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Chapter 151: Glory restarts! Legendary Star Hunter!

Perhaps only Ghost Buster knew the reason for this but when they went to ask the Ghost Buster, he laughed it off.

Yan did not go back to her residence when she came back to the Royal Tombs Mountains.

Instead, she came to Ghost Buster’s grass hut.

Even here, Ghost Buster still liked to live in a grass hut.

“Warlord, does the Father have a hint”

Yan asked with a hint of hope in her eyes.


Ghost Buster looked at the location of the legendary passage and shook his head, “I haven’t seen it since the last time I was given a hint.”

On this side of the world, at present, only Yan and Ghost Buster knew about Jiang Fan’s existence.

Last – time.

Why did Ghost Buster take the initiative to worship Yan as the master

Naturally, it was because Jiang Fan tipped him off!

“Can you make some predictions”

Yan hesitated for a moment and asked.

The most powerful thing about Ghost Buster was not a strategy.

Instead, it was his Heaven’s Reasoning!

Ghost Buster looked at Yan, smiled and said, “The heavenly opportunity is unpredictable, Your Highness wants me to measure the heavenly…… that is also too difficult for me.”

At this time, the air suddenly shook slowly.

Yan and Ghost Buster’s eyes stared straight!

They were looking at it without moving.

This familiar sign……

“Glory restarts again, get ready.”

Jiang Fan left this sentence after that there were no more hints.

Yan might not be able to comprehend it for the time being but it shouldn’t be difficult for Ghost Buster……


Yan shouted rather excitedly but there was no response for a long time.

The words in the air slowly dissipated.

Yan and Ghost Buster looked at each other and both saw a tremble in each other’s eyes, as well as a hint of excitement!

“It’s ready, Your Highness.”

Ghost Buster said.

“Is this day finally coming”

Yan muttered to herself.

After completing the “law of gravity”, Yan seemed to feel that her whole body was empty.

She was no longer 12 or 13 years old.

That desire to explore the nature of everything in the world came especially after the death of her mother.

The only affection in the world that could keep her occupied was also broken.

The rest might be an illusory legend.

Yan had seen Qi and Han’s diaries, especially Han’s.

Han’s old age could be described as quite miserable.

He was seriously ill in bed, blinded by the top and bottom but had been reluctant to leave.

For the sake of someday, the ability to re-traverse planetary passages and the alien conquest but Han struggled to hold on for ten years.

After all, it could not wait.

Yan was also only in her twenties.

She sometimes wondered.

What if she…… couldn’t wait for this day

However, just when it was totally unexpected.

Jiang Fan’s tip appeared!!!

Yan pressed down her excitement.

Her eyes regained that glimmer that she had when she first studied the gravity of all things.

For his part, Ghost Buster called Su Qin and Zhang Liang.


Su Qin and Zhang Liang shouted respectfully.

There were some questions in their mind.

This teacher, who was always on cloud nine, why was he looking a little excited

“Do you have any good strategies for dealing with Xiao Guang in the south”

Ghost Buster directly asked.

Su Qin and Zhang Liang were slightly taken aback.

Yan was in charge of Xiao Guang’s matter.

The teacher never bothered with it either.

Why was he asking all of a sudden today

“With our strength, it is not easy to solve Xiao Guang.”

Not knowing Ghost Buster’s thoughts, Zhang Liang could only reply in a normal manner.

“What if we don’t send a single soldier”

Ghost Buster looked at the two men and said, “Solve this matter within a year, is there a problem”


Ghost Buster asked in person.

Su Qin and Zhang Liang had no confidence but it could only be dealt with.

Seeing the rapid and orderly development of the Great Desolate Army, Jiang Fan also did not observe much.

He slowed down the flow of time and afterward, out of the house, here it was again……

Planet Association!

“Hello, Mr.


The staff member who received Jiang Fan was an old acquaintance.

The young female staff member from the first few times.

“It’s been a while since you’ve been over here, what can I do for you this time”

The young female staff member asked.

“I’m here to apply for the title of Star Hunter.”

Jiang Fan said.

After that, she took out his membership card!

This was the uniform membership card of the Planet Association.

“Star Hunter”

The young female staff member took the membership card.

She operated a few times with the projection in front of her.

It became evident that Jiang Fan had done all kinds of good things.


Seeing all of this, the young female staff member could not help but make a slightly surprised sound.

“Is there a problem”

Jiang Fan asked.

“No problem, I’ll handle it for you.”

The young female staff member smiled faintly and immediately operated quickly.

“Star Hunter, huh”

Jiang Fan had a faint expectation in his heart.


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