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Chapter 153: Supreme Amplification Card! Jiang Fan’s preparations!

To see the ones over 80 percent was extremely rare.

For such star hunters, the Planetary Association would also issue a special title–

Elite Star Hunter!

Above elite star hunters, there was a more weighty title – Legendary Star Hunter!

This title had been a long time since it appeared in the Dongyang Province because it required a 100% success rate!

It was almost impossible to reach.

Of course, there was also a requirement for the difficulty of the quest.

For example, to become Legendary Star Hunter, one must complete three or more Super Five Star quests!

100% success rate.

Plus three super five-star quests.

These two conditions add up and could let this title be like a mirage.


“I’m not far from eighty percent now and if I can complete this five-star quest, I’ll soon become an elite star hunter!” The tall young man grinned and said with great confidence.

“Welcome to join.”

Wang Yao nodded.

After accepting the tall young man, she looked at the membership cards of the other two.

Biographies of these two were not as good-looking as the tall young man but it was not too bad either.

Finally, it was Jiang Fan’s turn.

“This is my first time accepting a quest.”

Jiang Fan took out his membership card and said directly.

“First time”

The other four were stunned to hear it.

Are you kidding me

For the first quest.

How dare you take on a five-level difficulty quest

Wang Yao frowned slightly but she didn’t say anything.

Looking at Jiang Fan’s information projection, a faint look of shock appeared on his face at this moment.

The other three also cast their gazes over and their faces became a little weird.

“All the fifteen plundered planets were successful One of them was an advanced civilization planet and four were intermediate-level civilization planets”

All four were a little surprised.

This resume was very simple but it was a little too much.

There were a few people when they were the first-level planet masters, could they successfully plunder fifteen planets in a row

In addition, there was also an advanced civilization planet in here!


Wang Yao said and then projected her information and said, “This is my information and I will personally participate in this quest.”

Jiang Fan and the other four people looked at it and found that this Wang Yao was also not simple.

Her quest success rate was over 70%!

“Since everyone is okay with it, ……”

Wang Yao took out five pieces of paper engraved with mysterious symbols and said, “Just sign this contract first.”

Jiang Fan looked over.

This was a contract from the Spell Planet.

Once it was signed, it would be impossible to violate!

For example, important information about this quest could not be revealed!

It’s just that spell contracts were expensive.

Not many people were willing to use it.

The four people didn’t mind.

All signed their names on the contract.

“Can we talk now What kind of quest is this”

The tall young man asked impatiently.

The other two also looked at Wang Yao curiously.

A five-star quest that could fail ten times.

It must not be simple!

“The planet where our quest is located is a three-star planet.”

Wang Yao looked at the crowd and said that.

“A level three planet You’re not kidding, right”

The lean young man next to the tall young man called out.

“This is when the planet is at its peak.”

Wang Yao continued, “Now that this planet has become a masterless planet for many years, its level has been lowered and now it is……”

“But all five of us are level one planet masters and……” the lean youth looked at Wang Yao and said, “Why don’t you let the level two planet masters go”

This was a real problem.

Jiang Fan and the others all stared at Wang Yao.

Wang Yao smiled bitterly and said, “I would like to but because the first quest failed, so this planet is on alert.”

“As long as more than five level one civilizations go in at the same time, it will be sensed!”

“If that’s the case, then your first mission should have been carried out by a level 2 planet master.

They didn’t even succeed, so it’s even more unlikely for us, level one planet masters.”

The lean youth was still in doubt.

“Hear me out first.”

Wang Yao was not in a hurry and explained, “On this planet is a card civilization, which has a strength testing card.”

“As long as the strength of the foreign enemy exceeds five first-level peak civilizations, an alarm will be issued.”

“So if you want to go in, there are at most five people and you have to be the first-level planet master.”

“I’ll tell you the details on the way……”

Wang Yao’s face suddenly looked cautious as she said, “The next thing I’m going to say is exactly what this mission is.”

“On this card planet, there was once the greatest card maker of all time.”

“In the last few years of his life, he created a powerful auxiliary card.”

“One could say, the supreme auxiliary card of this planet and the goal of our mission this time is this supreme auxiliary card!”

“Auxiliary card”

The tall young man was stunned for a moment and then asked, “What is this auxiliary card”

“Amplification Card!”

Wang Yao slowly spat out three words.


The tall young man and the other three were shocked.

Jiang Fan also raised his eyebrows.

The amplification card was a big deal!

In the market, it was a priceless existence because it was effective for resources on each planet!

For example, Vibranium mines on the Blue Star.

There was now a ten-ton storage capacity.

If he used an amplification card, it would be directly increased to the corresponding multiple!

It was an instant thing.

Instead of waiting for the Blue Star to evolve slowly, the current Vibramium mine had to be used sparingly.

If only there were more, the bullets and guns of the Great Desolate Army could all be made of Star Vibrating alloy!

The difference in power of a vibranium alloy bullet and ordinary bullets was great.

Hearing this, Jiang Fan and the others also understood why this task was so difficult!

It also made Wang Yao cautious enough to use the spell contract!

Amplification card could be said that it was the most powerful kind of auxiliary item for the level two planet

Once this news got out, it was even possible that it would trigger a powerful planet master to take action.

Forcibly take this supreme amplification card away!

The breathing of the other three became slightly rough.

For Jiang Fan, this was also a very useful item.

“How many of these amplification cards are there”

The tall young man asked the crucial question.

Jiang Fan and others also looked at Wang Yao.


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