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Chapter 147: Rankings of Heavenly Pride list! Jiang Fan’s ranking!

“Over the past month, all kinds of news have been received……”

Tong Zhen Sheng laughed and said, “This principle of mine is under a lot of pressure!”

“Most of those geniuses are receiving special training, like Tang Qingqing.”

“You should know……”

Tong Zhen Sheng glanced at Jiang Fan and said: “Her brother is a teacher at Tianxing University, he has rich experience and various resources, once she is specially trained, her strength will skyrocket!”


Jiang Fan nodded slightly.

His face was calm.

Suddenly he understood why Tong Zhensheng came here.

This was for him to compete for a good ranking in this entrance examination!

For all high schools, the Grand Competition was nothing.

The annual college entrance examination was the most important thing!

Which would directly affect the quantity and quality of enrollment for the following year.


Tong Zhensheng looked at Jiang Fan and said solemnly, “Jiang Fan, you…… As the champion of the Jiangcheng Competition and the most promising member of our school, I naturally cannot sit back and watch.”

“Cooperate with several other schools.”

“A college entrance examination preliminary camp was opened.”

“Personally taught by teacher Liu Yue!”

“Like other geniuses in our Jiangcheng……”

“Fang Zhenting, Wang Tianyi, Lu Tao, and Xiang Junhao from our school, etc.”

“All of them will participate.”

“Concentrate on last month’s sprint!”

Jiang Fan also had no doubts.

Since the planetary awakening was done in unison, to ensure fairness and equity, everyone after three months of awakening took the college entrance exam together and there was only this one opportunity.

There was no such thing as repeating.

If you do well in the exam, you could choose from a variety of top universities.

It could be quite brutal!

“Does the principal mean…… to let me attend this sprint camp”

Jiang Fan asked.

“That’s right.”

Tong Zhen Sheng nodded and said, “There are rumors in the outside world now……”

“Bu Jing Yue is the biggest favorite of our Jiangcheng’s top students in this year’s college entrance exam!”

“Her teacher is a powerful planet master who is not weaker than the Jiangcheng City Lord.”

Next to him, the teacher Liu Yue added: “And…… this is not just a random rumor, the ranking on the Heavenly Pride List just released, Bu Jing Yue has surpassed you!”

“She is one of the highest of all the trainees in Jiangcheng.”

“The Heavenly Pride List” A look of curiosity appeared in Jiang Fan’s eyes.

“The so-called Heavenly Pride List is a ranking of all recent high school candidates by an authoritative organization.”

Liu Yue explained: “There is no exception to the list, all of them are top geniuses in Dongyang Province, heaven’s favorite!”

“There are a total of 10,000 names on the Heavenly Pride List!”

“Among the billions of geniuses in the entire province, only 10,000 made it to the list!”

“The ranking is based not on strength, but potential, so to speak, on the prediction of the ranking of the entrance exam results in a month, there are only three people on the list!”

“It’s Bu Jingyue, you and Tang Qingqing.”

Saying that Liu Yue directly took out the communicator and clicked on a page, but the contents inside, and projected it into the air!

This was a huge list, which was none other than the Heavenly Pride List.

Since the list was too long, Liu Yue only projected the pages of Jiangcheng’s students.

Jiang Fan saw that Bu Jing Yue’s ranking was 2,562nd.

“This is the only genius in the history of our Jiangcheng who has entered the top three thousand.”

Liu Yue couldn’t help but feel some emotion and said, “After all, the whole Dongyang Province is just too big and there are too many geniuses and in thirty-six super-first-class universities.”

Tong Zhensheng then said, “There will only be 1,080 enrollments in Dongyang Province!”

“There will be thirty people from each college, as per policy.”

“Each city will have at least one spot regardless of ranking.”

“Back then……”

Liu Yue took over and said, “I didn’t even rank on the Heavenly Pride list, which means I didn’t even make it to the top 10,000 in the province.”

“It is by this policy that I just entered Aurora University.”

“That means, as long as it’s the top student in each city, no matter how badly talented you are, they are bound to be admitted to super-first-class universities.”

Jiang Fan nodded slightly.

He understood that this was also why Tong Zhen Sheng was paying so much attention this year!

Because in the history of No.

7 middle school, there had never been a top student in the entrance examination!

Naturally, no one had ever entered a super-first-class university.

Teacher Liu Yue was a graduate of another school.

This year was the most promising year.

There was Jiang Fan, the Grand competition champion.

There was also Tang Qingqing with good potential, enough to launch an impact on the position of the champion!

“For most students in the city.”

Liu Yue glanced at Jiang Fan and continued: “Only by relying on this policy can you most likely get admission letters from thirty-six super-first-class universities!”

“If you don’t get the first prize, you have to compete with other geniuses in the province.”

“The hope is very slim!”

“Student Jiang Fan, do you know how many cities there are in Dongyang Province” Tong Zhen Sheng asked.

“More than 500, I didn’t count them.”

This was common knowledge.

Jiang Fan naturally heard a little about it.

“The specific number is five hundred and eighty.”

Tong Zhensheng’s tone was a little dignified: “And our Jiangcheng ranks in the middle and lower reaches of all the cities.”

“That means, there are at least three hundred cities which are above our Jiangcheng.”

“Among them are the provincial capital, Amber City, Tianjing City, and other cities where geniuses gather.”

“Every Year, there are dozens of monster-level geniuses who have been admitted to super-first-class universities!”

“In every way, we are too far behind in Jiangcheng.”

“If you remove the policy, then, in the history of our Jiangcheng, no one has reached the admission standards of super-first-class universities!”

“So what about……”

Tong Zhensheng looked at Jiang Fan with a hint of hope in his eyes: “This year is the best chance for No.

7 High School and yourself.”

“Is there any reward for the top student”

Jiang Fan asked.


Tong Zhensheng was slightly taken aback.

He didn’t expect Jiang Fan to be concerned about this issue.

He and Liu Yue glanced at each other and then said: “There are no official rewards, but each school will naturally set them.”

“It’s like No.

1 Middle School, if you win the top spot in Jiangcheng, there will be a direct reward of 50 million!”

“Our school is not as wealthy as the No, 1 middle school, but if any student is able to win the top prize, then we can directly promise 30 million!”

Tong Zhensheng said proudly.

“This is just a reward for every school.”

Liu Yue added with a smile: “Generally, for every year’s champion, each faction has more or fewer representations, such as from our city lord’s mansion in Jiangcheng, there will definitely be a huge reward!”


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