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Chapter 16: Successor! Jiang Fan’s choice!

“I don’t have any wish, the only thing I care about…” Desolate looked outside and said, “It’s the future of this country.

There are so many outstanding children, I don’t know who to choose as heir”

Outside the house were Desolate’s wife and children.

The tribe encouraged fertility.

Desolate led by example.

He married more than ten wives.

The remaining children, excluding those who died, reached dozens.

Among them, many had good character and wisdom.

This made it difficult for Desolate to choose.

“Father God!

“Please help me, help Xia Kingdom!” Desolate endured the pain.

He kowtowed towards the air.

Jiang Fan’s gaze turned to the children outside the house.

Desolate’s children.

There were a total of 43.

Eighteen daughters went out.

Twenty-five sons remained.

Besides the five who were too young, there were still 20 candidates left.

As Desolate said, all of them had their own abilities, and none of them were incompetent!

This was also…

the result of cultivating Desolate.

One by one, Jiang Fan scanned the 20 sons.

At the same time, he activated the deduction system in his mind.

“System, help me deduce, who is the most suitable to be the next Emperor of Xia Kingdom”

A moment later.

The results of the deduction came out.

Line of deduction: Best successor to the next Emperor of Xia Kingdom

The results of the deduction:

Reason: generosity and benevolentResilient: powerful and high prestige.

Seeing these two results, Jiang Fan frowned.

He was not very satisfied.

Suddenly, Jiang Fan thought of something.

He immediately changed the way he said, “Change the deduction.

Who is the most suitable candidate to inherit the throne, and who is the most beneficial to the development of Blue Star’s technology”

The result was also very soon.

Line of deduction: the most advantageous candidate for both Blue Star Technology and Xia Country governance

The results of the deduction:


benevolent and kindResilient.

Extremely intelligent and had a desire to explore everything beyond ordinary people.

The result was obvious.

The System was explicit.

Jiang Fan looked at Qi in the courtyard.

Sure enough… he looked different from others.

The others were more or less sad.

As for Qi, his expression was calm.

Standing in a corner, looking at the sky, no one knew what he was thinking.

“Qi.” Jiang Fan also made a decision.

In front of the wasteland, the word was formed from the dust of the air.


Seeing this name, Desolate was surprised.

Qi was ranked 18th.

He was quite outstanding.

But the only problem was… Qi was too young.

He was only eight years old.

But as for Father’s instructions, Desolate had no questions.

He immediately called the people outside and announced the name of the successor.

When the shocked crowd dispersed, Desolate left a stunned look on his face.

Qi looked rather weak.

He was not impressive.

But there was a pair of bright eyes.

“Qi’er, I’ll teach you from now on.

Follow me to God Father.” Desolate pulled Qi down with a puzzled expression.

“Father” Kai looked around.

He was confused.

Under Qi’s puzzled gaze, the air vibrated.

A line of text appeared—

“Desolate, don’t worry, I will help you.”

“Thank you, Father.” Desolate was excited.

He pulled Qi and bowed several times.

After bowing, Qi said, “Father, that was”

“That’s our God Father.” Desolate pointed to the sky.

His face was filled with respect and piety.

“Father Heaven” He seemed to understand but not completely understanding.

Desolate’s only concern was gone.

It was the end of the wasteland.

The expression on his face passed away peacefully!

He was the first king of Xia Kingdom.

The evaluation of later generations of him was extremely high.

Even… calling him “Desolate Heaven King “!


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