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Chapter 159: Setting foot on the card planet! Ghost Buster’s shock! The thorn tree demon civilization!

Within the large hall, a group of top brass and scholars of the Great Desolate Army gathered together.

This was also the first meeting of all the important people since Yan entered the Great Desolate Army.

Everyone had a hint of excitement on their faces!

Everyone felt that fluctuation just now.

Then they connected it with the excitement on Yan’s face at this time.

Most people had vaguely guessed that it should be something clear!

People here had been more or less been exposed to the information left over from the era of Qi.

It was not that hard to accept.

The atmosphere of the meeting was very lively.

The first issue was of course the formation of an expedition army!

“According to the information left by the late emperor, this time,  it should be an ordinary battle and the number of teams should not be too large.”

Yan stated the request.

In Qi’s diary, there were two divisions for planetary conquest.

One was an ordinary conquest.

It was a battle to plunder the power of origin of each planet.

The second was the glory conquest.

It was the last Jiangcheng competition.

After a heated discussion, in this expedition army, the final number was determined to be 3,000 people plus a transcendental research group of fifty scholars.

Basically, it followed the configuration left over from the Qi’s era!

But in this particular case, it made the conference hall like a vegetable market.

It was a direct quarrel.

Everyone was scrambling to go, to experience the glory for the first time in more than 100 years!

Even such high level people as Su Qin and Zhang Liang were blushing!

Except for Yan and Ghost Buster, everyone else was inconclusive.

“Su Qin, you are good at political affairs and the Great Desolate Army must not be without someone to manage, so you should stay here for the time being to handle affairs and your opportunity will be reserved for you in priority later.”

Ghost Buster said to Su Qin with a kind face.

“Yes, teacher.”

Su Qin’s face was depressed.

Since his own teacher spoke up, he could only listen.

Zhang Liang beside him laughed proudly.

In terms of leading the soldiers, it was even fiercer.

In the current Great Desolate Army, there was a wealth of talented people.

Many generals were famous.

No one agreed with each other.

The oldest qualified ones were Chang Yu Chun and Xu Tiande.

There was also Le Yi, who lurked beside Wang Tianmang and paid a high price.

Han Xin, who had just defected and was known as a wise general!

In the previous two battles, there was a very good performance by…… Zhao Zilong!

His popularity was also very high.

These were the main ones.

There were other seven or eight outstanding generals.

Yan and Ghost Buster decided to select only three people.

One as the main general and two as lieutenants!

Ghost Buster was the military advisor, so Yan sat in the rear.

For this precious spot.

Chang Yuchun, Xu Tiande and Zhao Zilong almost tore their faces off!

They wanted to tear each other apart.

Exposing each other’s “scandals”.

No one was convinced by anyone.

Without any choice.

Finally, it was still up to Yan to make the decision.

The main general was set as Chang Yu Chun, who had been with Yan for the longest time and had the most qualifications.

The lieutenants were Han Xin and Xu Tiande.

The goal was to take better care of the elderly.

The meeting was over.

The 3,000 soldiers who were recruited were gathered together.

A new tent had been built beside the Royal Tombs Mountains!

Until next month, these 3,000 people would go through a high-intensity training camp and Yan also volunteered for this intensive training to improve her physical fitness.


One month on Blue Star was the same as one hour on the airship.

By the time of the appointment, Wang Yao’s voice rang out in everyone’s communicator and said, “Get ready, in one minute, simultaneously activate the channel seal and open the planet passage!”

A minute passed in an instant.

Jiang Fan directly triggered the channel mark.

Above the Blue Star, outside the Royal Tombs Mountains, Yan, with three thousand troops and fifty scholars, had been waiting in the open space.

All ready to go.

An inexplicable aura flowed.

On the empty flat ground, suddenly a faint ripple appeared.

Immediately after, a huge transparent door slowly generated out of thin air!

Planet Passage was opened!

Seeing this transparent door, there was a trace of thrill and excitement all over their faces, including Yan and Ghost Buster.

Although they have been preparing for a month.

Records were just records.

No one could be certain.

The diary left by Qi was 100% true!

They could only believe this by witnessing it!

In this world, there really was a higher existence!

The Great Desolate Army was highly disciplined.

Although they were very excited, there was no sound or discussion!

“Warriors of the Great Desolate, follow me!”

Yan pulled out the long sword that Qi had left behind and shouted loudly!


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