


Tong Zhensheng intensified his tone and said, “The enrollment quota of thirty-six super-first-class universities will not increase because of this!”

“So the competition is going to be horrible.”

“As far as I know.”

Tong Zhen Sheng looked at Jiang Fan and said, “Many talented trainees have been receiving all kinds of special training in this past month.”

“Their strength has improved by leaps and bounds!”

“Like Tang Qingqing from our school!”

“The number of magicians born on the planet today is already over a thousand people!”


Jiang Fan nodded gently.

It was not too surprising.

As he could improve, of course, others could too.


Tong Zhensheng glanced at Liu Yue next to him and said, “I specially hired Liu Yue, who was not only the champion of the competition but also the top student in Jiangcheng’s college entrance exam that year! She has great experience in preparing for exams!”

“What the principal means is……”

Jiang Fan suddenly understood that Tong Zhen Sheng brought Teacher Liu Yue here for his own purpose.


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