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Chapter 154: Three years of development! The bottom card! The Battle of the Fei River!


Wang Yao said with a solemn face, “Only one!”

“This Amplification Card is the greatest card in the history of this card planet.

It is the fruit of a lifetime! It’s also the highest rated card.

There can’t be more.

Its amplifying effect is ten times!”

“Ten times!”

The tall man and the others were a little surprised.

10X Amplification Card!

If the outsiders knew, it would certainly attract some powerful planet master to attack!

In the Federal Law, there were very strict protection measures for each unowned planet.

They are generally divided into plunder planets and quest planets.

Plunder planets were the planets where Jiang Fan had previously plundered the power of origin.

The life force of the planet was close to collapse, that’s why it was allowed to be plundered while the planets where life was still relatively intact, could only be set as a quest planet.

Origin of the ownerless planets was divided into two main types.

The first one was a carefree person like Jiang Fan.

After the death of Jiang Fan the ownership of the planet naturally would go to the federal government.

This was a relatively rare occurrence.

The second one takes the majority.

When a planet owner dies, the planet is inherited by a loved one.

It was just the Masterless Planet.

If outsiders want to get in, a channel must be created by a planet master of at least level 5 or above!

The higher the planet’s level, the stronger the power of the planet master needed!

The price of the fifth-level planet master’s shot was not cheap and the level one planet was not worth it.

Therefore, most successors were entrusting the unowned planet to various institutions.

For example, the Planetary Association.

They had a powerful planet master.

Planetary channels could be manufactured in bulk, collecting tolls was their main income.

Like this card civilization planet that Wang Yao mentioned.

For this current second-level planet, tolls could be as high as one million federal dollars at a time.

In addition there were strict restrictions on the level and number of planet masters that could enter!

On a level one planet, only level one planet masters were allowed to enter.

On a level two planet, only planet masters at level two and below were allowed to enter.

However, if a low-level planet really had some precious items.

For example, this time the 10 times amplification card!

Then there were forces that would invite some powerful planet masters who didn’t care about federal laws to take action!

Of course this was just a special case for most of the planets.

Before the planet completely lost its life, they could make a lot of tolls.

“This supreme amplification card was born after the death of the planet owner of this planet, so……”

Wang Yao explained: “Its successor doesn’t know either.”

“I was only able to discover it by an accidental quest before!”

“10X Amplification Card”

These words still echoed in the minds of the tall man and the others.

There had been items with similar amplification in the past.

However, in general, 2x or 3x was the most common.

A 10X Amplification Card born on a level 2 planet was simply a bit unbelievable.

For lower level planets such items could be said to be one of the most valuable resources!

Like on a planet of immortal cultivation, if this amplification card was used on 100 spirit stones, it would be able to turn into a thousand in an instant!

Almost a qualitative leap!

“10X Amplification, if I can get it, the vibranium storage on the Blue Star can be directly increased from ten tons to one hundred tons!”

Jiang Fan secretly thought, “When the time comes, all bullets can be made from vibranium alloy!”

On the Blue Star, the reserves of star meteorite iron were relatively abundant but the vibranium was still less.

Most of the guns and bullets used by the Grand Desolate Army were made of star meteorite iron.

Vibranium had to be saved.

If he could get this supreme amplification card, for Blue Star and the Great Desolate Army, the increase in strength would be remarkable!

“There is only one Supreme Amplification Card and there are five of us here, how should we divide it”

The tall young man looked at Wang Yao and asked.


The lean man next to him echoed: “Don’t talk about giving money, this kind of thing is hard to come by and every planet master desperately needs it.”

“This question has been asked before.”

Wang Yao said calmly, “My opinion is that after we finish dealing with the enemy, let’s rely on ourselves!”

“Whoever has the ability and whose luck is good, can have it!”

“What do you think”

Wang Yao looked at Jiang Fan, the tall young man and others.

“Although this method is a bit rough, it is also straightforward.

I agree with it.”

The tall young man nodded.

There was a hint of excitement in his eyes.

“I also agree.”

The lean man pondered slightly and did not object.

“What about you two”

Wang Yao looked at Jiang Fan and another pretty woman.


“I also agree.”

Both were fine with it.


Wang Yao nodded and said, “Since everyone agrees, the distribution of the supreme card is settled, next I’ll tell you the location of this Supreme Card and how difficult it is to get it!”

“Let’s start with a brief description of this card planet.”

Wang Yao provided relevant information and images to them through the communicator.

It was projected into the air.

The others looked over.

Jiang Fan also looked at it.

This was a card civilization planet that was level 3 at its peak and had now fallen to level 2.

Card civilization was a low-level civilization.

It was a relatively strong category in low-level civilizations.

The planet had an area of more than two thousand kilometers.

There were still tens of thousands of transcendents left.

The area of distribution was relatively wide.

“The combatant on this planet is called Cassius and fights with cards and carries cards in his hand.”

Wang Yao introduced: “And the cards are mainly divided into energy cards, battle cards and auxiliary cards!”

“Among them, energy cards are indispensable.”

“It provides energy for the other cards when they are cast.”

“Cassius is divided into primary, intermediate and advanced.”

“Advanced Cassius is equivalent to the strength of a level two planet.”

“The primary ones are weaker and with the civilizations on our respective planets, they are not difficult to deal with.”

“The key one is the intermediate level Cassius.

Its strength is equivalent to the strength of a transcendent in a level one peak civilization.”

“There are now ten cities on this planet.”

“There are more or less people living in each city.

There are more than 10,000 people.”

Jiang Fan listened while looking at the projection.

The ten cities identified above……

They were very far away from each other.

It was hard to get support in a short time.

“There are three advanced Cassius on the planet.

Each of them occupies a city and the location of this supreme increase card is in a small city called East Shangwei City.”

“This is also the place where the Supreme Amplification card maker, the greatest card maker of all time, grew up.”


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