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Chapter 155: Three years of development! The bottom card! The Battle of the Fei River!

“It’s very far from the city where the three senior Cassius are located! So we have enough time to pick up the Supreme Amplification Card before the three senior Cassius arrive!”

“What is the strength of Cassius in this Eastern Shangwei City”

The tall young man asked.

“The resident population is about two thousand people.

Among them are more than a thousand Cassius.

Most of them are primary and the number of intermediate Cassius is eighty-seven people.”

“Eighty-seven people”

The tall young man and the lean young man were both slightly stunned.


Wang Yao continued: “These eighty-seven intermediate Cassius are not a group, on the contrary.

It’s divided into a dozen factions, all with huge grudges against each other.

If one of the factions was attacked, they couldn’t be happier.

They are absolutely not going to help!”

“So, this supreme amplification card should be in the hands of one of the factions”

The tall young man asked.

“That’s right!”

Wang Yao nodded and said, “Hidden in one of the most powerful forces in Eastern Shangwei City – the Black Hibiscus Flower Cassius Group with twenty-seven intermediate level Cassius and hundreds of primary Cassius, its leader, Tang Hanpei, is even known as the strongest person in Eastern Shangwei City.

He possessed the strength of a peak intermediate level.”

Wang Yao paused and a hint of complexity flashed in her eyes and she said, “The first ten times I brought people in, they were obstructed by this Tang Hanpei and finally failed!”


Wang Yao scanned Jiang Fan and others, said: “The general situation is these, later I will send you a copy of all the specific information.

If there are no questions, we’ll meet here tomorrow.”

After a pause, Wang Yao remembered something and said, “By the way, I will pay for the toll this time.

It shouldn’t be much of a problem.”

The lean man pondered for a moment and said.

“The quest is indeed somewhat difficult, but……” the corners of the tall young man’s mouth curled up in a confident smile and said, “It’s not too much, I’ll take it.”

“No problem.”

Jiang Fan and the rather attractive woman did not give up either.

“Well, then, we’ll meet again tomorrow.”

After saying that, Wang Yao took the lead and headed outside.

Jiang Fan also left and returned to his own residence in the relief community and entered the awakening space again.

After some deduction with the system, Jiang Fan sped up the time flow slightly.

On the Blue Star, after three years of development, the situation in Xia Kingdom had become somewhat delicate.

The Great Desolate Army kept increasing the number of soldiers.

Naturally, it attracted the attention of Yuan Shao and Xiao Guang, who had been on guard!

The center of defense for both was placed on the Great Desolate Army but they left out other places.

In the east of the capital, a new faction rose up!

The leader of this force was named – Wang Mang!

He was avant-garde in his thinking.

Surprisingly, he automatically renounced his status as a rich boy and changed his name to “Wang Tianmang”!

In addition he had also distributed his family’s wealth and fertile land.

It was distributed to the common people.

Subsequently, in the chaos of the world, a team was also assembled.

Later, after the restoration of peace in Xia Kingdom, Wang Tianmang still led his team to fight against the wealthy and nobles.

At first it didn’t go well, later, Captain Dong died of illness.

Especially when Lu Xianfeng was defeated, some people fled to Wang Tianmang and defected to him.

With the defection of these people, Wang Tianmang’s strength increased greatly!

In addition, Yuan family’s and Xiao Guang’s attention was all on the Great Desolate Army and not enough attention was paid to him.

In just a few months, one of Wang Tianmang’s men became very brave.

Ten battles and ten wins.

Beating the nearby forces to the ground made Le Yi famous.

What Wang Tianmang did after that shocked the world even more.

He put all the wealthy and nobles in prison and distributed all of their family’s property to the commoners.

This move also attracted countless poor people who came from hundreds of miles to join him!

Letting Wang Tianmang’s power rise greatly.

The number of his men was 50,000!

Under the cry and flattery of many ministries.

Wang Tianmang’s heart fluttered a little.

He actually set his sights on Yuan Shao, the closest to the capital and publicly declared to save the people of the capital!

He didn’t make any preparations.

With a large number of troops, he swarmed to the capital!

Yuan Shao who got the news was shocked!

He hastily retrieved the main army that was monitoring the Great Desolate Army.

With Wang Meng as the military advisor, he himself was the commander and went out of the city to meet the enemy!

After all, as one of the most powerful heroes in the world, Yuan Shao would not allow a madman to attack the capital.

Compared to Wang Tianmang, Yuan Shao had more soldiers!

The number was 100,000!

“Wang Tianmang does have 50,000 people, but……”

Halfway up the Royal Tombs Mountain, Su Qin was discussing the matter with Zhang Liang.

Zhang Liang laughed: “Most of them are the people who have defected and rushed over with a hoe in their hands and Yuan Shao doesn’t have all of 100,000 people.”

“Fifty thousand people at most.

This includes an estimated maximum of 30,000 conventional troops.

The difference between the two sides is significant, Yuan Shao has superior military strength and there is a strategist like Wang Meng, so he should win easily.”

Su Qin said.

“On the surface it looks like this, but why do I feel something different will happen”

Zhang Liang laughed.

“Let’s wait and see.”

Soon, Yuan Shao’s team collided with Wang Tianmang’s team.

The two sides confronted each other at a place called Guandu.

There was also a river called Fei River.

Both sides were stationed on both sides of the Fei River.

Everyone was on guard.

Since there are two other forces next to it, Xiao Guang and the Great Desolate Army.

These two sides did not dare to fight for a while.

The standoff lasted for a month.

Over time, there was a rumor that they spread out in Yuan Shao’s barracks.

It says, the strategist Wang Meng was a distant relative of Wang Tianmang.

The reason for this was that both of them were surnamed Wang!

If it was replaced by any of the masters such as Xia De and Cao Meng, all would scoff at this statement but Yuan Shao was suspicious and self-willed by nature!

In fact, he was very tired of hearing that “Yuan Shao is all due to Wang Meng today”.

Now it looked like they could take down Wang Tianmang by making a big jump in their own strength plus the false accusations of a few villains underneath.

Yuan Shao was furious and Wang Meng was immediately arrested and dismissed the post of military advisor.

Without Wang Meng’s dissuasion, Yuan Shao then began to give orders.

Crossing the river to fight, a famous battle called “Battle of Guandu”, also known as “Battle of Fei River” was born!!!


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