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Chapter 149: Glory restarts! Legendary Star Hunter!

Of course, Jiang Fan was not in that much of a hurry.

There was still nearly a month before the entrance examination.

For other geniuses, each day was precious and urgent while for Jiang Fan, it was not the same.

One of the biggest differences between Jiang Fan and other geniuses was that he could use the power of the origin to accelerate the awakening space infinitely.

For other geniuses, after the planetary civilization had stabilized, there would also be a certain acceleration.

However, it would only speed up slightly by a few times!

The first-level planet was still relatively fragile.

It needed to be tended to and attended to regularly.

A single mistake would destroy the planet.

This has happened before and if Jiang Fan’s planet was completely ignored even now, it would also evolve gradually.

There might be volcanoes, earthquakes and other major natural disasters leading to the mass extinction of species but the ecosystem would not collapse.

It was still capable of recovery in a few tens of thousands of years.

It was just that the current Blue Star was not like when it was less than a kilometer at the beginning.

The planet was small at that time and there was not much life.

Ultra-high-speed acceleration was possible.

In addition, as the size of the planet increased, the number of species became larger!

More and more energy of origin was consumed.

If the super speed was doubled, it won’t hold up at all with the power of the origin that Jiang Fan now possessed.

Jiang Fan would now also occasionally intervene, especially when it comes to those once-in-a-millennium demon-level research geniuses like Yan.

If there was no interference from Jiang Fan, she would have already been killed by that orb.

After sending off Tong Zhensheng and Liu Yue, Jiang Fan re-entered the awakening space.


When he just came in, he found out that on the second continent, there were new changes.

The ruler at this time had turned into that skeleton crawler that crawled out of the ground.

The six atomic dinosaurs were separated.

Each had a family and children.

The previous lord, the giant eel was killed by the skeleton crawler.

Huge corpses were exposed above the wilderness.

No creatures bothered at all.

But in the Giant eel’s lair, there was another moth of the same type.

It was much smaller than the giant eel.

Feeling the death of the giant eel, the moth seemed sad as it flew around the nest over and over again.

In the end, with a big belly, it left the nest, found a secluded wooded area and hid there.

After a short time, the eggs were laid.


Another period of time passed and this egg cracked open.

A little life broke out of its shell!

Although those eyes were immature, they had a hint of sharpness!

These were the new moths and their growth was very fast.

Not long after, their size was already comparable to that of their mother!

So far, Jiang Fan also saw that.

This little moth had inherited the genes from the Giant eel.

A new generation of giant eels was born!



“Build high walls, accumulate grain and slowly claim the throne.”

Outside the Royal Tombs Mountains, Su Qin and Zhang Liang were there on the farmland to check out how farmers harvest rice in summer.

Looking at the joyful expressions on the farmers’ faces, Su Qin could not help but sigh.

This was what Ghost Buster once said.

It was recognized by many people.

Today’s Great Desolate Army was on the right track.

Ghost Buster was the commander-in-chief.

He was controlling the overall situation, handling government affairs.

Zhang Liang, on the other hand, was doing his job as a military strategist.

The Great Desolate Army attached great importance to the military industry but in these few years, the focus had gradually shifted to other areas.

For example, for the basic problem of filling one’s stomach, there was a research group of people who specialized in agriculture for a few years.


It had already been manufactured.

Mechanical aspects were also slowly promoted.

Tu tu tu……

A nearby steam waterwheel was running loudly.

This was the first steam waterwheel in the entire Xia Kingdom.

The efficiency was amazing.

Of course, the sound was also loud.

“What has Your Highness been doing recently Do you know”

Zhang Liang looked at Su Qin and asked.

“I don’t know.”

Su Qin shook his head and said, “Recently, her Highness’s whereabouts have been a little strange.”

“We are both in charge of political and military affairs, but……”

Zhang Liang gave a wry smile and said, “It seems that Her Highness did not completely trust you.”

“A lesson from the past.”

Su Qin sighed.

Both of them remembered a very infuriating thing that happened earlier.

A leader of a research group took advantage of the fact that no one was looking.

Secretly the latest research and development results slipped away!


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