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Chapter 161: Setting foot on the card planet! Ghost Buster’s shock! The thorn tree demon civilization!

Planets of the first level could only prioritize the cultivation of the most important resources.

For example, food and things used for cultivation.

Not to mention the weapons.

In the Jiangcheng competition a month ago, none of the contestants built a civilization with metal weapons except for Jiang Fan!

To build metal weapons, minerals and smiths were needed.

It was simply not something that a planet that had just awakened for a month could create.

Even if you look at all first-level planets, it was also rare to see.

In the four teams, only Wang Yao’s Amazonian warriors and lean man’s martial artists had a few more decent swords and spears!

The generals Chang Yuchun and Han Xin who were watching were a little unbearable by that look and craftsmanship.

If this was put in the Great Desolate Army, it was not even comparable to the weapons that were treated as scrap.

“It seems that these transcendents are strong by themselves.”

After observing for a while, Han Xin came to a preliminary conclusion.

“That should be the case.”

Chang Yu Chun nodded and said, “But we should not be careless, the personal strength of the transcendent can completely crush us ordinary people.

So, whatever happens later, don’t try to be a hero.

We must fight as a team and rely on our weapons and intelligence to win the conquest! ”

Han Xin and Xu Tiande both nodded their heads.

Both were capable generals.

They naturally understood this.

“Now you can say what your respective transcendent species are capable of.”

Wang Yao said at this time, “I’ll assign tasks later.”

The abilities of an extraordinary transcendent species was one of the most important secrets of every planet master.

At the crucial moment, it was a bottom card.

It could not be easily leaked to the outside.

Each planet master might also create a different civilization of martial artists.

So, Wang Yao waited until this time to ask this question.

“I’ll start with my Amazonian female warriors.”

Wang Yao took the lead and said, “It’s a bit stronger than ordinary civilizations of its kind, half of the warriors come with weapons and they won’t be outdone against advanced civilizations.

Some of them are good at melee combat and some of them are good at bow and arrow.

In the jungle, the combat power will be greatly improved!”

“I don’t need to say much about my martial artists, it’s pretty much the same as any other martial civilization.” The lean man continued.

“My jackals have a keen sense of smell, are extremely fit, and have great resilience and resistance and what they do best is extremely amazing bite force.

Just get bitten by my jackals, those within the first level of civilization, basically cannot escape!” The tall young man said with great confidence.

“My thorn tree demon can disguise itself as an ordinary tree for a short time.

The speed will be slower and the combat power is relatively average.

But they have the special ability of entanglement.

The power of entanglement may be stronger than the bite force of a jackal!” The pretty woman said.

There was also pride in her tone!

“What about your musketeers”

Wang Yao asked.

The other four also pricked up their ears and listened carefully about the four transcendental species mentioned earlier.

In fact, all four of them knew more or less.

They never heard of only Jiang Fan’s musketeers!

“My musketeers, as you can see.”

Jiang Fan started making things up and said, “They were born to be able to awaken firearms! Among the most gifted, it can awaken the Artillery!”


All four of them were stunned.

This was another new term.

“Yes, it’s called artillery, see for yourselves.”

Jiang Fan smiled faintly and continued, “It’s the upgraded version of the firearm.”

Wang Yao and the others saw the large-caliber artillery being dragged behind the Great Desolate Army.

About Jiang Fan’s statement, there was also little doubt.

It was indeed an upgraded version of the musket.

But this upgrade was also a bit too much, right

“The musketeers have a natural and powerful control over firearms and they have a ultra long-range output……”

“Ultra long range”

Wang Yao interrupted Jiang Fan’s words and said with some curiosity, “How far is this ultra-long range”

“It’s probably about four hundred meters.”

Jiang Fan said.

“Only four hundred meters”

The tall young man suddenly laughed and said, “This is also called ultra-long-range”

The bow and arrow of the transcendents.

For example, Amazonian warriors.

Their range was generally more than three hundred meters.

For them, over five hundred meters barely qualifies as ultra-long-range!

Jiang Fan smiled faintly.

No explanation either.

Four hundred meters refers to the effective range of a rifle!

Actually, with the ability to shoot further and the artillery, the Great Desolate Army had now built the largest artillery with a range of 10 kilometers!

According to the standards of these four people, that was super super super…… long range attack!

Wang Yao said nothing.

After understanding the transcendents’ characteristics of the crowd, he said, “In that case, the musketeers will be responsible for long-range attacks and provide long-range firepower, how about that”


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