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Chapter 160: Setting foot on the card planet! Ghost Buster’s shock! The thorn tree demon civilization!

The craftsmanship of this long sword was very high back then plus it was doped with vibranium.

Even after hundreds of years, there was no problem.

Among 3,000 of the Great Desolate Army, one thousand of them took the lead and went in.

This was naturally because Jiang Fan told some key information to Yan in advance!

At the same time, the other four also opened the channel.

The other side of the channel was on the card planet.

In a deserted warehouse in East Shangwei City, it was afternoon.

Most people were still on their lunch break or just waking up from a nap.

Plus the weather was very hot.

Not a single person could be seen in the warehouse area.

It was soundless.

In one of the huge abandoned warehouses, five transparent gates appeared.

Immediately after that, a figure emerged from the five gates!

The first to walk out was a group of martial artists!

Martial artists were easy to identify.

That size plus the weapons worn on their body.

One thousand martial artists occupied a corner of the warehouse.

Apparently these people had gone through similar quests many times.

Each one looked very relaxed.

“These are the martial artists on my planet, all of them are carefully selected.”

The lean man said over the communicator.

The other four human-built civilization transcendents also came out one by one!

They were a group of monstrous beasts that were huge, over two meters tall and looked a lot like jackals.

The lower half of each one was a tree but the upper half of the body was a human face.

A half-man, half-tree with branches and pieces of flowers growing on its head

The channel on the far left came out more normal.

It was a squad of extremely muscular female warriors wearing very little skin-tight battlewear!

“This is the Jackal civilization that I built.

It’s an intermediate civilization, or one of the stronger ones in the intermediate category.”

The tall young man introduced with some pride.

“A jackal civilization That’s rare.”

The other three were curious to see more.

“Mine is the Thorn Tree Demon civilization, which is also an intermediate civilization, but it’s no match for the Jackals.”

The pretty woman said.

“The Thorn Tree Demon is also very strong.”

The tall young man was modest in front of the beautiful woman.

“As you can see, mine are the Amazonian female warriors.” Wang Yao said.

Others, including Jiang Fan, also recognized it.

Amazonian female warriors belonged to an intermediate civilization!

It was also a relatively well-known and powerful type of intermediate civilization.

“Jiang Fan, what kind of civilization is yours……”

Wang Yao asked.

The other three were also staring at him.

They were looking at the Great Desolate Army that just walked out, but they didn’t recognize what transcendent species it was.

As the planetary civilization created by each person was relatively important information, so, no one would leak it ahead of time.

Having a star hunter title was the best indication of strength.

Therefore, Wang Yao and the others did not doubt it either.

What Jiang Fan built was not a transcendental civilization.

“These are Musketeers!”

Jiang Fan had long thought of something to say.


The other four were slightly taken aback.

What is this thing

Even Wang Yao, who was the most knowledgeable, was stunned for a moment.

There was no impression of this.

In this world, from ancient times to the present, countless planetary civilizations were created.

There were all kinds of strange and weird ones.

No one dared to say they knew everything.

Jiang Fan’s “Musketeer” civilization……

No one knew about it, but they wouldn’t say anything.

As for the Great Desolate Army, the other four transcendent teams just seemed too shocking!

“These are the transcendent species from other planets recorded in the data”

Even Ghost Buster and Zhang Liang looked at each other curiously.

Behind them, the hearts of the soldiers in the Great Desolate Army were beating faster.

Training and field experience were not the same thing after all!

In addition, these races had never been recorded on the information left by Qi.

“What a powerful aura, is this the Transcendent”

Generals Chang Yuchun and Han Xin observed these Transcendents.

Especially the martial artists who were closest to ordinary people.

Their hearts were trembling!

This was the oppression of the aura of a transcendent to an ordinary person.

Just in the beginning, it was more unbearable.

It takes time to adapt slowly.

“Don’t be a wimp!”

Next to him, Xu Tiande lowered his voice and said, “Since they let us come over, it means that their strength should be about the same as ours and we can even outperform them.

Don’t forget, we are just ordinary people but we have such weapons as rifles and cannons.

Look at these transcendents, they haven’t even dressed well and their weapons don’t look good.”

Following Xu Tiande’s words, Chang Yu Chun and Han Xin began to observe the external objects of the other four teams.

Indeed, the clothes they wore were very average.

Some were still tattered and torn.

There was no other way.


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