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Chapter 152: Supreme Amplification Card! Jiang Fan’s preparations!

Star hunter was a general title of the three major associations!

Only with this title could he pick up some quests but it was not too demanding.

Choose one of two conditions —

Thirty planets needed to be plundered.

Or ten successful plundering sessions in a row!

In general, for a planet master like Jiang Fan who just awakened the planet not long ago, the success rate of plundering planets was very low!

Like the lowest-level warrior planet, it was hard to pass!

Not to mention the plundering of thirty planets or it was plundering ten times in a row.

The former depended on the accumulation of time.

The latter was difficult!



The young female staff member smiled and said, “You have successfully plundered fifteen planets in a row, which meets the requirements identified by the star hunter.”

“Do you want to process it now”

“Process it now.”

Jiang Fan said.


The young female staff member’s fingers worked quickly.

She quickly helped Jiang Fan get his job title.

She handed back the membership card and said, “The relevant information has been entered into the card, you can check it at any time.”

That membership card there used a “light card planet” technology.

There was no need for other equipment, it could be viewed directly.

Jiang Fan took a look at it and discovered that he had become a “junior star hunter”!

The reason why Jiang Fan took this title at this time was that he wanted to see if there were any good quests to take.

Even Jiang Fan was extremely jealous of the resources of some planets.

“What are the more popular quests now”

Jiang Fan asked.

“Is Mr.

Jiang taking a quest”

The young female staff member was not surprised.

As a star hunter, it would be strange not to take up the quest.

“Here are all the missions you’ve been able to take so far, you can take a look.”

The young female staff member put a projection that was displayed in front of Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan was still a planet master.

Junior Star Hunter.

Naturally, it was impossible for him to accept all the quests.

For most of the quests, strength was required.

Densely hanging on it, a quest with no end in sight!

Inside this, some of these were the quests from the association.

Some were rewarded by individuals or by various forces.

Jiang Fan saw all sorts of quests at first glance.

At the top of the guest list, there was a special quest marked in red.

It would have to cost a lot of money for the Planetary Association to do so.

“This quest……”

When the young female staff member saw Jiang Fan’s gaze fixed on this quest, she introduced, “It’s extremely difficult and is one of the few five-star quests among all the quests so far!”

“A five-star quest”

Jiang Fan raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Our association’s quests range in difficulty from low to high…… divided into one star to five stars.”

The young female staff member explained, “Except for the super five stars which are almost hard to see, usually five stars is the highest difficulty of the quest and this quest has failed ten times earlier!”

“The conditions of the bounty quest are personal, and the requirements are also very high.”

“You have to be a star hunter to pick it up.”

Jiang Fan nodded slightly.

Non-star hunters could also accept quests and among planet masters, not many could become star hunters!

This quest was indeed very demanding.

You could also imagine how difficult it was.

“I’ll take this quest.”

Jiang Fan said.

He handed over the membership card again.


The young female staff quickly completed the process and said, “After accepting the task, you need the confirmation of the person offering the reward, that is, the recognition of the other party, in order to truly accept it, otherwise this quest is invalid.”

“How long does it take for the other side to confirm”

Jiang Fan asked.

“Within a day.”

The young female staff member paused for a moment and then added: “The reward person for this quest seems to be in a hurry, so it should be faster.”

In fact, it was a little faster than what Jiang Fan thought.

He had just walked out of the gate of the Planetary Association and the communicator rang.

Jiang Fan picked it up and took a look.

It was a stranger.

As he connected, a woman’s voice came from the other side and said, “Hello, is this Mr.

Jiang Fan I’m Wang Yao, the bounty giver for the mission you just took.

If it’s convenient for you, come to the seventh floor of the Planet Association.”

“Okay, I’ll be right there.”

He hung up the communication.

Jiang Fan went straight to the seventh floor of the building.

The Planetary Association Building was not just for work.

All kinds of entertainment services were available inside.

The seventh floor was exactly a place to eat, drink and meet guests.

In a spacious private room, Jiang Fan met Wang Yao.

Besides Wang Yao, there were three people standing……

Two men and one woman!

Jiang Fan swept a glance and just found out that this should be the other three people who accepted the quest!

Seeing Jiang Fan’s young face.

Wang Yao and the other three were slightly stunned!

For the planet master who just awakened the planet not long ago, it was rare to be able to become a star hunter.

“Excuse me.”

Wang Yao glanced at everyone and said, “Before telling the description of the quest, I must confirm everyone’s strength.”

“You know it too that this quest has failed ten times.”

“So now I will be more cautious.”

“No problem.”

A tall young man next to him smiled, glanced at Jiang Fan and said, “This is also a very good rule to prevent some ignorant people from getting in.”

“I don’t want to be held back and cause the quest to fail.”

The tall young man directly projected his membership card.

On the membership card, there was information about each person.

One could choose what to make public yourself.


The two people next to him both let out a gasp of surprise.

Wang Yao was also slightly surprised.

This tall young man……

The success rate of the completed quests of this tall young man was actually as high as over 70%!

Be aware.

According to the statistics of the Planetary Association, among the star hunters, the general quest success rate was only about 40%!

It was good to have more than 50%.

More than sixty percent was already the best.

The ones with over 70% were ten-star hunters and it was hard to even see one.


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