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Chapter 157: Unification of the Central Plains! A new journey!

All the troops were ready to crusade the Great Desolate Army.

At this time, the continuous rise of the Great Desolate Army had already raised the alarm of the major forces.

Wang Tianmang, who got the news, responded immediately!

He also led an army of 60,000 from the north.

More than 100,000 troops surrounded the Royal Tombs Mountains.

It surprised the whole world!

This was a great battle.

and it was considered by the major forces to be the battle to decide the ownership of the Central Plains!

The Great Desolate Army had only just reached 30,000 troops at this time.

It was completely at a disadvantage!

However no one expected that the Great Desolate Army would take the initiative to attack.

At night, they raided Xiao Guang’s army, who was sleepy and exhausted.

On Xiao Guang’s side, surprisingly, there was no resistance.

Not even a single person from the Great Desolate Army was seen and the camp was battered by artillery fire and bullets.

Xiao Guang was so frightened that he cried for his father and mother and ran away in a panic!

50,000 soldiers were turned to ashes in a single night.

Even Xiao Guang himself was hit by a stray bullet and died shortly after going back.

Wang Tianmang’s side hadn’t gotten the news yet.

The Great Desolate Army was non-stop.

It turned to the north and launched a frontal offensive against Wang Tianmang’s army!

At the same time, there was also a sudden rebellion within Wang Tianmang’s army.

Chief General Le Yi rebelled with an army of 10,000.

This great general, Le Yi, was also the successor of the Black Token.

Long ago, he was turned in by Zhang Liang.

He was hiding under Wang Tianmang’s subordinates and was waiting for this very opportunity.

Wang Tianmeng claimed an army of 60,000 people but most of them were fishermen.

There was no fighting power.

Le Yi led the rebellion but with elite soldiers!

At this time, the news of Xiao Guang’s division being wiped out came in.

Under this double blow, Wang Tianmang’s army was simply unable to do any decent resistance.

Lots and lots of soldiers knelt down and surrendered!

Wang Tianmang could only flee in a hurry with dozens of personal guards!

In a panic, he escaped to the north to the Yuan family’s territory.

The Yuan family was badly hurt at that time but it was still the number one powerhouse in the north.

Wang Tianmang was directly tied up by the local clan and sent to Yuan Shao.

Yuan Shao, who was so hateful, personally did it.

Wang Tianmang…… died!

This battle shook the whole world!

All the forces felt a chill that penetrated to the marrow of their bones!

Originally, the Great Desolate Army was so strong.

Since then, the Central Plains were united.

The Great Desolate Army headed north.

The capital was captured.

With the cooperation of Eunuch Cao Huatian, they purged one power after another.

Almost all of Li Tang’s forces were swept away.

Prince Xiu was also shivering with fear!

He didn’t dare to show off again, when everyone thought that Princess Yan would abolish the puppet emperor or the regent next.

However, the Great Desolate Army returned to a low profile.

Nothing much happened next.

After these two battles, the Great Desolate Army absorbed Wang Tianmang and Xiao Guang’s men.

The numbers had skyrocketed again!

It came directly to 50,000 people.

After deliberation, Yan made the final call.

It was still the same as that of the era of Qi.

The number of the Great Desolate Army was reduced to 30,000!

The rest of the soldiers served as a reserve army.

Seeing this, Jiang Fan nodded slightly.

Compared to Qi, Yan had a weakness.

That was, she did not like killing!

So, she had always thought of resolving disputes by peaceful means.

However, after Jiang Fan’s instructions were given, Yan ruthlessly used direct force to settle the surrounding forces!

In fact, the Great Desolate Army fought a lot in the dark.

Since then, Yan also gradually changed.

“A soft-hearted person can’t be a good leader.”

Yan looked at the sky and remembered the words left in Qi’s diary!


The next day, Jiang Fan arrived at the Planet Association as before.

Wang Yao and the others were already waiting there.

This time they were going to a planet without an owner.

It wasn’t in a large airship like the last one, instead, Wang Yao rented one independently.

Large airships were like the flight planes of the previous world.

Many people could ride in it.

A small airship was for a private person.

Of course, it was also more expensive.

Compared to the possible gains, that was not much of an expense.

Soon, Jiang Fan once again came to the Unowned planet!

“This is the channel mark of that card planet.”

Wang Yao took out four seal crystals and distributed them to Jiang Fan and others.

Four of them took it one by one.

“Set up the channel mark first and adjust the time flow rate, about an hour later……”


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