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Chapter 148: Rankings of Heavenly Pride list! Jiang Fan’s ranking!

Jiang Fan didn’t know what to say.

What he wanted to ask for was not the reward of the first prize of Jiangcheng, instead, he wanted to ask for the reward of the champion of the entire Dongyang Province!

Just being the champion of Jiangcheng, he also knew about previous high school entrance examinations.

One could say, even with the current technological development level of Blue Star to participate.

He could win this first place!

However, if you look at the whole province, that was not so easy to say.

After all, Jiang Fan had no way to find out about the geniuses from other cities but Jiangcheng’s champion was so valuable.

The reward for the champion of the entire province should be more than that!

“Student Jiang Fan, are there any more questions” Tong Zhen Sheng asked.

“No, I’ll work on it.”

Jiang Fan said.

Since Principal Tong was so serious, Jiang Fan couldn’t justify it without showing it.

Hearing this, Tong Zhen Sheng was relieved.

He was afraid that Jiang Fan would not be interested in this entrance examination champion just as in the last competition.

“This time your main opponents are the two of them, Bu Jing Yue and Tang Qing Qing.” Liu Yue said at this time.

She also pointed to the aerial projection.

Bu Jing Yue was ranked 2,562.

It was among the first five thousand.

The only participant from Jiangcheng Tang Qingqing’s ranking, on the other hand, was 9,875th!

Jiang Fan almost barely squeezed into this list.

Jiang Fan looked at the projection where he was – and it seemed to be very far back!

“The numbers are quite auspicious.”

Jiang Fan spat in his heart.

The authority which broke the ranking, how could they rank him so low

“This ranking is mainly based on the last Grand Competition and the planetary development of each genius over the past month.”

Liu Yue explained, “I heard that after Bu Jing Yue received special training, her strength rose substantially.

So she was favored by the Heavenly Pride List!”


Liu Yue glanced at Jiang Fan and said, “It’s not that you and Tang Qingqing have no chance.”

“Tang Qingqing’s hope is relatively slim and you……”

Liu Yue shook her head and said, “I’m not sure, but at least I hope it’s bigger than Tang Qingqing!”

“This special training can be described as the principal has specially organized it for you.

The cost is not small.”


Tong Zhensheng hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Not really.

Every school has such needs.

I’m just going with the flow.”

Hearing this, Jiang Fan felt a little embarrassed, but he still said, “Can I not participate in this special training camp”


Both Tong Zhensheng and Liu Yue were a little surprised.

Tong Zhensheng immediately asked: “What are you dissatisfied with You can still discuss it.”

“That’s not really true.”

Jiang Fan made an excuse and said, “I already have a plan of my own, so I won’t participate in this special training.”

For Jiang Fan, special training was meaningless as long as Blue Star could evolve further in the following month.

Liu Yue thought about it for a while and seemed to understand something.

She smiled and said, “Jiang Fan has created a civilization for ordinary people, which is indeed unprecedented.

Let alone me, even a stronger planet master might not be able to teach him……”

Hearing this.

Tong Zhensheng was a little helpless.

That was also true.

After chatting a little more.

Tong Zhensheng and Liu Yue were not able to convince Jiang Fan either.

They had to get up and say goodbye!

Walking out of the neighborhood, Liu Yue spoke up, “This Jiang Fan student seems to be a bit special, huh”

“There is indeed something special about him.”

Tong Zhen Sheng was quite depressed because he spent a lot of money and carefully crafted a special training camp.

It was specially prepared for Jiang Fan but this main character refused to come.

Liu Yue continued: “Why do I feel like he doesn’t care that much about this championship”

“Is there anyone who doesn’t care about the championship If our Jiang City students want to enter the first-rate academy, they’ll have to rely on this position.”

Tong Zhen Sheng laughed.

“That’s not what I meant.”

Liu Yue’s face was a little weird and said, “I always feel that Jiang Fan seems to have a sense of not taking it seriously.”

“Haha, you’re overthinking it.”

Tong Zhensheng smiled and said, “This little guy must have hidden some of his strength, but could it be that he wants to fight for the provincial championship”

Liu Yue also laughed and did not speak again.

After Tong Zhensheng and Liu Yue left, Jiang Fan sat on the chair and poured himself a glass of water and slowly drank it.

At this time, the communicator suddenly rang.

Jiang Fan picked it up and took a look.

This time it was someone he knew – Ma Songtao.

Last time at the end of the Grand Competition, he took the initiative to exchange contact information with Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan could only connect.

“Jiang Fan, haha……”

Ma Songtao seemed excited.

“What’s the matter”

Jiang Fan was quick to speak.

“Did you know You’ve made it to the Heavenly Pride List!”

Ma Songtao said excitedly.

Jiang Fan hadn’t answered yet and Ma Songtao immediately went down and said, “This is the ranking of all the geniuses in the entire Dongyang Province!”

“From billions of geniuses, only 10,000 people can get in.”

“From our school, you and Tang Qingqing both got in.”

“Tang Qingqing is at the end of the list while you, Jiang Fan, are 8,881st”

“This is the highest-ranking of all of Jiangcheng’s students in the past.”

“Isn’t there still Bu Jing Yue”

Jiang Fan reminded.

“Yes, but it’s not fair that Bu Jingyue has a strong teacher.”

“By the way, Jiang Fan, you should be attending the sprint camp, right”

Ma Songtao asked.

“I’m not participating.”

Jiang Fan said.

“I thought you’d be there.”

Ma Songtao sighed and said regretfully, “That kid Xiang Junhao is still rude and wants to challenge you, saying that ordinary people’s civilization has no potential.”

“It’s stronger when it’s bigger.”

“But the upper limit is limited.”

“The further you go, the weaker you will be.

When it’s time for the entrance examination, don’t say it’s Bu Jingyue and Tang Qingqing, even he…… can’t beat them.”

“This guy is really over his head, a clown.”

“That’s it there’s nothing going on, I’m hanging up.”

Jiang Fan smiled faintly.

Followed by, he hung up the communication.

Didn’t even take this to heart.

For the current Jiang Fan, there was only one on the head of billions of geniuses in the entire Dongyang Province…… The champion!

That was Jiang Fan’s goal!

“It’s only less than a month away.”

Jiang Fan’s eyes flickered.

What he just said to Tong Zhen Sheng was not an excuse either.

Since he was ready to take first place, he naturally intended to make a plan of his own.

There was something.

It was about to begin!!


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