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Chapter 156: Unification of the Central Plains! A new journey!

The outbreak of the Battle of Fei River could be said that it was unexpected and reasonable!

After more than a month of stalemate, Yuan Shao finally couldn’t take it anymore.

Earlier, there was also Wang Meng’s extreme dissuasion, thinking Wang Tianmang’s side was just a bunch of rabble plus not much food at all, just drag on for two or more months.

It must be able to drag the opponent down.

Wang Tianmang’s troops would naturally run away by then without losing a single soldier, they could easily take down this opponent!

But now, Wang Meng was under control.

The other generals and advisors on Yuan Shao’s side felt that they should take the initiative.

Otherwise, it would look too unimpressive.

Yuan Shao originally wanted to show his strength to the forces of the world to make a hard appearance.

Soon to be spoken for!

So it was decided to send troops across the water to fight!

Talking about the strength of the two sides, Yuan Shao’s side clearly had the advantage.

The number was 100,000.

Although not that much, it was actually 70,000 to 80,000.

Fifty thousand of them were regular troops.

While on Wang Tianmang’s side, the regular army was less than 20,000.

Most of the rest were here to make up the numbers.

At the same time, all forces were also watching this unprecedented battle!

This was not just since the world was in chaos, it was also the biggest battle ever since the establishment of Xia Kingdom.

“There are so many elites, even if they cast a horsewhip, they can cut off this Fei River.”

Yuan Shao was riding on a high horse, looking at the soldiers in front of him, he smiled arrogantly.

The people next to him also joined in.

However, in the next moment, his laughter came to a screeching halt!

He saw a cavalry force suddenly appear on the other side!

It was not a firearm in their hands.

Instead, they had an ancient spear!

They were quickly rushing towards the Yuan Shao’s soldiers who had just climbed ashore.

The leader was none other than the chief general under Wang Tianmang – Le Yi!

Yuan Shao’s soldiers did not expect that.

Wang Tianmang’s side actually dared to initiate the attack.

In a hurry, just a few random shots were fired.

It was chopped down by the cavalry that rushed over!

On the river bank, it was a mess!

Le Yi led the cavalry to charge directly into the water and started killing crazily.

During this period, there were also people shouting “Wang Meng has revolted, Yuan Shao is dead” and similar rumors.

There were many Yuan Shao’s men who trusted Wang Meng.

Hearing this, there was even more chaos!

One by one, they scattered and fled.

Most of them fled backwards.

The soldiers behind them could not distinguish the situation and fled with them.

A strange scene appeared on the Fei River!

Le Yi’s side had no more than 10,000 people but they chased and killed tens of thousands of Yuan Shao’s soldiers!

This battle fell towards Wang Tianmang’s side in such an unexpected way.

This year Yan was twenty-three years old.

The Battle of Fei River broke out!

The ending surprised everyone.

Wang Tianmang’s side won with fewer soldiers and defeated Yuan Shao in a big way.

Yuan Shao fled in haste with the remnants of his army and fled back to his home in the north.

From then on, he lost the qualification to compete for the world and the strategist Wang Meng took a part of his men with him.

He surrendered to the Great Desolate Army!

Wang Tianmang became famous.

His fame even surpassed that of the Great Desolate Army.

There was a faint title of the strongest force in the Central Plains!

Meanwhile, the Great Desolate Army relied on recruiting troops and others to join.

Their number exceeded 10,000 for the first time!

When Yan was now twenty-four years old, the first real pipeline was built!

The concept of the factory was born.

The first bank was opened by the Great Desolate Army.

With further increase in productivity.

The Great Desolate Army further expanded its army!

The number rose to 20,000.

At the end of the year, the most important and critical event of the year was announced by Yan herself.

The Institute of Transcendental Research was established again!

The first batch of personnel was one hundred people.

The president was Yan herself.

Information that had been sealed since the era of Qi was opened again.

A corpse of a transcendent inside the royal tomb was also once again opened for study!

Since then, the focus of the Great Desolate Army began to shift.

Yan spent most of her time on transcendental research.

Various matters of the outside were handed over to Ghost Buster.

When Yan was twenty-five years old, the situation in the Central Plains had changed again.

Han Xin, a subordinate of Xiao Guang in the south was turned in by Zhang Liang.

He took his men and horses and defected to the Great Desolate Army.

Xiao Guang was furious at the news and gathered all the troops.


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